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Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection

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Spring make-up collections have been popping up like tulips* lately, and the latest collection that I got to discover was the new Dr. Hauschka spring and summer collection for 2014. The collection is called Chorus and it consists of six limited-edition products. Today I’m showing you two make-up looks that I created with it, but before I show you the looks I want to introduce all six products from the collection to you. I’m a well-mannered girl after all. So ladies, please meet the new Chorus products!

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (1)
* spring… tulips… see what I did there?

Dr. Hauschka Matte & Shimmer Blush Trio

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (2)

The Dr. Hauschka Matte & Shimmer Blush Trio is a blush palette with three colors that all have a different finish. Confident Berry is a berry pink shade with a hint of shimmer, Ecstatic Pink is a matte pale pink shade and Magic Sandstone is a golden shade with lots of sparkle. So whether you want pretty flushed cheeks or a sexy sun-kissed effect, with the new Matte & Shimmer Blush Trio you can go both ways.

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (9)

Confident Berry | Ecstatic Pink | Magic Sandstone

Suggested retail price: 39 CHF

Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Duo 08 & 09

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (3) 08 (left) & 09 (right)

Dr. Hauschka came up with two new Eyeshadow Duos for the Chorus collection: in the 08 palette you have Daring Green (matte green) and Passionate Violet (matte purplish brown) and in the 09 palette you will find Ecstatic Pink (almost-white pink) and Melancholic Blue (dark blue with a hint of light blue shimmer). It’s no secret that I have a weakness for greens*, but I do have to admit that the blue from the 09 duo really captured my attention as well!
* just to be clear, I’m not referring to pot here

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (6) Daring Green | Passionate Violet | Ecstatic Pink | Melancholic Blue

Suggested retail price: 34 CHF

Dr. Hauschka Kajal Eyeliner 08

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (5)

There was a time when I only wore black eye pencil, but somewhere along the way that changed and now I happily collect colored eyeliner wherever I can. I didn’t have a taupe-colored eye pencil yet though, and Dr. Hauschka must have known that. I know that many beauty lovers out there go totally crazy over taupe, and now that I have tried this eye pencil I think it’s time that I apply for membership to the taupe lovers club, because it is indeed a very nice and flattering shade.

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (7)

Suggested retail price: 22 CHF

Dr. Hauschka Lipstick 18 & Lip Gloss 07

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (4)

Dr. Hauschka clearly wants us to wear one particular lip color this spring and summer, because the new lipstick and lip gloss from the Chorus collection both have the same nude apricot color called Golden Apricot. I have to admit that I’m not too crazy about the finish of the lipstick, but I do like the lip gloss so you’ll definitely see me wear that one again in the future.

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (8)

Golden Apricot Lipstick (left) & Lip Gloss (right)

Suggested retail price: 29 CHF and 26 CHF

Alright, now that we got the formalities over with it’s time to show you my two make-up looks!

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (10)

Make-up look (Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection) (11)

For the first look I used the Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Duo 08, Confident Berry from the Matte & Shimmer Blush Trio and the Dr. Hauschka Lipstick 18. For my second look I used the 09 duo, Magic Sandstone from the Matte & Shimmer Blush Trio and the number 07 lip gloss. And in both looks I’m wearing the Dr. Hauschka Kajal Eyeliner 08 on my lower waterline and lash line.

I’m personally pretty delighted with how both looks turned out, but of course I’d love to hear what you think. So! Tell me! What do you think of the two looks? Any thoughts on the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus collection?


  1. Both looks are gorgeous
    I love the eyes and lips.

  2. You look so pretty.

  3. You look stunning! Ik heb duo in 08 en het kajal potlood ook en ik zat serieus te dubben wat ik er voor look mee zou maken ;-) het staat je heel goed; alle kleuren.. maar wat staat jou nu eigenlijk niet.. ;-) ??!!

  4. Wat een mooie producten, de look is ook erg mooi!

  5. Vind beide looks erg mooi gedaan! De producten zien er goed uit! x

  6. Mooie producten ! De eerste look vind ik persoonlijk de mooiste.

  7. I like both looks, but if I have to choose one, #2 then:)
    Love both the eyeshadow palettes!

  8. Coucou ma belle
    J’aime beaucoup tes 2 make-up mais j’ai une préférence pour le 1er ^^

  9. Jij kan steeds je ogen zo mooi opmaken eh!

  10. Wow, heel erg mooi! Vooral je eerste look; heel subtiel!

  11. Mooie producten en wauw, wat een mooie looks maak jij!

  12. Hey Melissa, I’, definitely digging both looks! That blush looks GREAT on, and the eyeshadows are stunning on you :)

  13. Ze zijn allebei mooi maar groen is ook mijn favoriet!

  14. Mooie looks heb je weer gemaakt! Kan niet keien welke ik het mooist vind!

  15. Love everything!!! I didn’t know this brand made makeup and I would love to get my hands on that 08 duo but I think I would actually use everything you’re showing here! Both looks are stunning on you!

  16. Wat een prachtige look heb je weer gemaakt! Je kunt de blauwe kleur goed hebben. :)

  17. Wauw! Wat een prachtige ooglooks!

  18. Nice review some very pretty colours!

  19. Vooral de blush ziet er leuk uit, vind ik xxx

  20. De trio blush vind ik echt mooi =)

  21. Hele mooie producten, die eyeliner lijkt me zo fijn, hij ziet er in ieder geval prachtig uit! x

  22. I love both of them… the first one is super natural and really shows your beauty… fabulous colors… Have an amazing weekend :)

  23. Wow……. you have maked a very pretty look with this beautyfull make-up! Where can I buy this? ;-)

  24. En ik leer weer eens wat bij! Mooie productjes en mooie looks! Lichte voorkeur voor de eerste look, ’cause I’m all about soft looks ;) maar je staat met beide looks prachtig :)

  25. Gorgeous looks! I’ve been curious about their makeup-how did it wear? Did everything last a long time?

    • Hi Tracy! Well, you can’t compare these products to oh let’s say MAC products in terms of pigmentation. I did have to layer quite a bit to get the color intensity that I like. But the wear was actually fine. The blush doesn’t fade on me, and the eyeshadow doesn’t crease or lose its intensity.

  26. Mooie looks! En de producten zien er ook erg goed uit!

  27. love both makeup looks! the products look amazing too, love the colours and packaging


  28. Je hebt echt ontzettend mooie looks gemaakt! Hele fijne inspiratie :)

  29. the colors look beautiful on you <3 I like the green eyeshadow look best <3

  30. Ik vind Dr. Hauschka Matte & Shimmer Blush Trio echt ontzettend mooi!!

  31. Both looks are gorgeous on you!

  32. So beautiful!
    Laura. xx

  33. Hele mooie ooglooks! Ze staan je beide erg goed!

  34. magic sandstone vind ik prachtig! is dat een kleur die je vaker gebruikt? Prachtige ooglooks (zoals gewoonlijks) en mijn voorkeur gaat zeker naar de eerste! Ik ben alleen niet zo dol op de lippenstift.

  35. Wauwie, gorgeous! Ik vind het ook leuk dat je weer een wing hebt gebruikt bij je look. :) Mooie producten, maar mind-blowing vind ik ze niet. De pigmentatie op de ogen valt mij nogal tegen, maar het is wel lekker subtiel!

  36. Wat een mooie producten allemaal! De looks die je ermee gemaakt hebt vind ik ook beide erg mooi.

  37. You are beautiful!!! Your make up too ^^

  38. First of all, I didn’t realize this company made makeup. I thought they only did skincare. Learn something new everyday. Second…I like the first look. I like the eyes better.

  39. Gorgeous! I had no idea this brand even made makeup.

  40. Both of these looks are gorgeous! I especially like the green. I didn’t realize that they made makeup – I think of the as a just-skincare brand, but obviously that’s incorrect!

  41. I really like the first look!

  42. I really love both looks. The blush looks so pretty.

  43. Loving both looks, though the green really makes your eyes pop!! Golden Apricot compliments the eye makeup so well too, it’s such a gorgeous shade!

  44. Beide looks zien er prachtig uit! Zou ik nooit voor elkaar krijgen haha :)
    De lippenkleur is heel mooi!

  45. Leuke producten! En prachtige looks! Je eerste look vind ik de mooiste! :)

  46. Both the looks are awesomely beautiful dear ! Loved the apricot lipstick shade <3 <3

  47. Love the blue eyeshadow look! I’m a sucker for blues…

    I, too, have been discovering the magic of taupe. It seems like such a ‘bleh’ shade when you see it, but then you sue it, and you see why people make a fuss over it! :-D

  48. Supers jolies ces couleurs, j’aime beaucoup ce que tu en as fait!!!

  49. De lipstick en lipgloss zijn heel mooi!

  50. Wauw 2 prachtige looks!

  51. Eerste look is echt prachtig! Love it ^^

  52. Hey I’ve nominated you for The Shine On Award on my page because I love your blog! Check it out and enjoy xo

  53. Oh, I need to get my hands on that green/violet eyeshadow duo. I looks super pretty. And the eyeliner is very beautiful, too.
    Thank you very much for showing us these. Can’t wait to find them in store.

  54. this blush trio looks stunning! i want to have it in my collection!

  55. Both looks are super cute.=)

  56. Die eerste look is echt super mooi!

  57. Both makeups are lovely, but I have a preference for the first one.
    Mafalda ❤

  58. wauw de lipproducten zijn echt prachtig!! en de looks die je ermee gemaakt heb natuurlijk ook!

  59. allebei de looks vindt ik mooi, lijken me goeie producten wat je heb gebruikt!

  60. Very lovely beauty looks! <3

  61. De blush ziet er heel mooi uit! Kende het merk nog niet! Mooie look!

  62. Ik ben benieuwd naar het blush trio!

  63. I admit I’m not as familiar with Dr. Hauschka’s makeup as I am with the skincare, but now I really want to try out the makeup. These look gorgeous on you. Such a pretty and wearable collection.

  64. wauw het ziet er allemaal super gaaf uit en wat heb je een mooi gezicht! prachtige make-up ook! liefs x

  65. What pretty looks! You did a great job here.

  66. De lipgloss en lipstick vind ik verbazend mooi, dat had ik niet verwacht.

  67. Both great looks! I’ve only just heard about this range, the blush and lipstick are definitely on my wish list! xx

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