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My current make-up & beauty wish list

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January is for many people, myself included, not the healthiest month of the year in terms of finances, and in a lot of cases December and the holidays are to blame for that. Seriously, my Christmas bonus was gone before I could say ‘’more dessert please’’… Add a couple of ridiculously high medical bills* to that, and your bank balance is in the red. And of course that has to happen right when all cosmetics brands are launching their new spring collections, aaargh… So what’s a girl to do? You can’t exactly get a mortgage to shop for new Dior lipstick, but luckily there’s always the next best thing: window shopping and making wish lists for the future! Today I’d like to show you my current make-up and beauty wish list.
* I’ve been suffering from a knee injury for over two months now, boo :-(

Wish list (My current make-up & beauty wish list 01-2014) (1)

1. NARS Kauai Eyeshadow Duo & NARS China Seas Eyeshadow Duo

NARS created two new eyeshadow duos for their spring collection of 2014, and because one is none I put both the teal & plum duo China Seas and the gold & purple duo Kauai on my wish list. That way they can keep each other company while I’m out, kind of like dogs, you know *cough*anyexcuseisagoodexcuse*cough*

2. Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer – Blemish Control

I still haven’t found my holy grail foundation primer, but when Smashbox launched their More Than Primer – Blemish Control primer last year, a voice in my head told me that this acne-fighting primer with 2% salicylic acid might be it. So on the wish list it went!

3. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques has been on my to-try list for ages now, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the brand’s Expert Face Brush. I know I keep putting it off, but I swear that one day this brush will end up in my brush collection.

4. Essence Superheroes Nail Polish Remover

Rumor has it that this nail polish remover from Essence can easily get rid of even the most stubborn glitter nail polish. And that at such a low cost. Looks like must-have material to me!

Wish list (My current make-up & beauty wish list 01-2014) (2)

5. Chanel Le Blush Crème – Intonation

I don’t really need any more blush, but there is always room in my beauty stash for a stunning cream blush like Intonation from Chanel’s Note de Printemps spring collection.

6. Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel

My boyfriend and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be thrilled to get this shower gel with marshmallow root, vanilla, pomegranate and almond oil from Lush’s 2014 Valentine’s Day collection. So Tom, if you’re reading this…

7. NARS Wind Dancer Nail Polish

Yep, another NARS product from the spring collection of 2014. When I first saw this pale peachy orange jelly nail polish pop up in a press release I immediately fell in love with it. It’s such a pretty color and it has such a lovely finish!

What’s on your current make-up and beauty wish list?


  1. Pretty things!

    Happy Friday ;-)

  2. Ik wilde die nagellakremover ook kopen en was helemaal blij dat ik er nog 2 in het schap zag staan, had iemand ze al geopend en was die dus een beetje leger:( Zo stom eigenlijk! Je hebt wel een mooie wishlist zeg! Bij mij staat Melba van MAC hoog op m’n lijstje

  3. Waah, wat een mooie kleuren van NARS!!

  4. J’adore les pinceaux Real Techniques, ils sont tops ! Tiens, je réalise que je n’ai pas de vernis Nars… Il va falloir que j’y remédie ;)

  5. Ah Prince Charming staat ook op mijn wishlist, hij lijkt me heerlijk!

  6. Mooie wishlist!
    Die RT kwasten ga je je zeker niet beklagen!
    Die nagellakremover wil ik ook hebbe!

  7. Concerning decorative cosmetics, I’m pretty much wish-free at the moment (strange feelinh, haven’t felt that way for years), but as I’m so happy with my Hakuhodo eyeshadow brushes I bought a couple of months ago, I’d like to get some more :-)

  8. Die nagellak remover lijkt me ook wel wat ! En de Real techniques brushes zijn echte aanraders hoor.

  9. Wat een mooie wishlist, ik wil al een tijdje een palette van sleek aanschaffen maar ben er nog steeds niet over uit welke dat gaat worden haha

  10. Gah, so sorry to hear about the knee injury! I hope it’ll all be better soon! Out of sheer curiosity, how does medical insurance work in Switzerland? Here in Belgium it’s really a bit like heaven for the most part!

    I’m eyeing Kauai as well! Not so sure about China Sea, so I guess Kauai will have to find company somewhere else. I swatched Intonation yesterday and realized I probably won’t need it. I still like Revelation more, but it’s permanent so I don’t have to pick it up now now.

    • Hi Sunny. I’m scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday, so hopefully they’ll finally figure out what’s wrong in there… I am walking on crutches right now, so it’s pretty obvious that something is seriously messed up in my knee. As for the insurance, well, I pay around 275 CHF (which is like 250 euros) per month for ‘insurance’ but for that I have a franchise of 2500 CHF, so anything below that isn’t covered :-S I love Switzerland, but the medical insurance system is just ridiculous.

  11. I’m craving for that nars eyeshadow duos too. i think i gonna get the kauai. its so pretty!

  12. I use that RT brush every day, it’s great!! Adore NARS too, have the new palette on it’s way to me!

  13. I am definitely going to look into that nail polish remover… I love glitter nail polish and it would be good if I could find something to remove it cleanly :)

  14. Those Nars eyeshadows are totally gorgeous! Pretty colours

  15. Mooie wishlist! Ik snap helemaal dat die oogschaduwduo’s van Nars allebei op je wishlist staan; ze zijn echt heel pretty! :) Zelf heb ik pas het Naked 3 palette besteld, kan niet wachten tot die binnenkomt!

  16. Super cette wishlist!!!! Les couleurs des fards Nars sont top!!!

  17. So sorry to read about your knee, I hope it’s getting better. Bills always kind of get in our way don’t they? :(

    Those NARS duos are gorgeous and I think China Seas would be great to have since I don’t have any good blues at the moment and I love their eye shadows.

  18. Allemaal mooie producten, vooral die oogschaduws van Nars :)

  19. Great wish list. I really want to try the Real Techniques Brushes.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  20. Heel mooi. Ik heb nog niks van Nars, maar het ziet er allemaal wel goed uit! Ik ga proberen tot aan mijn verjaardag (nog een paar maanden) niks te kopen qua beauty… behalve dan misschien op 31 januari.. en 1 ding van Inglot.. maar that’s it. Promise. Zucht.

  21. Ooooo…I want those NARS shadows too. Been craving the Too Faced Naked Truth palette for awhile now.

  22. You picked some great items for your wishlist. There are a few things on there that I might buy too:)
    For now, I want to get the “original” Guerlain météorites, because I heard they are changing it!

  23. I never understood why all the Spring cosmetics are released just as soon as I finished emptying my pockets for the Winter collections. But they are such pretty colors…

  24. Marshmallow root, how-it sounds so interesting! The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush looks great, love the shape of the handle en bristles. Hope your knee heals in rapid time. I’m still waiting for some perfect brushes, cause mine are falling apart.

  25. I’d love to have the nars eyeshadows and the shower gel too! that’s too bad you don’t celebrate it! its a perfect occasion for women to feel spoiled <3

  26. Ik ben ook nog zo benieuwd naar die CHANEL Crème blushes!

  27. Aw I hope your knee is ok! :( also I just have to say that the real techniques brushes are amazing! :)

  28. Prachtige wishlist! Die blush van Chanel lijkt mij zeer mooi. Mijn wishlist is altijd zowat oneindig, ik heb nog maar iets gekocht en er staat meteen weer iets anders op mijn lijstje…Tjah

  29. Mooie wishlist!! Ik heb de Essence nagellakremover en ik vind hem ok, maar ik was zelf niet zo onder de indruk. Maar voor de prijs is het zeker leuk om te proberen. En een remover op gelbasis is ook best apart. Ik heb mijn zinnen gezet op een Remington krultang.

  30. the brushes from Real Technic are also on my wish list ;-)
    actually for a couple of months now already…

  31. There are a lot of things on my wishlist right now, too – I just have to stop thinking about them, LOL. Trying to get my finances back under wraps.

  32. Oh, Nars is so good! And Smashbox and Chanel, of course! I think your selection is very good, I liked the Chanel blush – OK, you said you don’t need blush anymore, but it’s always good to have some novelties, why not :) My wish list has now around 10 products… but creams and perfumes. I’m waiting to buy them at the Duty Free, it’s healthier to the account! Hope you get weell soon, a knee injury is not fun… denisesplanet com

  33. i wanna try the real techniques brushes and more bath products


  34. Dat wil ik ook allemaal wel :D. Vooral naar de smashbox primer ben ik erg benieuwd.. Leuke lijst!

  35. That is quite a list! I know what you mean about lack of funds. There are so many tempting things out for spring. I must have will-power.

  36. Mooie lijst! Ik heb die borstel: aanrader! Heel handige tool :)

  37. Looks like a great wish list and I hope your knee gets to feeling better soon.

  38. Wauw, wat een mooie wishlist. Prince Charming heb ik gelukkig al gescoord. Die NARS oogschaduw is prachtig! x

  39. The Nars eyeshadows are on my wishlist too. They are so pretty!

  40. Elle fait rêver ta wish list :)

  41. Some cool items on your wish list, live the eyeshadow. I want I buy foundation, lipstick and brow kit, those are the item that are on the top of the list.

    Melissa, I tagged you in a Make Up/Beauty tag, you can read all about it Here

  42. I hardly don’t own anything from high end brand let alone your wish list ..but I m glad I own some real techniques brushes..and they are pretty good..
    I am sorry to hear about your knees are really brave ,good luck with the MRI !!

  43. De Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is idd geweldig! En die nagellakremover wil ik ook :)

  44. J’aime beaucoup tes sélections

  45. I’m TOTALLY with you on the Kauai eyeshadow duo. I want that sucker so badly…! I also agree that any excuse is a good excuse ;-)

    I’ll also second that Chanel cream blush – I have the one in Affinite, and it is my favourite blush in the whole world.

  46. Wat een mooie favorieten vooral dat palette van NARS; prachtig!!

  47. mademoiselle mode

    January 25, 2014 at 11:31 am

    Lovely products :)


  48. I know what you mean, I have so little cash at the moment it’s ridiculous… But that teal and plum shades by Nars are looking so pretty, especially the teal one! I hope the financial gods will be kind to all of us soon.:D

  49. Je wishlist is perfect, er staan een aantal dingen op die ik zeker ook zou willen. Spijtig genoeg loopt deze maand ook duur uit voor mij met mijn reis naar Ijsland, dus nog ff biljven dromen ;)

  50. Mooi lijstje! Ik heb zelf de kwast van RT en ik ben er enorm tevreden over! Must have!

  51. Oeh mooie oogschaduw! <3

  52. The ‘Real Techniques’ brushes are also on my wish list! :)
    I hope the knee injury will heal soon!!

  53. Great wish list! I love everything in it! Chanel blush is also in my list :)
    I got the RT expert face brush last year and loved it. At the beginning I was hesitant because it is much smaller than my two go to foundation brushes, but it only took a few days to get used to it and now I love it! The essence nail polish remover… Ok, it’s not bad, but t is not that good really. Their regular nail art remover does the job better IMO.
    Have a nice weekend sweetie :)

  54. Die 2 paletten zien er goed uit!

  55. hele mooie wishlist heb je :D!!

  56. I ordered Kauai and it’s on back order – I’m literally experiencing a slow, painful death waiting for it to arrive!

  57. Oh gurl, gorgeous wishlist! :) Sowieso de showergel van Lush. De naam vind ik zo geweldig. :”) Daarnaast rook hij goddelijk toen ik eraan snifte in de shop. De nagellak van NARS, om van te houden. Echt zo’n BAM, in your face kleur!

  58. I totally agree about January… I love the eyeshadow here it looks really beautiful.

  59. Die Wind Dancer is echt supermooi. Ik ben echt gek op die nagellakken van NARS, die hebben altijd zo’n mooie kleuren!

  60. I really can recommend Chanels Cream blush, awsome texture and really good pigmented. The Nars eyeshadow duo China sea looks amazing :-)

  61. Hey now there’s an idea – a mortgage for Dior makeup! I’m in! :D
    I want that Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, too! I have the Powder Brush and it’s awesome. You can use it for setting powder, bronzer, blush, and it’s so soft and well-made. I can’t believe it was only $10 bucks! Those NARS shadows are calling my name as well! Maybe they’d make for a nice Valentine’s Day present, ay? :)

  62. Oh, the Nars duos are tempting me too. As for the RT brush, go for it! It’s really great and very soft. As for the Essence nail polish remover, wasn’t it a limited edition only? Anyhow, great wish list! :)

  63. Mooie wishlist! De Expert Face brush heb ik ook en die is echt heel erg fijn! Op dit moment heb ik niet echt iets wat ik heel graag wil, maar met al die mooie voorjaarscollecties die er weer aan gaan komen zal dat vast veranderen.

  64. ZOMG I need Kauai! I keep seeing and the lem just grows!

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