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Do you know that feeling when a fragrance smells so delicious that you just want to roll around in it? That you want to fill a tub with it and bathe in it? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just do that? Your skin probably wouldn’t be too happy if you did though, with all those skin-irritating ingredients and what not… And it would probably be kind of costly, too. But if money is not an issue then I have good news for you, because in March DKNY is launching its brand new DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau De Toilette Spray, a hydrating version of the iconic Be Delicious perfume that you can use all over your body and that doesn’t just smell nice but also nourishes and benefits the skin. So kind of like a BB cream, but then in the form of a fragrance. Very clever!

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The bottle of the new DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau De Toilette Spray is, just like the regular Be Delicious perfume, shaped like an apple. DKNY did revamp the bottle a bit though, to make it a little more streamlined and ergonomic. But the perfume itself is still fresh apple green, just like the original. Preeeeetty*!
* and also a total pain in the bleep to photograph, because I kept photobombing every shot or ended up showing off half my living room in the reflection…

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The DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau De Toilette Spray basically smells the same as the regular Be Delicious perfume, just a little more subtle. That means that you get a delicious blend of green apple with exotic floral accords and sensual woody accents. Think green apple, cucumber, grapefruit, magnolia, tuberose, rose, violet, sandal wood, white amber,… Yum!

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The new DKNY Be Delicious Hydrating Eau De Toilette Spray is meant as an all-over body spray, so you can use it all over your body and use as much as you want. I personally like to use about ten spritzes so that I’m literally being wrapped in a cloud of Be Delicious. Normally I don’t spray perfume directly on my skin to avoid skin irritation, but DKNY says that the new Be Delicious Skin immediately hydrates the skin and makes it look more luminous and supple in the long run thanks to the special Apple Fusion complex and other beneficial ingredients in the formula like aloe vera and blackberry. The instructions tell you to use the eau de toilette twice a day for optimal results. And I agree, because the smell of the DKNY Be Delicious Skin is less intense than that of the regular perfume, so you really need to top it up during the day or else it will fade.

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My final thoughts? If you don’t like subtle fragrances and refuse to apply more than a few spritzes in the morning you’re probably not going to like this lightweight eau de toilette. But if you’re a fan of the original DKNY Be Delicious fragrance and literally want to wrap yourself in its sweet apple scent from head to toe then the new DKNY Be Delicious Skin might be something for you. I will probably stick to my regular perfume until winter is over, but I think that the DKNY Be Delicious Skin will be just perfect for spring and summer!

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The DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau De Toilette Spray will be available in March for 72 CHF (50 ml) and 100 CHF (100 ml).

What is your first impression of the upcoming DKNY Be Delicious Skin eau de toilette? Do you like the typical apple scent of Be Delicious?

80 thoughts on “Review | DKNY Be Delicious Skin Hydrating Eau De Toilette Spray

  1. Lijkt me vooral erg lekker voor in de zomer inderdaad! Ik merk dat parfum in de zomer nog wel eens verkleuringen oplevert waar je het ook opsprayed en ik denk dat dat met deze wel mee zal vallen :)

    • That’s no excuse! Even when you’re home alone you can wear a nice perfume. I am stuck at home right now with a stupid knee injury, and I haven’t been out for days. I still wear perfume though, just for myself :-) Okay, and for my man, but mostly for myself.

  2. Ik ben helemaal verzot op de DKNY appelgeurtjes, heb zelf de groene, rode, roze, gele en paarse in m’n bezit. Ik wil graag nog de gouden variant ook as I love them all! :-)

  3. La bouteille est super jolie!! Je ne connais pas les parfums DKNY! Je suis une folle de parfums en particuliers les fruités et les fleuris!!! J’irais bien sentir le tien hé hé!!!

  4. Haha that dog! I think I have sniffed some DKNY scents, but I can’t remember much about them! I used to love food scents, but now I go the earthy way LOL

  5. I haven’t smelled Be Delicious yet, but I’ll see if I can try this one when it comes out. I like Eau de Toilettes better sometimes coz they have a less cloying smell, I find….

  6. Fragrance with benefits? An interesting idea! I welcome the thought of extra hydration during the day, though! Especially with this weather T_T I hate winter, Melissa! LOL.

  7. Was searching for a DKNY perfume today, but didn’t find one-still nothing is going to stop me. It sounds delicious and really don’t mind subtle perfumes. I totally get your problem with photographing reflective surfaces, how can people do this without ending up in the photo themself?

  8. Yay! I used up one bottle of the original Be Delicious when it first came out :-) love that smell! I don’t have any at the moment (too many other perfumes to use up to justify it! ) but I’ve been interested in the other ‘flavours’ that came out. Have you tried any of them?

  9. I’ve had the DKNY original green perfume a few years ago and I was so sad when I ran out of it. I got so much complements of this perfume that I’m maybe going to try this body mist! :)
    Love, Annelies

  10. To be completely honest, I can’t stand the smell of this perfume. One of my friends wears it all the time, and I keep sneezing endlessly. A few years ago, I received it as a gift, and I exchanged it for something else. I know many people who love it, but there’s something I don’t like about it, and can’t wear something that makes me sneeze all the time. Maybe I have an allergy on one of its ingredients. I don’t know. :(

      • No, unfortunately, many perfumes make me sneeze. Generally all “intense” smells, but there’s something about this specific perfume (and a couple more) that I can’t stand. Well, not all people have the same taste, and of course I didn’t mean to sound bad. I know my friends love it. It’s just my personal opinion, and experience.

  11. I’m very intrigued by this double duty fragrance! I quite like be delicious and had a small bottle of it, but my hubby hates it. No that he conditions me always in my decisions, but in this case he hates it! really like pushing me away can’t stand that smell. What? it’s delicious… whatever. So maybe this one if it is a subtler version would work ? will definitely have to try it.

  12. love the little doggie quote at the end! so adorable! great review too sounds like an amazing scent must test it and see if I like it on me thanks! xx. gigi.

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