Beauty and the geek | A make-up look inspired by fantasy water creatures

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In February Sylirael from The Painted Rogue and I worked together for the first time on a by games and fantasy inspired make-up look, and today we’re showing you the second look in our Beauty and the geek series. This month Syl and I picked a fantasy water creature theme. Let’s find out a bit more about the creatures that Sylirael and I used as inspiration!

My fantasy water creature look

Beauty and the geek (A make-up look inspired by fantasy water creatures) (1)

For this look I got my inspiration under water from the naga. Naga are sea creatures that are half human half sea serpent. Think scales, a tail and fins, but also a lot of human characteristics. A bit like Ariel the mermaid, but with a temper, an extra pair of arms and awesome magical powers. Naga colors are the colors that you typically see under water: lots of blue, green and purple. Using this underwater color palette as a starting point I got to work, and this is the result:

Beauty and the geek (A make-up look inspired by fantasy water creatures) (2)

Beauty and the geek (A make-up look inspired by fantasy water creatures) (3)

What do you think? I’m pretty happy with my naga look. I absolutely love green, blue and purple on the eyes, and I really enjoyed wearing this look. Yes, even with the blue eyebrows!

Sylirael’s fantasy water creature look

Syl also based her look on a humanoid sea creature. She got her inspiration from Prime Speaker Zegana, a Merfolk Wizard from the fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering. Zegana has a tough personality and her look is pretty fierce as well, and Sylirael translated that in a kick ass make-up look. Getting a little excited yet? Good! Click here to visit The Painted Rogue and check out Syl’s look!

What do you think of this month’s theme? Do you like the underwater colors that I used for my naga look?

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82 thoughts on “Beauty and the geek | A make-up look inspired by fantasy water creatures

  1. oehhh, gorgeous. je lijkt echt een soort vixen. echt een seducer. dit soort posts mag je wel vaker doen! Dit is een ontzettend geslaagde look.. die ook zo voor een sexy avondlook kan hoor. Edgy en sexy. Love it :)

  2. That’s a very cool idea to inspire yourself from a creature. I love the look. Great on the eyes and purple on the lips is one of my favorite bold combination!

  3. I love your eye makeup, looks so striking and very beautiful. It was great hearing from you…Happy Friday Dear!

    • Glad you like it, Tracy! The blue is from the Smashbox Electro Photo Op Trio, the green is MAC Humid, and the purple is an old Essence eyeshadow. I also used a liiiiitle bit of MAC Lucky Green in the inner corners of my eye.

  4. De kleuren op je ogenpassen heel mooi bij elkaar en staan je goed! Ik had nog nooit gehoord van zo’n naga, wel grappig dat het eigenlijk de slechte versie is van Ariel :)

    • For a ‘special’ look like this I definitely don’t mind venturing into the scary world of dark lippies. But I wouldn’t leave the house with it, I’m afraid… :-) At least not yet.

  5. This is so great and different! The colours together really work and the lips, well what more can be said. Oh and just like Ariel, but totally different =] (it looks a lot like the sea monsters in HP and the goblet of fire) and you just happen to have a cool role-play necklace lying around.

  6. Love! Vooral de wenkbrauwen. Ik snap niet hoe je zo prachtig kan staan met zo’n kleurtjes, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off! ;)
    xx Anine

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