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Review | LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, Magnificence Red Serum & Magnificence Eyes

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Last month I made a very interesting beauty discovery and discovered LIERAC, a French beauty brand that has been around since 1975 and that combines top quality natural ingredients with the newest scientific research to create products that combat skin aging and skin problems. The newest LIERAC line is called Magnificence and is a line of revolutionary anti-aging products. The products from the Magnificence line promise to slow down cell glycation and cell oxidation, apparently two big causes of skin aging, to keep skin looking younger for longer.

Review (LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, Magnificence Red Serum & Magnificence Eyes) (6)

LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel

The LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel is a day and night cream for normal to combination skin that promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and promises to give you firmer, plumper, smoother and more radiant skin. The main active ingredients in the LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel are 3,5% D-Glycox complex to slow down cell glycation and oxidation – simply called glycoxidation by LIERAC – and 5% hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated and to make it look more plump. The other nourishing ingredients in the formula ensure that the skin gets moisturized while the rice powder in the cream-gel keeps the skin nice and matte.

Review (LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, Magnificence Red Serum & Magnificence Eyes) (1)

The LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel comes in a sleek red jar and has a light cream-gel texture that is easy to apply and gets absorbed by the skin in a matter of seconds. It has a pale pink color and a very subtle neutral smell. I’m usually not a fan of jar packaging – I don’t like putting my hands in a jar, unless it’s to get out the last of the Nutella – but LIERAC put a little spatula in the box, so that solves the hygiene issue.

Review (LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, Magnificence Red Serum & Magnificence Eyes) (2)

The LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel is intended for normal to combination skin*, but even on my oily skin it works fine. The cream-gel gets absorbed almost instantly and doesn’t make my face any oilier than usual. Unfortunately I can’t confirm yet whether the product actually tackles wrinkles and fine lines and gives you more youthful-looking skin. I only have a few fine lines on my face anyway (but of course they already bug me like crazy) and so far my skin still looks the same as when I first started using the Magnificence products two weeks ago. So I’ll need to be a little more patient. But I do notice that my skin feels more hydrated since I’ve been using the LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, and soft plump skin of course looks more fresh and youthful than moisture-deprived skin. So I’d say so far so good!
* there’s also a version for dry skin, the Magnificence Day & Night Velvety Cream, that contains marula oil and shea butter instead of rice powder to intensely nourish parched skin

LIERAC Magnificence Red Serum

The LIERAC Magnificence Red Serum is kind of the superhero version of the LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel. Like the moisturizer it contains 5% hyaluronic acid, but instead of 3,5% it contains 7% D-Glycox complex, as well as red hibiscus and vitamin C and E. So you could consider the serum as the power version of the Magnificence day and night cream, boosted with additional antioxidants and active ingredients. The LIERAC Magnificence Red Serum comes in a red pump bottle, is red (pretty!) and is very runny. And the smell is absolutely divine: a delicate blend of frangipane, passion flower, palm leaf and tropical wood. Yum!

Review (LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, Magnificence Red Serum & Magnificence Eyes) (3)

The LIERAC Magnificence Red Serum promises to combat the same signs of skin aging as the LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, but with even more power. LIERAC recommends using the LIERAC Magnificence Red Serum together with the day and night cream from the Magnificence line, but because I don’t want to overdo it (find out here why) I decided to use the serum in the morning and the LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel at night. That way I can use both products without risking that my skin will start to retaliate and break out.

Review (LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, Magnificence Red Serum & Magnificence Eyes) (5)from left to right: Magnificence day & night cream | serum | eye cream

So far I can’t really see any changes as far as anti-aging goes, but for me the ingredients in the LIERAC Magnificence Red Serum are more than convincing enough to have faith that that will soon change. And besides, treating skin aging is one thing, but preventing it is even more important. And I think that taking action proactively is exactly what this serum allows me to do.

LIERAC Magnificence Eyes

The LIERAC Magnificence Eyes is an anti-aging product for the eye contour that just like the serum contains 7% D-Glycox complex and 5% hyaluronic acid, and it also contains red vine extract that has a draining effect and can diminish the appearance of dark circles and can reduce puffiness.

Review (LIERAC Magnificence Day & Night Melt-in Cream-Gel, Magnificence Red Serum & Magnificence Eyes) (4)

The LIERAC Magnificence Eyes comes in a pen-shaped applicator and kind of looks like an under eye concealer pen. The texture of the LIERAC Magnificence Eyes is creamy yet light, and it has a pale yellowish color.

I use the LIERAC Magnificence Eyes both mornings and evenings. I use the pencil tip to put a couple of dots under my eyes and then I just use my fingers to gently tap the product into my skin. Right before I started using the LIERAC Magnificence Eyes I noticed that all of a sudden I was getting a lot of new fine lines right under my lash line (panic!) but the LIERAC Magnificence Eyes immediately made them less prominent, thank god. I think those lines started to form when I decided to stop using eye cream as part of my back-to-basics skin care routine, but in hindsight I might have gone a little bit too back to basics by scratching eye cream from my routine. I’ve been using the LIERAC Magnificence Eyes for two weeks now and I already see improvement, so I will definitely continue to use the product.

Like I said in the introduction, my first experience with LIERAC was definitely a good one and especially the serum and the eye cream are amazing. LIERAC takes pride in the fact that all their promises are based on thorough scientific research and that their products have a proven efficiency. And because of that the brand scores really high marks with me. Yep, I think LIERAC may become a staple brand in my skin care routine!

You can find the products from the LIERAC Magnificence line at the pharmacy. The day and night cream costs 97.50 CHF, the serum sets you back 105.50 CHF and the eye cream retails at 58.50 CHF.

Did you already know the brand LIERAC? What is your first impression of the products from the Magnificence line?


  1. Such a great review, I didn’t know about the brand, seem like a great product.

  2. Wow looks great and I have never heard from this brand!
    Now I am getting older and need products to make me younger and keep the wrinkles less!
    Your verry funny….. going to empty a pot of nutella………

    Have a great day Xoxo

  3. Never heard of LIERAC before! But it all sounds very promissing!! :)
    And I’ve never seen a red serum before, looks interesting :p

  4. Het doet me echt denken vaan Loreal Paris, zou dat het moeder bedrijf zijn?

  5. Nutella totally needs to come with a special little spatula under the lid for getting out the last of the chocolatey goodness! Although the wizard just pours in a bit of milk and shakes it up to make a chocolate milkshake :-P

    Lierac is a brand I remember hearing about in Lisa Eldridge’s French Pharmacie Favourites video – it’s interesting to see a bit more! :-)

  6. Dat klinkt goed! Ik ben ook een poosje gestopt met oogcrème, maar dat ging ook niet helemaal goed ;) we hebben vanaf een bepaalde leeftijd gewoon oogcrème nodig blijkbaar… Die crème klinkt wel goed, net als het serum! De dag- en nachtcrème zou ik niet zo snel kopen – hoewel, misschien als nachtcrème wel – omdat ik een hele fijne dagcrème heb die aan al mijn eisen voldoet. De oogcrème klinkt geweldig, dus daar ga ik even wat meer onderzoek naar doen! :D

  7. Packaging is gorgeous. Sounds like an amazing product from your description. :)

  8. Klinkt erg goed naar jouw mening! Ik ben wel benieuwd naar de oogcrème, ik zoek nog een goede. :)

  9. I have never heard of the LIERAC product but it sounds fantastic… I really like a great eye cream, I think we neglect the eyes too much :)

  10. Lijken me fijne producten! Vooral de oogcrème zou ik graag proberen; ik geloof echt niet dat je daar te vroeg mee kan beginnen!

  11. Must admit, haven’t heard about them until now :D but that pen is looking kinda cool and perfect for the eye zone application.

  12. Ik ben ook fan! Vooral het serum lijkt me erg fijn. Momenteel gebruik ik een reinigingsmelk van lierac met veel liefde, wil er zeker nog meer van testen. Fijne review! Liefs

  13. die oogcreme klinkt goed, waar gaan we dit vinden??

  14. I haven’t tried any Lierac since moving to the EU. I’ve stuck to Caudelie, LRP, and Weleda. I know they do some great products (like their dry oil) maybe if I can sneak off to France I’ll pick some up! I’m leaving in a few weeks though to go back to the states :(

  15. These sound nice, especially the eye “pen”! Love that! So far I’ve only tried 2 products from Liérac, the body oil which I love and a cleanser that was so so for my skin type.

  16. I will definitely try the serum, Lierac is a great brand.
    Mafalda ❤

  17. Het serum lijkt me wel wat. De kleur alleen al ! Niet echt een referentie maar toch :)

  18. Ik kende dit merk nog helemaal niet, klinkt zeer goed. Ben benieuwd naar de oogcreme :).

  19. I hadn’t heard of this brand before! But it sounds really nice, would love to give these a try.

  20. That eye product sunds interesting. I’m always intrigued when it comes to anti-aging eye creams/serums.

  21. Ik heb al een reinigingsmelk & tonic van lierac gehad en hun micellair water. Erg fijn allemaal!

  22. Ik ken deze merk nog niet maar die oog cremetje klinkt
    goed c; Xx

  23. Les produits Lierac sont généralement de très bon produits :)

  24. Now come to think of it, I haven’t tried much (if anything) from this brand at all! I am not too sure about the eye cream applicator, but I’m glad to hear it works so well (that’s always the point)!

  25. Thanks for the laugh.. je nutella opmerking was weer eens briljant! Ik heb dit merk verder nog niet geprobeerd.. met cremetjes enzo vind ik dingen er al snel oubollig uitzien. vandaar dat ik eerder geneigd ben naar Garnier enzo.. maar dat maakt het nog niet goed.Goed, dit ziet er dan wel heel veelbelovend uit en een spateltje is ook erg fijn :)

  26. Great packaging. Thanks for introducing me to this brand I have never heard about it.

  27. Ik had nog nooit gehoord van LIERAC, klinkt wel erg goed.

  28. I’ve never heard of this brand before. Would love to get my hands on the red serum and eye contour cream though:D

  29. It sounds like the eye cream is a winner. Perhaps the others take more time to develop? And I can’t believe you’re concerned with anti-aging! You are gorgeous!

  30. I haven’t heard about this brand before.

  31. I love Lierac products! They’re a little hard to find here, and on the more expensive side but I I do like them! This line sounds great-I like the idea of the eye serum a lot!

  32. Ik ken Lierac, maar heb er nog nooit iets van uitgetest. Dat serum klinkt als een aanradertje!

  33. I like that the eye cream comes in a pen applicator. Makes life so much easier. :)

  34. Hey, that sounds amazing! The texture of all three looks very good. I ve never tried lierac but i must say i will have an eye on that! Mimi ;)

  35. Lierac is a brand I don’t know much about. I actually just ordered one of their masks and I can’t wait to try it!
    Great review :)

  36. These products sound really effective! Thanks for sharing these reviews :)

  37. Ik ken het merk van bij de apotheek! Het ziet er veelbelovend uit, ook al heb ik er zelf nog nooit iets van getest :)

  38. Great review. The products sound awesome.

  39. Fijne review! Ik ken het merk nog niet, maar klinkt goed!

  40. The products seem to be way up there scientifically with al their ic’s and ox’s, but a very good review! Great to hear that the Magnificence eyes works so fast. Magnificence Red Serum is actually red, kind of makes me think of Kim Kardashian’s facial.

  41. prevention is better than cure!


  42. Goede review, t klinkt echt wel als een goed merk/producten. Leuk dat iemand al die wetenschap eens vertaalt voor mij ;)

  43. Great overview of the products! I’ve never heard of this brand before.

  44. The eye cream sounds great!

  45. I trust it implicitly just because it’s French, and I believe French and Japanese have the BEST skincare EVER!

  46. I own a couple of products from Lierac and I want more – all that red is very attractive!

  47. I am 25,can i use eye pen for dark circle?

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