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Review | Treating female hair loss with anti-hair loss shampoo & anti-hair loss ampoules from Phyto

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I don’t know if other people do this too, but I sometimes fantasize about the things I’d change about my appearance if I had a magical beauty wand. One of the things I’d definitely wish for myself is a full head of thick and healthy hair. Seriously, I get green – and every other color of the rainbow for that matter – with envy when I see women with gorgeous thick hair. I, unfortunately, was born with very thin and fine hair. If I dare to touch it with too many styling products or styling tools I start to shed, and when I’m stressed out the hair loss gets even worse. I really freak out sometimes when I see the amount of hair that I leave behind in the shower drain and see the trail of hairs that I leave behind all over the house… Lucky for me I recently discovered two products from the French brand Phyto that were developed for women that suffer from hair loss. I immediately started using both products, and today I’m ready to pass my judgement.

Review (Treating female hair loss with Phyto anti-hair loss shampoo & anti-hair loss ampoules) (2)

Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo

The Phytocyane line from Phyto targets women that suffer from hair loss. The Densifying Treatment Shampoo from the line contains ginkgo biloba extract and vitamin B6 that activate cell metabolism, grape seed extract that neutralizes free radicals and protects the hair, and 40% cinchona bark extract that stimulates hair growth and has a revitalizing effect.

Review (Treating female hair loss with Phyto anti-hair loss shampoo & anti-hair loss ampoules) (3)

The Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo comes in a very simple aluminium bottle. The texture of the shampoo is very different from what I’m used to: it feels kind of slippery, it’s very runny and it’s not at all creamy. It’s also transparent and has a very refreshing scent. The instructions – yes, this shampoo comes with instructions, this is serious business – revealed that the shampoo has a water-based formula that is derived from coconut oil. So I guess that explains the interesting texture.

You use the Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo like a normal shampoo, but instead of rinsing it out immediately it’s better to leave it in for a few minutes. That way the ingredients have some time to work their magic. Do I step out of the shower with a full head of Hollywood hair after I use this shampoo? No. But my hair does feel very light and clean, and hair that’s so light immediately looks better. You probably wouldn’t see a difference if I showed you a before and after pic, but at least my hair feels better, and that’s a start. And I also get the impression that I shed a little less, and that already means a lot to me.

Phyto Phytociane Growth Stimulating Anti-Thinning Hair Treatment 

The new Phyto shampoo is just the first step in my anti-hair loss plan. It’s the infantry in my war against hair loss. But as soon as the infantry has done its job in the shower I bring out the big guns: the Phyto Phytociane Growth Stimulating Anti-Thinning Hair Treatment, an anti-hair loss treatment that has a clinically proven efficiency of 85%. In the box are 12 ampoules that contain ginkgo biloba extract and viburnum bark extract to promote cell metabolism and the production of keratin, grape seed extract to protect the hair, and vitamin B and silk protein to make the hair thicker and shinier. There’s also a tyrosine derivate in the formula that supposedly slows down the appearance of gray hair, which I guess is a nice little extra.

Review (Treating female hair loss with Phyto anti-hair loss shampoo & anti-hair loss ampoules) (4)

According to the instructions you can use the Phyto Phytociane Growth Stimulating Anti-Thinning Hair Treatment as an intensive treatment by using one ampoule three times a week every time you wash your hair, or as a way to maintain healthy hair by using an ampoule once a week. I went all out of course and decided to follow the intensive treatment. Every time I wash my hair I apply the Phyto Phytociane Growth Stimulating Anti-Thinning Hair Treatment on towel-dry hair. I just drizzle the liquid evenly all over my roots and scalp, and then gently massage it in.

Review (Treating female hair loss with Phyto anti-hair loss shampoo & anti-hair loss ampoules) (5)

To my relief the Phyto Phytociane Growth Stimulating Anti-Thinning Hair Treatment doesn’t make my already greasy hair even greasier. I don’t see or feel the product at all. So far I don’t have any new hair growth, but I do notice that I’ve been losing a bit less hair. And that is, like I said before, a great start!

Review (Treating female hair loss with Phyto anti-hair loss shampoo & anti-hair loss ampoules) (6)

Bottom line? So far it doesn’t look like I’ll wake up as a brunette version of Blake Lively any time soon. But I also don’t feel like I’m slowly morphing into Gollum anymore, and that’s a big relief!

Review (Treating female hair loss with Phyto anti-hair loss shampoo & anti-hair loss ampoules) (1)

 Looks like I’ll become neither of these two!

You can find the products from the Phyto Phytocyane line at the pharmacy. The Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo costs 17.40 CHF and the Phyto Phytociane Growth Stimulating Anti-Thinning Hair Treatment will set you back 64.90 CHF.

Do you sometimes suffer from hair loss? What are your experiences with anti-hair loss treatments?


  1. I’ve never tried any anti-hair loss treatments, but I’m sorry you have that issue/glad you’re finding that some things are helping! :-D

    I too have very fine hair that’s incredibly stretchy. There’s tons of it (sort of – not uniformly over my head I guess), but if I do anything unusual to it (straightening, dyeing, teasing, conditioning!) it pitches a fit and either plasters itself to my head or snaps off and the remainder bounces back into a twirly, coily, broken mess. I also leave a terrifying amount of hair behind me, so don’t worry, you’re not the only moulting parrot out there!

  2. I would love to have some more or better said thicker hair…but I’m sceptic.

  3. Ik heb al eens wat samples van Phyto getest en vond de shampoo’s erg fijn! Ik verlies vooral veel haren door stress, maar heb nog geen speciale behandeling ervoor geprobeerd, omdat het volgens mij niet echt helpt. Misschien zou ik deze eens moeten testen!

  4. Lijken me fijne producten! Ik heb ook niet echt een volle bos haar en vaak vind ik door het hele huis lange haren van mij die blijkbaar zijn uitgevallen :(

  5. bedankt voor de tip, ben net mijn zoektocht gestart naar dergelijke producten :) mijn haar valt al een tijdje serieus uit, ik herken het “doucheput” schrikgevoel :p

  6. Ik vertrouw dat soort producten nooit en ik herken alle haaruitval drama :(

  7. ik heb daar ook een tijdje last van gehad, vooral mn wenkbrauwen en wimpers zijn een beetje moeilijk maar daar helpt een shampoo natuurlijk niet voor hifi

    xxx Anna
    Ps. I just renewed my blog!
    Come take a look

  8. I have never tried a hair loss treatment, I have one of the lucky ones where I have born with extremely think hair… although I have been dealing with hair loss lately… most of it due to stress from not sleeping. All I can tell myself is that I am grateful I have thick hair to begin with… otherwise it would be catastrophic… Have a great rest of the week :)

  9. Zoiets heb ik nog nooit geprobeerd, ben heel benieuwd! Wat schrijf je toch altijd leuk :)

  10. I’d love to try this :) I also have thin, fine hair *sigh*

  11. Het lijkt me echt leuk om dit uit te proberen ook! Ik heb wel veel haar, maar dun haar.. dus dit zou ideaal zijn.

  12. Ik verlies ook heel veel haar, maar heb eigenlijk nog nooit iets geprobeerd om het tegen te gaan, Misschien dit maar eens gaan proberen!

  13. herkenbaar… De laatste maanden is het bij mij echt zo veel.. Zelfs mijn vriend vroeg of het wel gezond was.. dat er overal haren van mij liggen ;)
    Gelukkig heb ik wel heel veel haar, en is het niet onwijs dun.. Maar het is niet fijn!

  14. I think I might have to try this. My hair breaks and falls so much, I am surprised I have any of it left.

  15. Aww I’m so sorry to hear about the hair loss! Maybe a vitamin supplement might help? I’ve been using two Phyto products for a while now and I really like them! Will definitely want to explore the brand more.

  16. 5 jaar geleden had ik van dag op dag alopecia areata (je haar die in plukken uitvalt en grote kale vlekken achterlaat) door stress. Met de nodige medicatie,injecties en haarproducten is dat probleem van de baan al kan ik het ooit wel nog eens terugkrijgen…

    Sowieso is mijn haar een zwak punt, fijn en futloos..dus misschien kan ik deze wel eens uitproberen!

  17. if you can get hold of it the lee stafford ‘for hair that doesn’t grow past a certain length’ hair treatment & his hair growth shampoo & conditioner are amazing at stopping my hair shedding :) xx

  18. I know someone who suffers from alopecia (sp?), and I think she’s tried all the shampoos and conditioners, but I don’t know whether she’s tried this brand. Will try to give her heads up on Phyto. As for me, my problem has always been the dryness and split ends:( Sigh

  19. Ha! I am so in for this Bad Hair Lair club! :) I am very interested in this treatment since it’s helped reduce your shedding and it doesn’t make you fine hair feel greasy! My best friend since 9th grade has the thickest hair imaginable; her pony tail looks like 3 horse tails! Even though I find it envy-worthy, she always loves my wimpy hair because she says she wishes her hair was silkier! The grass is always greener, right?! I would love lush Hollywood hair, too!

  20. I also want a thicker hair. The problem with mine, besides it being limp and fine, is how resistant it is to styling, particularly when I want it curled.

    • Oh same here, my hair doesn’t hold curl at all! I braided my hair yesterday morning, spent the day in braids, slept in braids, and this morning after I took the braid out I had nice curls for about half an hour. And then they just slid out.

  21. If you’re worried about hair loss, have you ever gotten your blood tested? There are a lot of health problems that can show in hair loss, like iron deficit or problems with the thyroid gland, hormonal problems etc.

    • I’ve just seen you already have. I’d love to leave you a link to a hair loss infothread in a forum I’m a member of (, but I only have my cell to visit the internet up here in the mountains, so I can’t copy/paste the link. I’ll add it when I get home on sunday.

  22. This seems like a very high tech product! I personally have a lot of hair loss die to medical issues so I might look into this.

  23. Men get the majority of the attention for hair thinning, but it happens to women too. I really hope that you continue to see improvement with your hair care regimine.

  24. Ik heb bij periodes ook wel last van haarverlies, maar heb nog nooit zo’n middeltje gebruikt omdat la mama zegt dat het toch niet helpt ;-).

  25. Great review, doll! I love the Gollum/Blake comparison! Too funny. :) Phyto is a great brand.


  26. Hm, jammer dat je er niks van merkt want ik had het wel graag willen weten haha. Mijn haar is erg dun, valt uit en ik heb al zoveel grijze plukken… en ben nog zo jong *huilt* dus.. laat het zeker weten als je wél verschil ziet!

  27. Gollum? Haha. Too funny. I actually have very thick hair and I wish mine was thinner. Maybe we can trade? :)

  28. Great post!! Cuz I seriously feel like I lose hair on a daily basis lol

  29. That sounds really great! I hate hair loss too, not nice… I just replaced my total hair care with products from Phyto. I love the Jojoba and Keratine series, very good products.

  30. Helaas heb ik wel last van haaruitval maar heb ik nog nooit een product gevonden wat werkt. Misschien moet ik dit eens gaan proberen.

  31. Ik heb het persoonlijk niet nodig maar het ziet er wel super leuk uit, die flesjes.

  32. hahaha die laatste foto’s zijn weer super ;) Leuk dat het werkt!
    Ik heb vroeger vitamine B-complex pilletjes genomen tegen ‘t haarverlies, ik had dat door stress dus dat hielp wel.
    Maar ik heb al geen last meer van hevig haarverlies sinds het uit is met mijn vriendje.. dus eigenlijk was hij gewoon de oorzaak ;) haha, dit zal allicht niet gelden voor uw situatie :p

    • Oei, maar goed dat het dan gedaan is tussen jullie! Bij mij is het omgekeerd, mijn vriend helpt mij wat kalmer te zijn. Zonder hem zou ik waarschijnlijk al zo kaal als een biljartbal zijn ;-)

  33. Girl, I know your pain. I have an autoimmune disease that makes me loose my hair. Luckily I had blake Lively hair to begin with, but it’s thinning on top. Even with my medication. I may have to pick up some of the serum in France.

    • Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that, Erin :-( Is it something that can be treated? (I apologize if that’s a stupid question)

      • There are a few options but my health care will not cover it. They say hair loss in women is cosmetic. If I was a man, they’d cover the treatment!

      • What?! That is ridiculous. Have you tried minoxidil (rogaine) yet? It’s a life-long commitment and it’s usually prescribed to men, but there’s also a version for women and it really does work. My boyfriend uses it. It promotes new hair growth and stops hair loss. He’s been using it for a few years now, and a few weeks after he started using it he started growing new baby hairs that kept on growing and his thinning hair visibly got thicker again. The tricky part is that once you stop using it, all the new hair just falls out again. I know it sounds like I’m full of bs here, but it really does work for him.

  34. Wat fijn dat het wel de haaruitval minder maakt! Ik heb van mezelf behoorlijk dik haar, maar ik merk wel als ik in een periode zit dat ik veel stress heb, dat ik toch wel behoorlijk veel haren verlies.

  35. Ik heb soms wat las van haaruitval bij seizoenswissels maar gelukkig valt het altijd op te lossen met wat supplementen.

  36. I’m glad you found products that help you. Indian hair care is known to have remedies for hair loss. Maybe you can look into that as well.

  37. I never tried that product but looks very good~

  38. I wanna try this out. It seems like a great product to try out. I am experiencing hair loss nowadays and I am kinda concerned on the hair that falls every time I take a bath or comb my hair. Its very alarming. I have tried lots of hair loss shampoos and none of them seem to work. I hope this will help…

  39. Herkenbaar! Ik heb ook fijn en dun haar en ik baal daar soms ook van. Omdat ik krullen heb, lijkt het gelukkig alsof ik een flinke bos haar heb maar het valt echt tegen en ik heb ook last van haaruitval en zeker in combinatie met stress.. dus dit lijkt me fijn spul!

  40. Wat een interessante review! Ik kende de producten namelijk nog niet! Ik heb ook last van dun haar.

  41. Thanks for this review! I would like to test Phyto products…I saw more review about it and I’m curious to try it :-)

  42. Inderdaad een goede start! Gelukkig heb ik er niet zo heel erg last van!

  43. j’adore la marque phyto, j’ai la creme de nuit pour les cheveux et elle est très sympa

  44. I have not tried any hair loos treatment yet but I should.. having so much hair fall recently :(

  45. Under stress I experience some hairloss but to be real: winter can cause hairloss because of all the changes. Eating nuts helps for the reason that they contain zinc (which you can also find in those hairsupplements). Would have expected the shampoo to cost a lot more, but good that it works.

  46. I also loose hair when I’m stressed, so I think it’s normal, of course I also leave a trail of hair everywhere :/ Great you got to try the Phyto products, I have tried 2 and looooooooooooved them.

  47. That sounds really great!

  48. I used to lose quite some hair but somehow it’s better right now. I’ve never heard of these products but I’m glad you liked them!

  49. Zo toevallig! Ik ben net staaltjes van Phyto aan het testen uit de apotheek, en merk na een paar keer echt al een duidelijk verschil! Wel heb ik niet hetzelfde type haar als jou ;)

  50. I’ve fought hair loss for more than a decade now and it is getting worse and worse. This year, I’ve tried onion juice mask for two months with great results. However, not the nicest hair treatment… I have paired this with garlic shampoo. Again, I was astonished with the results. You need to give it a couple of months at least to start seeing anything positive though. Anyway, I work on a yacht and my shifts are long hours, sometimes I need to go out to talk to guests and having an onion wift following me is all but the less appealing.
    Recently, an angel came to my rescue and convinced me to try the Phyto Phytosiane Stimulating treatment. I am coupling this up with vitamins though, Priorin and a Zing, Magnesium and Iron supplement. I’ll give it three months and let you know the (happy) ending (hopefully).
    Keeping hope and a healthy lifestyle is also big deal for hair growth.
    Cheers to all the beautifuls!

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