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Review | Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream & Eye Cream

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The Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation is one of my favorite foundations. It has a lightweight texture, a lovely natural finish, and yet it provides very decent coverage. And it’s one of the few foundations that comes in a color that is a perfect match for my skin in winter. So the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation really lives up to its name, and I got super excited when I found out that Bourjois recently expanded the 1 2 3 Perfect range with two new products! Have a look!

Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream in 32 Light Beige

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The new Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream is the CC cream version of the 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation. That means that the product focuses on color correcting, that it’s lighter than foundation and even lighter than a BB cream, and that it not only evens out the skin but also nourishes it. The apricot pigment in the formula evens out signs of fatigue like dark circles, the green pigment counters redness, and the white pigment camouflages dark spots and discolorations. The formula also contains white tea extract to soften the skin, as well as SPF 15 and no oil.

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The Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream in Light Beige has the same color as the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation in Light Beige – sounds logical, but you’d be surprised by how different the same color can look in two different products – but the CC Cream does have a slightly runnier texture. The difference is small though, and I don’t even notice it during the application, which by the way is quick, easy and smooth. The cream feels and looks feathery light on my skin, and yet the coverage is more than okay. The CC Cream actually provides just a little less coverage than the foundation, so consider me impressed!

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swatch (left) & blended (right)

Though the color pigments and the ingredients in the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream are different than the ones in the foundation, both products look very similar on the skin. So if you’re already a fan of the 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation you will absolutely love the new 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream as well. Does that mean that if you already own the foundation that there’s no need to buy the CC Cream? It depends. The Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream is lighter and even more natural-looking than the foundation, so if you like that nude feeling and that naked skin look the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream is definitely worth looking into. The only downside for me? The 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream is less mattifying than the foundation, so sometimes it leaves my skin looking a bit shiny. But that’s it. Other than that I’m as much in love with the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream as I am with its foundation sister. Yep, serious love triangle here!

Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Eye Cream in 22 Light Beige

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The new Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Eye Cream contains the same color-correcting pigments and more or less the same nourishing and protecting ingredients as the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream, and it has the same lightweight, runny texture.

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The name of the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Eye Cream is a bit strange though, because this product is definitely not an eye cream. It doesn’t contain nearly enough of the right ingredients to be a skin care product, and it’s actually just an under eye concealer with extra moisturizing benefits. So just to be clear, the main purpose of this product is evening out the skin around the eyes. It diminishes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and brightens up the eye contour.

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swatch (left) & blended (right)

I have to admit that I’m not as wowed by the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Eye Cream as I am by the CC Cream. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great under eye concealer, but if you already own the CC Cream the Eye Cream kind of loses its purpose. The CC Cream is light enough to be used under the eyes well, and that basically eliminates the need for an additional under eye product. So while both products are great on their own, I personally don’t think they make sense as a duo. But! If you’re just looking for a good natural-looking under eye concealer then the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Eye Cream is definitely a great option.

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The new Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Cream and Eye Cream are now available for 18.80 CHF and 14.80 CHF.

Have you tried any of the new Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect products yet? Are you such a 1 2 3 Perfect fan as I am?


  1. Geeft een mooi effect, ik ben sowieso al fan van de Bourjois producten!

  2. I really wish we could get the Bourjois products here – I’ve seen so many things I’d like to try! It seems to make it as far as Australia, but then it stops…

    The CC cream sounds impressive! Trouble is, I’ve gotten hooked on my YSL BB cream and/or YSL powder foundation now (it almost makes me cry with how perfect they look on my skin), so anything else’d have to be pretty epic to dislodge that ;-)

  3. oh zien er zeker goed uit! Vind je ogen weer prachtig opgemaakt!

  4. I’m already a fan of Bourjois foundations so would love to try this – gorgeous makeup by the way :o) Xx

  5. Ik ben wel heel erg benieuwd naar de CC Cream; ik heb er nog nooit een geprobeerd dus wil er graag een gaan proberen :)

  6. Hey Melissa, I’ve been curious about the CC cream since I saw it in Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial. I am not sure about the shiny aspect though. I do need some good oil control in the T-zone! I’ll give it a swatch when I’m around a display.

  7. Oeh, die CC cream lijkt me fijn! Ik ben dol op zulke light-coverage dunne substantie producten en deze lijkt me een budgetvriendelijkere optie dan de Givenchy foundation ;)

  8. deze gaat direct op mijn lijstje…
    bourjois is een merk waar ik vaak bij terug kom,

  9. Jouw foto’s.. echt zo mooi zie je er altijd uit!

  10. Wauw deze zien er goed uit! Ik vind je hele look trouwens echt prachtig zeg

  11. I need a great eye cream… this looks amazing…

    By the way, I love how you do your eye make up… your eyes always stand out and look incredible… you are such a beautiful girl :)

  12. I need that eye cream in my life :)

  13. oh wow! the cc cream sounds exactly like the base product I want! i wish they would sell this brand in my country soon!

  14. Ziet er goed uit! Mooie ooglook heb je trouwens :)!

  15. I would love to try a ton of Bourjois products — from foundation to concealer, to just about everything because I’ve heard a lot of good things about them — except we don’t have it available here. But when I get the chance, I’m going to grab a couple to try out. :)

  16. Ik ken beide producten nog niet en heb de foundation nog niet geprobeerd maar als ik dit zo lees dan ben ook ik het beste uit met de gewone foundation. Het moet wel ietwat matterend zijn idd voor mijn huid;) Goed om te weten dat de eye cream niet echt voordelen bied boven de cc cream.

  17. Thanks for the detailed review. Seems like a really awesome product.

  18. Zo dat ziet er goed uit en een mooie foto :D !!

  19. it look really good! gotta go check it out :) xx

  20. Oh I’m curious about that one! There was a time when the Healthy Mix foundation did a good job for me but my skin has changed and seems to like these formulas more. I’ll be sure to have a close look when it’s available here. :)

  21. ziet er erg mooi uit! je ooglook op de laatste foto is ook echt prachtig.

  22. Ik heb ze nog niet geprobeerd maar die CC cream zie ik wel zitten :)

  23. it looks good. I really like your eyelook! amazing<3

  24. I’ve tried the CC cream and I’ve done a review on it on my blog as well. But as far as I know we have different skin types which is why I’m not that much of a fan of this product. Great review though…!

  25. Wow. That looks so smooth, and the runnier texture doesn’t seem to settle into fine lines. It’s brilliant! It really does brighten. You look fabulous.

  26. CC creams are a new thing for me I haven’t tried any out but this sounds nice. I like the packaging too.

  27. I am so confused. What is the diffetence between bb cream and cc cream? I cant keep up with all the products.

  28. Klinkt goed en wat een prachtige foto die laatste!

  29. Dat ziet er inderdaad erg natuurlijk uit !

  30. You are looking seriously flawless here! I think the CC Cream sounds great – I love light, dewy coverage – but we don’t get Bourjois here… *sniffle*

  31. Ik heb al heel veel goede dingen gehoord over de 123 foundation en ook deze cc cream ziet er heel erg goed uit!

  32. I’ve tried Bourjois before, but not these ones. The CC Cream sounds good.
    Have a fab weekend.

  33. Ik ben in t algemeen wel meestal tevreden van producten van Bourjois!
    Leuke review, de kans is wel groot dat ik de CC cream ook ga aanschaffen :)


  34. I’m also a huge fan of the Bourjois 1 2 3 foundation! I use it every time I put make-up on. Loved this review!
    Love, Annelies

  35. I haven’t tried any of these products but I like how they look on you.

  36. Wauuuuw… wat een prachtige look weer!!
    Hij klinkt goed!

  37. Tu as une peau superbe sur cette photo!

  38. Wat een mooie producten, ziet er erg goed uit!

  39. I had been wondering about these so its really helpful to read your review, sounds like they are worth checking out :)

  40. Have been pretty curious for the CC creams, especially since they kind of replaced the BB cream hype-probably all of the brands are (or already) coming out with their own reinvention of the CC cream. Also surprised that this Bourjois product has some good coverage. How would you describe the tone of this product (keeping in mind you talked about apricot, but definitely didn’t look oompa loompa)?

  41. I’ve never tried these but they both sound great! Have a great weekend!

  42. Wow, this CC cream looks really nice on you! Maybe I should give it a try, even though I love my liquid fundation :)

  43. Ik heb zelf nog niet deze producten van Bourjois gebruikt, maar ik vind ze wel erg goed klinken. Vooral de CC cream zou ik zeker wel eens willen proberen.

  44. I really like the look of this. Do you think that it’s fair enough for my pale N10 skin?

  45. Ik ben er wel erg benieuwd naar.. het effect is mooi! En je hebt je mooi opgemaakt <3

  46. Ziet er goed uit, maar jij hebt dan ook een huidje om U tegen te zeggen denk ik ;)

  47. Het ziet er echt goed uit op je gezicht mooie look :)

  48. Goede review! De producten klinken wel goed! Ik wil nog een CC Cream testen, want ik heb die nog nooit gehad! Bourjois vind ik een goed merk!

  49. Mooi en duidelijk. Ze staan je zeker goed.. ik heb zelf nog geen foundation of nep eyecream/stiekem concealer van Bourjois Paris geprobeerd. Volgende keer maar uitproberen dus :)

  50. Staat je inderdaad prachtig,knap gedaan!

  51. Fijne review! Ik ben wel benieuwd naar de CC cream. Zelf houd ik wel van een onopvallende, natuurlijke dekking.

  52. I have not tried either product, both look great, I wish more than anything the CC Cream since I like the light effect on my skin.

  53. I hate that we dont get bourjois in USA :( I love your lip color btw .. so prettty!<3

  54. The texture and the color of the cc cream looks perfect for me. Cause I don’t like too much foundation. On you the color looks a bit too dark I must say…. But maybe in summer it will be perfect.

  55. Ik gebruikte vroeger een foundation van bourjois en die was heel goed, doet me er aan denken dat ik nog eens een bourjois foundation moet uittesten ;)

  56. You look incredibly gorgeous dear ! This is the first time I came across a CC eye cream …

  57. Bourjois doet altijd een goede job met hun gezichtsproducten! Ik zal zeker die CC cream aanschaffen. Hij ziet er heel goed uit op jouw huid.

  58. I must admit that I never tried any CC Cream and I only recently started using BB Creams either xD However these products look really intriguing!

  59. I am very curious about these! Unfortunately the shades I received are too dark.

  60. The only place I can get Bourjois here is the All Cosmetics Wholesale site, but I am starting to get into CC products. I got a sample of an Ole Henricksen CC eye cream and actually used it (I normally fail at using samples) and I loved it! Lovely eye look in the above photo, btw, and your skin looks absolutely merry. :)

  61. Goede review zoals altijd! Ziet er goed uit!

  62. I saw this CC cream recently in a Lisa Eldridge video. Sounds so great. Unfortunately the lightest shade was sold out at our counter. Would like to test it. Thanks for showing :-)

  63. These products sound great and you look lovely! :)

  64. Ziet er goed uit! Mooie look heb je gemaakt! :)

  65. I love the look of the CC cream!! Sounds perfect for me, I’d really like a little bit of coverage to even out some redness, but also prefer very natural looking skin! Defenitely going to give it a try :)

  66. Good make up; thank for sharing

  67. Mooi resultaat! Voor mij is de concealer penseel erg interessant.

  68. Hey very good review

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