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January is without a doubt the health kick month of the year. With the holidays behind us, a couple inches more on our hips and a list of new year’s resolutions on our refrigerator door we’re all squeezing ourselves into our slightly too tight* workout gear, ready to hit the gym. I’m telling you, gym owners all over the world are high fiving each other right now! And healthy eating is also part of many people’s resolutions. Full of enthusiasm and good intentions we’re chopping up fruit and veggies like pros, determined to pump our bodies full off good nutrients and vitamins. And this year you can even take it a step further and also boost your skin with the right vitamins and antioxidants. Rodial already launched a superfood skin care line last year, and in 2014 Clinique does more or less the same with the new Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer.

Review (Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer) (5)* because soon it will fit just fine, obviously


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According to Clinique the new Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer is bursting with skin-loving ingredients that protect, nourish and repair the skin. Barley and wheatgerm extract protect the skin’s moisture barrier and help maintain its moisture balance. Vitamin C and E work as powerful antioxidants that protect the skin against harmful influences. And the broadspectrum SPF20 in the formula protects the skin from sun damage. And last but not least the photosomes in the cream, enzymes from sea kelp, help the skin repair itself.


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The Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer comes in a pretty green jar. The pale green color is very zen and clean, and it really fits the whole natural & healthy theme of the product. The packaging is – as is always the case with Clinique – very sturdy, sleek and elegant. So it’s definitely nice to look at. It’s not as hygienic and practical as an air and light-tight tube or pump bottle though.

Texture & smell

The Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer is intended for combination oily to oily skin*, but you couldn’t really tell that from looking at it because the texture of the cream is rather thick and feels really creamy. It’s definitely a bit too heavy for my overly oily skin. It would be fine for nighttime use though, because then I don’t mind using a slightly richer face cream. I know, the cream isn’t really meant to be used at night, but hey, it’s better to use the product at the wrong time than to not use it at all, right?
* dry skinned gals, do not fear, because there is also a version for very dry to combination dry skin available

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And the smell? It’s very subtle, and I neither like nor dislike it. But I’m more than willing to settle for a neutral non-descript smell, because that just means that it’s all natural. Clinique doesn’t add any fragrance to its products, and that’s a great thing if you have sensitive skin.


Like I said, the Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer is a little too heavy for my skin type, but despite that I do notice that it really calms down my skin and that it makes my skin look a lot plumper and healthier than my usual Vichy moisturizer does. So I guess I have to choose: I can either keep my skin’s oil production under control but provide it with barely any moisture and virtually no nutrients, or I can overmoisturize my oily skin a bit but also treat it to a wonderful mix of antioxidants and nourishing ingredients. Well damn.

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I personally think that the Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer is way too good to just shove aside, so I decided to compromise and use the Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer as a night cream. I know, some of the ingredients become kind of useless that way – you don’t exactly need SPF20 and sunlight-activated photosomes at night – but luckily the vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients in the cream are useful around the clock. I’ve been using the Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer at night for almost two weeks now, and my skin has been thoroughly enjoying it!

The Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer has been available since January for approximately 72 CHF. All Clinique products are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, and they’re hypoallergenic and 100% fragrance-free.

What are your thoughts on the new Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer? Do you ever use daily moisturizer at night?

59 thoughts on “Review | Clinique Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer

  1. Ik zit ook altijd met dat dilemma van voedend vs vettig. Lastig! Zeker omdzt ik op een leeftijd ben (haha) waar voeding zeker nodig is maar je wil er ook niet als een oliebol bijlopen…

  2. I have never tried this Clinique but I do love their products so it is probably just as wonderful as the rest of their product :) Great review…

    So true about the gym being empty one day and then being filled to the max the next day… Things usually settle down by March for the serious people :)

  3. Wow, interesting. I better check the nearest Clinique counter for this. My current moisturizer is actually an Argan Oil but would love to try others too just for the sake of trying and knowing Clinique, I bet it’ll be amazing :)

  4. If it’s a bit heavy, then I’d probably just stick to the Dramatically Different one Clinique has, which I love love love:) And OMG! I used to work in a gym, and yeah….January was always a crazy busy month.

  5. Hier was ik wel benieuwd naar! Ik moet zeggen dat ik deze maand niet meer dagelijks een gezichtscrème heb opgedaan, omdat ik toch niet veel buitenkom i.v.m. examens. Rosacea droogt mijn wangen wel uit, maar ik heb er nog geen geschikte creme voor (lang verhaal) dus probeer cremetjes zo weinig mogelijk te gebruiken om zo mijn rosacea niet te verergeren.. ok.. nu is dit ook een lang verhaal :P

  6. Hmm I might have to pass. I’m not a fan of jar packaging, and it looks too rich for my skin as well. A pharmacist once told me using products that contain SPF at night could result in pigmentation problems. I never did more research, but I thought I’d put it out there so you can double-check before continuing to use this as a night cream ;)

  7. Oh totally used day moisturizers at night..specially the ones that are too thick..btw this looks like a moisturizer for me..I have a dry skin from the use of retinoids and thanks to New Zealand’s harsh sun..I need sun protection any thanks for the review ☺️☺️

  8. I’ve never used this product, but I do use a night cream, actually, I’ve used for 15 years, it’s Ystheal by Avène, an mild anti-wrinkling cream. It’s good value for money and not oily at all.

  9. I always wear my heavier creams at night so my skin can soak up the lovely moisturizers and repair while I’m asleep. It’s especially important during the winter.

    If the SPF cream works for you, that’s what’s important!

  10. This sounds like it would be a great nighttime moisturizer for you, I have oily skin and I like to use something a bit heavy at night so I don’t starve my skin, but then use something lighter during the day so my makeup doesn’t fall off! Lol.

  11. I’ve never tried Clinique skincare, but I’d really like to someday :-) This looks like a nice product for me – I have combination-very-dry skin, so the ‘other’ one sounds about right!

  12. it sounds great on paper but I prefer my sunscreens and moisturizers to feel light since I need to put bb cream/other base products on my face. I don’t like feeling like Im wearing a mask during daytime so I will probably skip this. Thanks for sharing your input! :) you saved me alot of trouble~!

  13. De verpakking vind ik altijd al zo mooi, echt heel luxe! Het klinkt erg goed! Dat voedende en vettige ken ik, dat heb ik snel met een serum. Mijn huid wordt daar altijd wel mooier van, maar blijft heel vettig. Hmmm, choices! :)

  14. Oh the last Clinique moisturizer I used gave me hives! This one might be a bit heavy for daytime at regular times but on super cold days might work. I’ll see if I can get a sample since I’m not sure I’d take the risk of the full jar. :)

  15. look like a good product.. i gotta try this sometime when i hit the store.. im using the dramatically different, it works fine at first and then i feel no different,, maybe i gotta stop and continue again after a little while.. great post dear x

  16. Echt zo jammer dat de oude super defense spf 25 eruit gehaald is en vervangen voor een veel te vette nieuwe super defense spf 20. Ik snap er niks van. Voelt alsof ik met mijn gezicht een hele dag boven de frituurpan heb gehangen. Ik heb hem terug gebracht naar de parfumerie en kreeg gelukkig mijn geld terug. Nu gebruik ik louis widmer emulsion 30 spf. Haalt het bijna bij de oude superdefense. Maar ik blijf super defense spf 25 missen :-(

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