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Make-up look | A 20’s inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder

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Today I’m going back in time with a 20’s inspired flapper look, and it was actually my boyfriend who came up with the idea! A few weeks ago I received two brand new make-up products from Estée Lauder, but didn’t really know what to do with them. Or at least with one of them, because in addition to the new Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara I also received the new Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Red Ego, a dark red berry shade. The problem is that I almost never wear dark red lipstick and that I always go for pinks and corals, so when my boyfriend saw the slightly lost look on my face, he said: ‘Why don’t you do a 20’s look with that lipstick? Didn’t they wear colors like that back then?’ Isn’t my man a genius?! Using a flapper editorial as inspiration I immediately got to work. Thanks boyfriend!

Make-up look (A 20's inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder) (8)

My inspiration: the girl on the left in this flapper editorial (source: Maciej Bernas for Fashion Magazine 2012)

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara in Black

The name of the new Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara describes exactly what this mascara claims to do: add lots of length and volume. This is the first Estée Lauder mascara with a flexible plastic brush, and this helps the mascara to nicely separate and lengthen the lashes one by one without clumping. The special polymers and ultra black fibers in the formula give you an intense dark look with visibly longer, fuller lashes.

Make-up look (A 20's inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder) (4)

Make-up look (A 20's inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder) (5)

Retail price: 39 CHF

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Red Ego

The new Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick is a hydrating, long-wearing – an amazing 8 hours on me! – and intensely pigmented lipstick that gives perfect coverage in just one sweep and has a lovely satin finish. Red Ego is a dark red berry shade and is one of the 20 available colors.

Make-up look (A 20's inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder) (6)

Make-up look (A 20's inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder) (7)

Retail price: 44 CHF

Alright, let’s check out the look! Are you ready to go back to the roaring twenties?

Make-up look (A 20's inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder) (1)

Make-up look (A 20's inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder) (2)

Make-up look (A 20's inspired flapper look with Estée Lauder) (3)

In addition to the Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara and the Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick I also used the following products:

– Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation
– NARS Exhibit A blush
– Smashbox Limitless Waterproof Eyeliner in Onyx
Smashbox Fade To Black Fade In eyeshadow palette

I still have to get used to seeing myself with such dark red lips… it just looks so strange to me! But I can definitely feel the 20’s vibe when I look at the end result, so I’m pretty pleased with how my look turned out.

What are your thoughts on the new Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara and Pure Color Envy Lipstick? Do you like dark lips and the typical 20’s flapper style?


  1. Oh Wow the lip color is so gorgeous! I love the makeup look you created so editorial!

  2. You have maked a great look and looks!
    Love the eyeshadow ;-)

  3. wow! dat ziet er geweldig uit Melissa!!

  4. Perfection! Love the look you recreated. You really should wear red lipstick more often as it looks so good on you!

  5. Oh Melissa, it’s gorgeous!!! You make a great flapper! I can’t wait to try those new lipsticks. They seem soooo promising!

  6. Gorgeous look, you’ve really got talent and lovely styling to go with it too :o) Xx

  7. Heel knap gedaan :)! De rode lippen staan je echt prachtig!

  8. Wow. That Red Ego looks so fab on you:) I love the whole flapper look. It’s not for everyday IMO, but certainly great for special occasions.

  9. Ik vind het je juist wel erg mooi staan, vooral met die smokey eye look;) Maar ik snap je wel hoor, ik kies zelf ook meestal voor roze tinten. De 20’s look is absoluut geslaagd, wat goed dat je vriend met dit idee kwam!

  10. You make a great flapper Melissa! I live the dark eyes & lips combo :)

  11. wow !!!
    Wat mooi….
    Een echt jaren 20 meisje, me like it…

    Ben weg van de kleur lippenstift..

  12. *reels jaw back in*

    That look is just stunning. :-) All the exclamation points in the world wouldn’t do it justice :-)

    Your man is also a genius, clearly!

  13. Wauw wat een prachtige look! Je moet model worden! :) Je lipstick vind ik echt geweldig! Helemaal 20’s!

  14. Je kan het goed hebben! Mooie lip vorm voor rode lippen :)

  15. Supermooie lipstick! Ik snap dat het voor jou misschien wennen is om te zien, maar je staat er echt goed mee hoor ;-)

  16. Wauw, staat je heel mooi!

  17. This era inspired post turned out great.. the outfit looks great with the lip color… lovely ;-)

  18. Wauw wat een prachtige look zeg! Ik vind de rode lipstick je ook erg goed staan!

  19. Red looks incredible on you!!! Definitely wear it more often! Since I’ve loved the regular Sumptuous there’s a good chance I’ll try this one but the brush kinda looks like YSL doesn’t it? I’m pretty excited about those lipsticks but as you may have guessed, I’ll go for a more tame color! :)

  20. love love the roaring twenties style! nicely done, red lipstick suits you so lovely!

  21. Amai, dit is wat mij betreft één van de mooiste looks die je al gemaakt hebt, supermooi gedaan! Die mascara ziet er trouwens interessant uit… Ik overweeg nen aankoop!

  22. En ik vind die donkere kleur lipstick je zeker staan! :) Leuk idee van je vriend, want je look is prachtig

  23. Super mooie klassieke look! Zo’n donkere lipkleur is echt prachtig! Dit staat je erg mooi <3

  24. Wat een prachtige look!

  25. Fabulous! You nailed the look! You look so good as a flapper girl!

  26. The lip colour looks gorgeous!

  27. Praaaachtige look! De laatste foto zou zo een foto van een advertentie kunnen zijn ;)
    Staat je heel goed, en die lipstick is geweldig bij jou

  28. Oh my gosh, so beautiful on you!! I love this look and hope to recreate is sometime, too.
    Also, the mascara is mighty tempting. I have yet to find a mascara formula to suit my sparse Asian lashes and I’m hoping to find it in this EL one. I will have to try it in counter when I visit soon.
    Beautiful as always, gosh!

  29. Ik vind het je erg mooi staan! :-)

  30. Super mooi meid!!!! Staat jou heel erg goed zo’n donkere lipstick, je hebt er de mooie volle lippen voor!

  31. What a beautiful look for a gorgeous lady like you. Love it!

  32. wow wow wow wat een geweldige look! prachtige lipstick ook.

  33. Love that Estee Lauder lipstick, got my first one today! You look cool inspired by the 20’s style :)

  34. c’est rare de te voir avec un rouge a levre aussi foncé ! d’habitude, quand tu fais un MU si foncé sur les yeux, tu fais des levres nudes. ça change, mais c’est pas vilain du tout !! j’aime bien, et c’est tout a fait dans le thème des années 20 !

  35. Oh my goodness Melissa, the image of you is stunning. You look absolutely gorgeous in this Flapper inspired makeup. I know it’s not an everyday look, but it sure looks good on you. Kudos to your boyfriend!

  36. Die rode kleur staat je erg mooi ! En het resultaat van de mascara ziet er ook goed uit.

  37. WOWWWWW prachtig!!!!!!!! liefs inspiiredbylife

  38. I really like those red lips on you! It somehow reminds me of a sexy version of Snow White ;-)

  39. Ohh ik vind deze look echt super mooi en elegant! ;)
    Echt heel mooi gemaakt, en je hebt ook echt een coole blog!


  40. Wow! Wat een prachtige look heb je gecreëerd, echt oogverblindend :-)

  41. Such a phenomenal succes! The lipcolour is just stunning, envy is the word. Your lashes look very defined and long. How handy such a man who comes up with these ideas.

  42. Dat is gewoon prachtig!! Een verrassende look is dit en goed idee van Tom hoor!
    Je ziet er wauw uit,kan zo in een film van de 20’S! En die lippenstift staat je echt goed!

  43. See you can do dark lips. These aren’t super vampy but they are close! Baby steps to the dark side. MUUUHHHHAAAAWWWAAAAHHHHAAAWWWW!

  44. Wat een ontzettend mooie look heb je gemaakt! De rode lipstick vind ik je erg mooi staan en wat leuk ook dat je vriend met dit idee kwam!

  45. Love the lip colour! It looks great on you!

  46. Oehh, I love it! De rode lippenstift is toch wat feller en minder donker dan ik had verwacht, maar prachtig! Je wimpers zien er ook goed uit, misschien ga ik die mascara wel eens proberen.. als ik mijn huidige 3 opmaak.. enne, leuk idee van je vriend ^^

  47. Gorgeous! Love this look- especially the lipstick!


  48. What do you have to get used to?? You look like a doll, babe! And you’re boyfriend’s good, I mean really really good. I’m sure there are women out there who wouldn’t thought of the flapper look, I know I wouldn’t.:D

  49. Wat een supermooie look! Die rode lippenstift staat je hee goed!

  50. Ziet er super uit, ook de lipstick staat je heel mooi! Ik ben helemaal gek op de 20’s look.

  51. Oh very beautiful makeup!
    comment to me back to keep in touch!

  52. Oh helllooo, girl, you should be wearing that red ALL THE TIME. Such a great look! I love the inspiration and participation by your man ;)

  53. Good job to the boyfriend!!! And I like how you pulled off this look! :)

  54. Wauw, prachtig! Je staat geweldig met zo’n donkere lipsticks!

  55. Wow :-O You are beautiful! I like it :-)

  56. what a beautiful style, it looks beautiful on you

    xxx Anna
    Ps. I just renewed my blog!
    Come take a look

  57. Ik kan hier maar 1 ding over zeggen: echt prachtig!!
    Ik ga je volgen via bloglovin.
    liefs x

  58. Never tried these products, but the lipcolor looks so pretty on you!
    Love, Annelies

  59. This is such a fabulous look!

  60. Smart boyfriend and I love this look on you. Gorgeous!

  61. This is a lovely look. I love the lipstick color but I don’t like the look of dark lips on myself…

  62. J’adore la première photo !

  63. Wauwwwww… ik ben verliefd geworden op je full face foto. Mooi opgemaakt!

  64. That’s a stunning look :) I bought one of the lighter Pure Color Envy Lipsticks but wasn’t a fan of the texture as it had a tacky feel to it, the wear time was good though.

  65. This is definitely one of my favourite looks. The red lip looks gorgeous on you. I also wish I could do eye makeup like that. Love the 1920s inspiration.

  66. I always love a good rep lip! You look like a femme fatale with this look :)

  67. You look stunning with red lips and that lovely eye makeup! Love the lipstick and mascara! Kisses honey <3

  68. Heel mooi je ziet er schitterend uit! liefs x

  69. just stunning!!!! dark lipsticks really look amazing on you! xxx

  70. I don’t know why you think dark lips don’t suit you, this is a stricking look on you! I love those kind of colours, such a classic hold hollywood feel to it!

  71. Prachtig gedaan, in de roaring twenties hadden ze zo’n geweldige stijl.

  72. You look incredible!

  73. Wat een mooie look heb je hiermee gemaakt! Ik vind het mooi dat je je eigen draai aan de jaren ’20 hebt gegeven.

  74. Definitely gorgeous! And in love with the color of the lipstick, which by the way suits you really well :)

  75. Oh my look absolutely gorgeous with that lip color.. thank you so much for sharing the links with me :)

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