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I’m sure you know about gluten-free diets, but did you know that there’s also such a thing as gluten-free lipstick? I’m not allergic or sensitive to gluten myself, but apparently 1 in 133 people are, often without even realizing it. So for those people gluten-free lipstick is a great choice, especially if you know that women ‘eat’ between 1.8 and 4 kilos of lipstick in their lifetime. Omnomnom… That’s why the people of the American brand Red Apple Lipstick don’t put any gluten in their lip products, as well as no parabens, lead, soy or animal parts. The Red Apple Lipstick philosophy is: no junk in our lipstick but just pure and safe ingredients, boosted with vitamin E! But how does such a ‘safe’ lipstick perform compared to regular lipstick? Let’s find out!

Review (Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly & Coral Crush) (1)

Review (Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly & Coral Crush) (2)

Red Apple Lipstick let me pick out two lipsticks from their online shop, so I went with Firefly (orange) and Coral Crush (coral). I picked Firefly to challenge myself a bit to step out of my color comfort zone, and I picked Coral Crush because, well… Because coral.

Review (Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly & Coral Crush) (3) Coral Crush (top) & Firefly (bottom)

Firefly is a bright orange shade with golden sparkle. I knew that the color would be flashy orange, but I didn’t really notice the golden shimmer in it when I saw it on the website, so that surprised me a little. I won’t lie, if it were up to me I would have just left the golden sparkle out. I know that it doesn’t really show in the product pictures and the swatches, but Firefly really is a booooold color, and that’s mainly because the golden shimmer is so obvious, especially when the light hits it. I definitely like the orange and I feel comfortable wearing Firefly mixed with lip balm to tone it down a bit, but on its own the color is just too bright and sparkly for me. But that’s just me. Very bold eye make-up? Sure! Very bold lipstick? Not my thing.

Review (Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly & Coral Crush) (4)Coral Crush (top) & Firefly (bottom)

Review (Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly & Coral Crush) (5)Firefly (left) & Coral Crush (right)

The second color that I picked is Coral Crush, a lovely coral pink shade. Coral Crush is Red Apple Lipstick’s best-selling lipstick, and I can totally see why. It’s such a gorgeous flattering shade! No wonder it’s sold out at the moment. As a coral lover I’m a bit biased of course, but come on, isn’t Coral Crush a beauty? The delicate color, the creamy texture, that gorgeous satin finish… Coral Crush really ticks all the right boxes. I’m in love!

Review (Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly & Coral Crush) (7) Firefly

Review (Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly & Coral Crush) (6) Coral Crush

Both lipsticks have a relatively creamy texture and the application is smooth and easy. The formula is very moisturizing, and even Firefly that felt just slightly gritty at first because of the golden sparkle really keeps my lips well hydrated, almost like a lip balm. Both colors wear very well without drying out or settling into lines, and they even survive a (for the occasion gluten-free) meal with ease.

Bottom line? Firefly might not be my kind of color, but Coral Crush is just pure perfection. Add a really cute tube and a formula that totally deserves an A rating to that, and you get a very happy Melissa!

The Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly** and Coral Crush** are available in the Red Apple Lipstick online store** for 23.50 dollar each.

Did you know Red Apple Lipstick already? Which of these two colors do you like best?

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73 thoughts on “Review | Red Apple Lipstick in Firefly & Coral Crush

  1. Dit klinkt wel heel goed! Ik vind het stiekem best een eng idee dat we zoveel lipstick opeten haha dus een “gezonde” variant lijkt me fijn ;) Coral Crush vind ik ook een erg mooie kleur :)
    Kirsty recently posted…De Casino look

  2. ik vind beide kleuren erg mooi hoor :D kan niet beoordelen of firefly je ook goed staat omdat ik the bigger picture niet zie.. maar.. vast wel ^^ en wat een leuke naam/serie is firefly ook :P ik vind het goed dat de lippenstift zo voedend en ‘goed’ voor je is. glutenvrij? tja, maakt voor mij weinig verschil.. want het zit toch maar op je lippen, toch? Goed, ik vind ze wel wat hebben en houd de site in de gaten :)
    Natasja recently posted…Beauty Swap | Preview

  3. Wow, coral crush looks gorgeous!
    I’m not a huge fan of glitter in lipsticks. I don’t like the feeling of it on my lips and sometimes I think the glitter lasts longer than the rest of the lipstick which is annoying… Firefly looks great on you though!
    Cheryl recently posted…Empties

  4. Een gezonder variant klinkt absoluut goed, tenslotte krijgen we veel lipproduct binnen. Orange lipsticks is in de mode maar ik zie mezelf er niet mee. De ander kleur vind ik wel mooi.

  5. Gluten free lipstick, the make-up industry keeps surprising me! Well gonna join the bunch and say Coral crush, but Firefly does seem to have that teeth whitening effect (not that you need any of that at all) and isn’t coral back in trend this summer?
    Jasmine recently posted…Wasabi coated green peas

  6. Sounds damn good! Ik had eerlijk gezegd verwacht dat ze wat matter zouden zijn en dekkender, maar op je lippen zijn ze superdekkend. Het ziet er goed uit, vooral Firefly. Die staat je ook mooi, ondanks dat je liever Coral Crush hebt.. Give it a try lady! :D

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