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Review | e.l.f. Nail Polish in Meadow Mist, Raspberry Sorbet, High Tide & Mambo Mauve

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It’s not a secret that I like e.l.f. make-up, but e.l.f. nail polish was something that I hadn’t tried yet. I say hadn’t, because earlier this month that changed, and today I’m telling you all about it!

Nail polish spotlight (e.l.f. Nail Polish in Meadow Mist, Raspberry Sorbet, High Tide & Mambo Mauve) (1)

I tried the e.l.f. Nail Polish in four new colors: Meadow Mist (taupe gray), Raspberry Sorbet (dark raspberry pink), High Tide (petroleum blue) and Mambo Mauve (plummy mauve). e.l.f. recently changed the formula of the e.l.f. Nail Polish and improved it so that the color now lasts even longer, and the formula doesn’t contain any tuolene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthalate and is enriched with vitamin E. So that means that the new and improved e.l.f. Nail Polish ensures long-lasting color and healthy nails, woop woop!

Nail polish spotlight (e.l.f. Nail Polish in Meadow Mist, Raspberry Sorbet, High Tide & Mambo Mauve) (2) Meadow Mist

The e.l.f. Nail Polish comes in a lovely sleek glass bottle that I really dig. The brush is very practical and the hairs are quite flexible which helps with the application. The only problem I have is with the cap. On two of the four bottles I need to twist the cap a lot further than it is supposed to go to make sure the bottle is sealed, and as a result of that the bottle and the cap aren’t nicely aligned anymore. For someone like me who’s slightly obsessed with order and symmetry that’s definitely a bit of an eye sore.

Nail polish spotlight (e.l.f. Nail Polish in Meadow Mist, Raspberry Sorbet, High Tide & Mambo Mauve) (3) Raspberry Sorbet

The coverage of the nail polish is really great and two coats are more than enough for a perfectly opaque result. And the longevity of the nail polish is okay as well, or at least for as far as I can tell. I’m not allowed to wear nail polish at work (major boo) but the e.l.f. Nail Polish easily makes it through the weekend without any chipping and with just very slight tip wear.

Nail polish spotlight (e.l.f. Nail Polish in Meadow Mist, Raspberry Sorbet, High Tide & Mambo Mauve) (4) High Tide

And the colors? They’re pretty cute. Elegant yet trendy. Not flashy but definitely not boring either. All four colors have a nice glossy finish, but I think Meadow Mist and High Tide also look great with a matte top coat. What do you think?

Nail polish spotlight (e.l.f. Nail Polish in Meadow Mist, Raspberry Sorbet, High Tide & Mambo Mauve) (5) Mambo Mauve

The e.l.f. Nail Polish in Meadow Mist, Raspberry Sorbet, High Tide and Mambo Mauve are available in the e.l.f. online store for 2.50 euro each.

Do you have any e.l.f. Nail Polish? Which of these four colors do you like best?


  1. Wauw, wat een prachtige kleuren. De tweede en derde zijn mijn favoriet! Zelf heb ik nog nooit cosmetica van ELF gehad, maar wil er snel ook eens producten van aanschaffen!
    Svenja recently posted…New in: mini’s uit de goodiebox van Aboutfashion

  2. Raspberry sorbet en mambo mauve vind ik het leukst:) Wat goed dat er nu geen schadelijke stoffen meer in de lakken zitten. Ik moet nog steeds eens bestellen bij elf.. X
    Yvonne recently posted…WIN: Beauty set van The Spa Collection

  3. Wat een leuke lakjes! Kan niet kiezen, denk de meadow mist & Mambo mauve
    Tjuly recently posted…Easy Look + Estee Paris eindoordeel

  4. Meadow Mist is interesting, but to be honest, Raspberry Sorbet might be the only color here I’m comfortable wearing LOL
    Sunny recently posted…Get into the Tropical Spirit with Sisley!

  5. De roze en donkerrode kleur zijn m’n favorieten :-) Ze zien er heel mooi uit op je nagels! Btw; heel bewonderlijk dat je naast je werk elke dag zo’n mooi artikel online kan zetten!

    Liefs, Annelies
    Annelies recently posted…Wishlist: high end foundations

  6. I find ELF very hit and miss but these look really cute!
    makeup monster recently posted…Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder: 6 months later and I still Can’t Make it Work

  7. Love love love Mambo Mauve, supertof kleurtje!
    Eline recently posted…H&M Blusher

  8. Een jaar of zo geleden heb ik eens een nagellaksetje van E.L.F. gekocht, maar ik was toen niet tevreden over de dekking en houdbaarheid. Het ziet er wel naar uit dat dit verbeterd is en de kleurtjes zijn ook mooi :-)
    Katia recently posted…Review: The Body Shop Vitamine E Overnight Serum-in-Oil

  9. De laatste kleur is gorgeous!
    Michaela recently posted…Achter de schermen #4

  10. Mambo mauve is echt een prachtige kleur !
    Redhotjillypeppers recently posted…Urban Decay All Nighter

  11. Wat zien ze er goed uit zeg! Fijn ook dat ze al met 2 laagjes dekken; ik had dat niet verwacht voor dat geld!
    Kirsty recently posted…Miners Complete Base Flawless Matte Face Powder

  12. wat een mooie lakjes!

  13. Really digging that Meadow Mist. I don’t think I’ve tried elf polishes before. They sure do look pretty:)
    Emmy recently posted…Peekaboo

  14. Meadow Mist is pretty! Maar ik vind het wel meer winterkleuren dan voor de lente.
    Karen recently posted…ANNA + NINA

  15. Mooie kleurtjes! Vooral Raspberry sorbet is helemaal mijn ding.
    Sanne MakeupGorgeous recently posted…Filmpje: stashflash maart # Parfum

  16. Ziet er zeker goed uit! Ik vind de donkerblauwe en de paarse het mooist! <3 Helemaal niet duur voor deze kwaliteit :D
    Kim recently posted…Done already?

  17. rasperry sorbet is my favourite, I just love pink shades!
    Raphaela recently posted…Grau und Apricot: 2 Farben, 3 Outfits

  18. Wat een leuke kleurtjes allemaal! Vooral Meadow Mist is wel echt mijn favoriet. Ik heb zelf nog geen lakjes van ELF geprobeerd, maar ik wil wel eens een keer naar een aantal producten gaan kijken.
    Lies recently posted…Miss Sporty Crush On You 3D Texture nagellak 063

  19. These look really pretty. I love meadow mist.
    Simera recently posted…elf Studio Blush in Fuchsia Fusion – Review, Pictures & Swatches

  20. I’m glad they changed their ingredients, because I don’t buy nail polishes with formaldehyde.

    I like all of the shades that you reviewed. Especially high tide.

  21. Raspberry sorbet has to be my favorite. ELF one are so affordable and good quality! :) Your nails are so well groomed and pretty, melissa ! x
    Chaitra @ PinkPot recently posted…WITH LOVE, A SWEET TARTE GIVEAWAY!

  22. Ben onder de indruk van meadoe mist
    Cindy H recently posted…Make it simple

  23. Ik vind dat eerste kleurtje heel mooi. Zo mooi mat :)
    Jana recently posted…Clinique – Superdefense SPF 20

  24. Mooie swatches vooral Meadow Mist vind ik super mooi!
    Deb recently posted…Galaxy effect nails

  25. I love all shades but the Raspberry Sorbet and high Tide is my most favorite! All shades look pretty on your nails <3 Hope you have a great day <3 Kisses <3

  26. Wat een leuke lakjes!
    Kelly recently posted…Coloured Candy Bracelets.

  27. I like all the nail paints shades :D pretty notds xo
    Gowthami recently posted…New! Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balms | Price & Details

  28. I have never used E.L.F., I do love that color high tide, I love different and interesting colors… it looks like a quality nail polish :)
    Launna recently posted…Changing My Path To Change My Future

  29. Do they have a matte or semi matte finish?
    Erin recently posted…Altos Del Plata 2011 Malbec Review

  30. Wow prachtige productjes!
    Vooral Meadow Mist and High Tide vind ik echt prachtkleurtjes
    al weet ik niet of dat is omdat ik vooral die matte finish leuk vind ;)
    Karlien – Polished Cats recently posted…New: Make up & Accessories

  31. oehh ik vind ze allemaal leuk :D en ik vind ze toch het leukst met een matte topcoat!!
    Natasja recently posted…Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow

  32. Mambo Mauve and Meadow Mist look very pretty!
    gio recently posted…QOTW: What’s Your Favourite Drugstore Beauty Brand?

  33. Raspberry sorbet en mambo mauve zijn echt prachtig!!

    X Sara
    Sara – Window On My Wardrobe recently posted…Home Town Glory : All Black & Fuchsia Blazer

  34. Les couleurs sont magnifiques !

  35. Oh my! Ik vind de twee laatste kleurtjes erg mooi, en vooral met dat matte eroverheen! 2 in 1 pretty en cheap :D
    Kayleigh recently posted…Beauty | Urban Decay Naked 2 palette dupe

  36. De frambozenkleur zou ik voor mij kiezen maar de anderen zijn ook heel mooi!

  37. I’ve been thinking about getting of few things from elf, because it’s so cheap!! I can’t believe those nail polishes are only 2,50.
    I heard that their HD blushes are really good too :)
    writtenbysuzanne recently posted…Spring outfit of the day

  38. Mambo Mauve without a doubt! Did not expect that they would look this good.
    Jasmine recently posted…Het studentenleven #3 : lezingen en leren

  39. OOH I like Meadow mist! I’m planning to visit US sometime in the next couple months and try some ELF products!
    Whitney recently posted…Outfit of the Day: Pops of Blue ft FRAAS Scarf

  40. grey + matte = LOVE :D I’ve never tried their polishes but they look great!

  41. I like how richly dark these hues are, they are all lovely but surprisingly the blue high tide stands out most to me. I enjoyed reading your opinion on my last post. Happy Friday Dear!
    Sam @ Frills & Thrills recently posted…A Few Good Life Rules

  42. These colors are very pretty and unique :)
    Pinks recently posted…Pixi Flawless and Poreless Beauty Primer (Swatch + Review)

  43. Erg mooie finish hebben deze lakjes! Nog nooit besteld via elf… Misschien toch maar eens doen ;)

  44. Mooie kleuren voor een leuke budget prijs :) x

  45. Girl’s got some nail polish SKILLS! :-D Meadow Mist is really lovely on you, I think! I’m on a bit of a grey polish kick at the moment, despite the fact that I don’t own any myself :-P So thanks for showing me a nice one! :-)
    Sylirael recently posted…The Search for The Holy (Foundation) Grail Part 3: YSL Touche Éclat Iluminating Pen in #1 Luminous Radiance

  46. wat een leuk prijsje…
    Die grijs zilveren ♥ die is mooooi

  47. Die blauwe kleur is écht prachtig met topcoat!
    Lyana recently posted…JEWELLERY | Lobogato Favorieten s/s 2014

  48. I’ve not tried anything from this brand yet but I really should, love the look of Meadow Mist x
    Replica recently posted…Burberry Lip Mist Lipstick in Rosewood

  49. Meadow mist has to be my favourite, loving the matte finish.

    It’s the shame that the cap doesn’t fit properly, I hate that as well where you have to keep twisting and twisting for god knows how long
    Naaj Rona recently posted…Thanksgiving Friday

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