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5 beauty trends that I refuse to follow

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Recently Hazel from Dress Me Up Buttercup asked me if she could feature me on her blog, and because I’m always up for a fun blog collaboration I said yes. For the article Hazel wanted to know which five beauty trends I refuse to follow. I had never really dedicated a whole article to beauty trends that I dislike before, but it was actually a lot of fun thinking and writing about it, and that’s why I decided to repost my five no-go beauty trends here on my own blog as well. Now let’s have a look at the five beauty trends that I will never fall for!

1. Dark lips

Dark lips were and still are one of the biggest trends this fall and winter, but I personally don’t like them. Very few people can pull off a dark lip, and I’m certainly not one of the lucky few that can. I just don’t think dark lipstick looks flattering on me. It makes my lips look thinner and it ages me, eek! So that’s why I always stick to flattering warm pinks and corals.

e.l.f. conditioning lip balm romantic rouge review

2. Nude make-up

I don’t do nude and I refuse to go naked. And by that I mean that you’ll never see me sporting a nude make-up look. A lot of girls look fantastic in minimal make-up and I really like the fresh, almost-naked looks that we keep seeing on the runways, but it’s just not for me. I always put the focus on my eyes and I always go heavy with the eyeliner and the eyeshadow. Without heavy eye make-up I feel very exposed and insecure.

XinYiZhui Professional Specific Finishing Powder Born Pretty Store review swatches

3. Claw-like manicures

I like fun manicures and I love it when people go all out with wild colors and intricate nail art designs, but what I really don’t understand is why some people wear these ridiculously long claw-like fake nails. I prefer nails that look natural and have a normal length.

Matching your nail polish to your eye make-up and lipstick

4. Pixie hair cuts

Some women look amazing with a pixie hair cut – just look at how Pamela Anderson’s new do transformed her from bimbo into absolute beauty – but I would never cut my hair into a pixie cut myself. The shortest I ever went was a Rihanna-style bob, and I immediately regretted it. I have very thin and fine hair, and my hair just fell so flat on my head and looked really limp and lifeless. So I definitely intend to keep my hair long from now on.

PAMELA ANDERSON at Dancing on Ice PhotocallFrom bimbo to beauty!

5. Colorful pedicures

98.5% of me is a normal 26-year-old girl. The other 1.5% is an atrocious swamp creature with huge hairy feet and monstrous toes. Think Shrek with boobs and eyeliner. Seriously, I really don’t like my big feet and my long toes, and the last thing I want to do is draw attention to them. That’s why I never paint my toe nails. Colorful pedicures are definitely not for me!

Beauty trends (5 beauty trends that I refuse to follow) (1)‘My feet are about this big’

What do you think of these five beauty trends? Is there a trend that you refuse to follow?


  1. Hahaha Shrek! Ik vind Pamela er trouwens echt veel beter uitzien met kort haar, maar ik denk dat alles haar beter staat dan hoe het was eigenlijk ;)
    Leuke tag, en groot gelijk in alles wat jij vindt; het is jouw lichaam en kies zelf wat je ermee doet en welke trends bij jou passen! Donkere lipstick vind ik ook niet mooi.

  2. I really don’t get the claws either, I’ve seen a short version of claws which looks nice and wearable but it’s still a no-no for me. How do they do their everyday stuff? I mean I already start to hurt myself, my kids and my husband when my nails grow out just a little bit O_o The pixie cut in my eyes is just terrible, in my eyes all the celebrities who got that cut look hideous….:D

  3. haha ik ben exact hetzelfde over mijn voeten :D en de pixie, hell no! ik hou te veel van mijn lange haar.. maar een nude look ben ik dan wel weer fan van

  4. Coloured make-up is so nice and I like the nice looks you make! Your is the first which people see and you have a look that you don’t see at other people!

    I wish you a great day Xoxo

  5. Het ik wil geen aandacht naar mijn voeten syndroom begrijp ik volledig! Heb echt niet graag dat mensen naar mijn voeten kijken tenzij ik natuurlijk een heel mooie schoen aan heb :)

  6. De pixie haircut is ook niks voor mij, ik houd van mijn lange haar! Ik heb ook niet zulke mooie voeten (serieus mijn tenen zijn evenlang als die van mijn vriend en hij heeft 4 schoenmaten groter dan mij), maar ik lak mijn teennagels wel graag, vooral in kleuren die je tenen optisch zogenaamd kleiner laten lijken haha.

  7. Leuk artikel, ik ben het met bijna allemaal wel eens voor mezelf. Hou ook meer van wat lichtere kleuren als lipstick, al hou ik ook van warm en diep rood, het moet je idd wel staan. En je moet je er prettig bij voelen. De nude look is wel een favoriet van mij:)

  8. i am not a fan of stiletto nails either , i had a pixie cut in July and as soon i had it done i regretted it !

  9. Haha, wat heb je dat weer leuk geschreven! Donkere lippen maken mij ook ongelofelijk oud en dat hoeft van mij nog niet zo ;) Rare nagels en superkort haar ook niet, trouwens, maar dat is bij mij gewoon personal preference. Nude doe ik wel soms, eigenlijk heel vaak, vooral als ik haast heb ‘s morgens of ik véél te vroeg op moet staan (zoals half 6 -.-), en een kleurtje op mijn tippy-toes ook! Ik ben volgens mij één van de weinige vrouwen die haar voeten niet lelijk vindt, dus dat vier ik elke zomer met vrolijke kleurtjes :D

  10. Hahaha leuke post! Ik sta ook totaal niet met donkere lippen, ik kan amper rode lippen dragen.. ik zie er direct zo streng uit, bah! Echt grappig, maar mijn kortste kapsel was ook die van Rihanna en ik heb het mij ook beklaagd ;)

  11. Thanks a million again for doing the collab with me! it was fun and interesting to know your 5 no-go beauty trends :D

  12. Wat heb je dat leuk geschreven hihi.. ik zelf zou me haar ook niet zo kort doen nooooh… :-)

  13. Leuk om te lezen! Ik hou zelf ook niet zo van donkere lippen. Het maakt je meteen 10 jaar ouder. De nude look is dan wel iets waar ik absoluut van hou. x

  14. I don’t follow trends, I really never have … I have to agree with you about the pixie cut… not too many women can pull that look off and claw like nails are not my thing either… I have had longer natural nails but they didn’t look like claws… lol


  15. I’m sure I could come up with a dark lipstick that would win you over ;-)

    I totally agree on the nude makeup thing, especially when ‘nude’ turns into ‘use your foundation (two shades lighter than usual) for everything, inlcuding lipstick’. I can appreciate it when it’s an editorial or something, but I can’t stand it on me!

    My face is also way too long for a pixie haircut, so while I totally wish I could wear one, long hair suits me much better.

  16. Same here with the vampy lips and claw-like nails. I really don’t see the appeal.

  17. Hahahaaaa colorful pedicure: Shrek :P

  18. I refouse to keep long talon like nails too.. it just looks so weird and vampy. And on top of it some women go ahead and shape them triamgular.. so weird.
    I have also stayed away from ornage lips.. I have never understood that trend. Corals and rusts with an orage undertone are still okay but a full on orange pout is something I can never wear.

  19. I just fell in love with you even more! Yep, even though they are seasonal “trends” doesn’t mean we all have to follow them blindly if they don’t look good on us. Thing is, you have to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, makeup, hair and clothes. Not all of us look good in the same things, I know I’d look like a bulldog in a pixie cut and nude makeup looks? Let’s be honest, you have to be pretty pleased with yourself to pull them off. Being pleased with your natural face isn’t a bad thing but I know I look better in colours and heavier makeup, why not wear the thing that makes me look good and feel comfy? And don’t worry, I find my feet disgusting every time I look at them 0_o I prefer sweating in flats than wearing something that shows my toes. And if I am showing them, it must be night time and dark outside hehe

    • Aw hehe, thanks! And yeah, I agree, only girls that feel confident about their natural look probably feel good wearing next to no make-up. That’s definitely not the case for me though. And I’m glad I’m not alone in that :-)

  20. Oh I hadn’t seed PA with short hair, it does suit her but it ain’t for me either! The shortest I’ll go is shoulder length! Dark lips? No go for me either. I actually find it a bit scary and the same goes for long claws which I actually find plain ugly. Nude makeup? I need e/l and mascara so that too is a no go. Now my feet aren’t the prettiest but I do enjoy color on my toes and I must say that I don’t really care what people think since I do it for me in the first place. :)

  21. I agree with 3 & 4. I like long nails but it those huge ones seem very impractical and I would never get a pixie eithe. It looks awesome on other people but rmy hair is my security blanket. Long hair FTW!

  22. Hahahaha…”Shrek with boobs and eyeliner”.
    I don’t get the long claw-like nails either….meh….

  23. it was fun and interesting to know your 5 no-go beauty trends :D I don’t get the long claw-like nails either! Love this post! Kisses honey <3

  24. Ik ga zonder twijfel akkoord met je de 4 eerste stellingen :-)!!!

  25. coucou

    j’ai adoré lire ton article, je suis comme toi, je n’aime pas les longs ongles et de toute façon je n’ai pas le droit d’en avoir car je suis infirmière lol
    je ne couperai pas non plus mes cheveux j’ai déjà essayé et ce fut une vraie catastrophe
    je découvre ton blog avec grand plaisir et j’y repasserai fréquemment

  26. Haha I’m actually fine with these except for pixie cuts and claw-like manis. I’ve had short nails all my life, so once they grow out a little, I get really weirded out! I don’t think pixie cut is for everyone, either. I’ve seen girls REALLY rocking it, but it’s not my style!

  27. I loved reading this :) I don’t like claw nails either!

  28. Haha, I had to laugh with your Shrek joke :D! I don’t follow the trend of the claw-like manicures and the pixie haircuts either. Fun blogpost!
    Love, Annelies

  29. Haha leuk om te lezen! Ik zou nummer 3 ook zelf nooit doen en een pixie cut staat niet bij mij of mijn haartype. Dus dat zit er ook niet in. Vind ik het leuk? Dat verschilt per persoon. Donkere lippenstift heb ik altijd gaaf gevonden. Burgundy geeft zo’n elegante uitstraling (die kan jij ook wel hebben hoor, denk ik?) maar ik heb zelfs nog donkerder dan dat. Dat is mijn allerdonkerste kleur en die is echt borderline-gothic, dus ik draag hem niet vaak (mijn vriend vindt hem ook niet per se mooi) maar ik wél haha. Maar het kan alleen bij bepaalde soort looks en het is gewoon altijd al intens. Een volledige nude gezicht? Tja, dan draag ik wel gewoon geen make-up. Probleem ook opgelost. Ik doe toch altijd wel ergens kleur :) als ik voor nude ogen ga, dan zit er kleur in mijn lippen en vice versa. Gekleurde teennagels houd ik wel van ^_^

  30. A big no-no fashion trend for me is false lashes. Never been able to get on with them. Make my eyelids feel like lead weights. Btw claw-like nails quite agree, though wish I didn’t neglect my nails so much – mine frequently split before I get chance to manicure.

  31. Ahhh wat een leuk artikel! Ik denk overigens dat een nude look jou echt prachtig zal staan! Je hebt zo’n mooie huid en een mooi gezicht. Ik denk dat je het echt heel goed kan hebben :D

  32. You’re so pretty, I don’t think there’s a limit to makeup looks you can and can’t do! You might not like nude but a professional interpretation of it on your face could surprise you :) But anyway, you’re on the right track. Just do “you” and stay true to what you like!

  33. Ik zou ook nooit zo mijn haar knippen.. uhg.. En ik hou ook van normaal uitziende nagels.. Bijzondere dingen vind ik leuk voor een feestje, maar niet zoals hoe sommige mensen daarmee dagelijks door het leven gaan..

  34. I don’t like complicated nail designs, usually I stick to a solid colour for my manicures/pedicures. Oh, and I never wear false eyelashes!

  35. In de eerste vier kan ik me helemaal terugvinden ! Alleen al van het denken aan kort haar krijg ik de kriebels :)

  36. I’m not into claw like nails either. How do they even pick up objects with those nails lol.

  37. I’ve followed the “dark lips” trend, and I must say I love it, and I’ve tried the ‘nude make up” trend too, as I don’t usually use heavy eye shadows or too much make up, but I really hate the claw manicures, and the pixie haircuts. I believe every woman looks much better with longer hair (as does Pamela Anderson in my opinion).
    Also, I do paint my toe nails in every color possible, but I understand why you don’t like it.
    But the above 2 are also things you will never see me do. :/

  38. I hate dark lips and claw-like manicures too!
    Mafalda ❤

  39. Hihi, leuk artikel! Eigenlijk doe ik het allemaal ook niet.. behalve de nude look!

  40. Heel erg leuk artikel en snap ook zeker dat je niet meedoet aan deze trends! Ik vind donkere lipstick bij sommige vrouwen wel mooi staan, maar voor mezelf vind ik het echt niks en vooral ook omdat ik vaak erg wit ben in mijn gezicht. Klauwnagels vind ik zelf ook niet mooi en een kort koppie doe ik ook niet snel weer. Ik heb één keer mijn hele lange haar heel kort laten knippen en ondanks dat het wel leuk stond heb ik ook zeker wel spijt gehad.

  41. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens wat nagels en kort kapsel betreft. Sommige mensen staan fantastisch met kort haar, maar ik hoor daar echt helemaal niet bij.

  42. Ik ben het volledig met je eens wat betreft de donkere lippenstift en de klauwnagels. Nude make-up en kleurrijke tenen vind ik dan weer wel top en de pixie cut, die laat ik in’t midden ;-).

  43. Ik vind nude make-up juist wel geweldig hihi! Niet voor in het weekend maar wel voor doordeweeks.

  44. OMG I loved this articles! I totally understand you with some of the trends hahaha and your big hairy feet too. Boyfriend calls my feet “Shrek feet” and I just laughed when I read this. At least I know I’m not the only one! And the feline claws, too. It’s just horrible. Last week I saw a blogger posted her new nails and I just saw claws. Of course I didn’t comment but thought “Ohhhhhhhh Myyyyyy Sweet Looooving Gooood!”

  45. Hehe :) Ik begrijp die lange puntige nagels ook niet, vind het erg lelijk.

  46. Ik vind donkere lippen bij sommigen wel mooi…
    zelf heb ik het nog niet geprobeerd.

  47. Hahahaha I LOVE this! Loved reading your answers and i so agree about the claw nails-like WHY? How do you do anything with those nails? How do you wipe your ass even hahahaha? I think I’d like to do these questions myself! I’ll link it to yours if that’s ok with you?

  48. Hahaha jouw vergelijking met Shrek XD Dat ben jij absoluut niet hoor! Je bent prachtig en ook al heb je grote voeten, tenen enz, dat maakt niet uit! Je bent mooi zoals jij bent :D

  49. Ha ha grappig geschreven!Maar de foto is zo prachtig gedaan!

  50. I don’t like claw nails either. Yuck! Great post!

  51. I’m not at all devoted to doing a regular pedicure, but I do like painting my toenails a fun colour sometimes! I think my feet are ugly so a pretty pedicure kind of makes it better, haha :p

  52. I wouldn’t get a pixie hair cut. Would look terrible on me.

  53. haha lig helemaal gevloerd bij het idee van Shrek with boobs en gelakte teennagels!

  54. Ik heb ook helemaal niks met pixie kapsels, brrrr!

  55. Nice makeup! I invite you to visit my blog


  56. I think you could pull off dark lips, just has to be the right undertone and level of vampiness. I think when you have strong features and strong brows as we both do, nude looks make our features get lost, they just fade and our faces look flat. I could see you with a Rihanna “do” though, long in the front, short in the back? Not the full on pixie, though. As for nails, I like mine a bit longer then yours but I don’t understand fake nails that are like long long or even natural nails that long! You can see my normal length in my photos on my blog, I think anyhow!

  57. Je suis d’accord avec toi sur différents points et plus particulièrement pour les ongles ;)

  58. I don’t like claw nails either. They’re weird. And a pixie cut would look horrible on me. I’d never do it!

  59. you are too cute, and I love ‘from bimbo to beauty!’—great post, and its nice to see not everyone following trends!

  60. I agree with Erin. You have very full and sexy lips, with the right tone you could pull the look off. Of course it’s all about personal preference, so if it’s not something you want to do, why bother? I think you could if you wanted to though. I’ll add my agreement with Claw Nails. Ugh.

  61. Ha! I love wearing natural eye looks, dark lips, and bright red pedis. But ya know what? We are twins on the no pixie cuts or talon nails! We have the same hair. I LOVE short hair – on other people. Every time I’ve gone short, it’s been AWFUL because it just hangs like a lifeless squirrel! And the pointy nails? I just don’t see how people aren’t injuring themselves 24/7. I love your dark eye looks; to me, they look so artful and gorgeous! But…I do think you could ROCK neutral/minimal eye makeup since you are painting on a beautiful canvas! ;)

  62. I totally agree with number 1 and 3 to 5. With number two, I’m not quite sure. I absolutley do love eyeshadow, I rarely leave the house without, and I do own a fair amount of them (not as many as nail polishes, of course, but stille more than all of my friends together, I’d say). I guess around a third of my collection is in the neutral range, which means arount 70 different shades of brown, taupe, beige, and I dearly love them all and wear them often. But still, when I use eyeshadow, i want people (or at least me) to see that i invested some time to apply it, so neutral colors yes, invisible make up no. So short (and in german): nude make up – Jein

  63. I absolutely agree with numbers 1, 3 and 4. Sometimes I wear nail polish on my toe nails, but not too often. Concerning number 2, I’d like to elaborate a little:

    I love wearing eyeshadow, I rarely leave the house without and I do own a fair amount of them (not as many as nail polishes, but still far more than all of my friends together, I guess). About one third of my collection consists of neutral colors, which means around 70 different shades of beige, taupe and brown, and I do love all of them dearly. But when I’m wearing eyeshadow, I’d like people (or at least me) to see that I invested some time applying it. So neutral shades yes, invisible make up no. Or short (and in german): nude make up – Jein

  64. hihi, wat leuk om te weten welke TRENDS jij keihard aan je voorbij laat gaan. Ik skip de pixie hair cuts en nep nagels zijn ook niet aan mij besteed!

  65. Leuke blogpost! Met uitzondering van de laatste sluit ik me volledig bij je aan :-)

  66. Erg leuk artikel! Je schrijft zo leuk he! Nep nagels vind ik wel weer leuk, maar ik kan niet tegen dat gevoel haha!

  67. Leuke post! De donkere liptrend vind ik zooo mooi, maar ik kan het zelf echt niet elegant dragen haha! Een donkere rode lipstick is het donkerste dat ik kan gaan zonder emo te lijken. En hoera, eindelijk iemand die het met me eens is over die belachelijk lange nagels! Cruella de Vil-esk nagels, ik snap niet waarom sommigen ervoor opteren!

    xoox Anine

  68. What a great post! I would absolutely agree on points 1, 3 and 4. I’m in terms of make-up way calmer than I used to be. Getting a child and meeting other moms made me more “natural”, since I am almost the only one wearing make-up :-( (I know I should wear it like it doesn’t matter, but in the end it alway matters what others think, in one way or the other).
    My last resort in terms of rebellion are my feet (and my piercings), better than nothing, right?

  69. Great post!! Don’t wear any dark lippies either!

  70. I love the pixie hair style…on other people! If I ever got my hair cut that short I would literally look like a boy LOL!

  71. This is an excellent post.
    I agree with you on dark lips, I cannot do lipstick at all actually.
    I love smokey, dark eye make up.

    However my natural nails grow as long as claws so I do sort of like the claw manicures.

    Each to their own.

    Great post and lovely blog.

  72. Really enjoyed reading this post! Agreed with you about eye makeup! I feel weird if I don’t have some eyeshadow or liner…but I do love dark lips omg…hehehehe! and Pixie hair cuts, I like them in other people, I think I would look horrible with a hair cut like that hehehe! Big hugs hun xx

  73. Trends are fun, but I agree, you really have to learn what works for you and be confidant enough to just rock it.

  74. Interesting post, I have to say I join you on the no short hair for me wagon. It just really doesn’t suit me. I have been tempted but then I flash back to a younger me and…. NO!


  75. Hahaha ik volg die 5 dingen ook niet…misschien soms de nude ooglook, al zie je altijd dat ik opgemaakt ben, dus zo nude is het niet denk ik…

  76. i personally can’t let my nails get too long, i find it uncomfortable to do anything with long nails! and they grow quite fast as well haha
    and would love to try the natural makeup but i just love eyeliner too much and am scared to go without


  77. Well regarding the nude makeup is something I love because I always try to makeup so that it looks very natural. That of dark lips as I do not like my absolutelo for different shades of pink is my thing, I like to have a nice pedicure but nothing flashy, they always use closed shoes.

  78. I don’t do claw nails or bright toes either, partly out of laziness and partly out of practicality. Anything else I’m usually game to try though! Loveee your lip color in #1, what product is that?

  79. Claw-like manicures…ieuw! I hear you!

  80. Such a candid post, thanks for sharing. I like to give my toes a rest over winter but come spring I’m itching for a full pedi, bright toes and all! Thanks for the lovely comment and link on Bella & Bear.

  81. I will never file my nails into those witch points that seem to be so popular. They make people looks scary!

  82. Hahahaha, I completely think the same way about my own feet! Hilarious. :D I love to wear dark lips though. Interesting article! xoxo

  83. I loved this article! Personally, I like the nude look and when I’m going out, I sometimes go for a dark lip. A little bit of vampiness every now and then is ok for me ;-) But you’re right, it ages the overall look of some women…

  84. On claw like manicures… How do they type?!?!

  85. Een pixie kapsel met mijn krullen zou een afro zijn :D

  86. You’re so right! I totally agree with you about the nude look. But I personally can’t believe you that dark lips don’t look good on you… (:

  87. Leuk geschreven! Ik vind donkere lippen ook niet iedereen staan, wat net zo is met gekleurde teennagels.

  88. I had to laugh at number 5; you’re so funny :D. I don’t think a pixie haircut would suit me, but I thought Alyssa Milano and Nathalie Portman were gorgeous when they had them. But then again, they’re so beautiful they would look good in anything! :p

  89. heey,
    Wat een leuk artikel!
    Hoewel ik zelf een blog heb over nagelverzorging ben ik het met je eens,
    Te lange nagels zijn inderdaad onnatuurlijk. ;) Maar ik test zoveel nagellak dat mijn nagels voor die tijd al afgebroken zijn ;)

    bedankt voor dit leuke artikel
    Xx julia

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