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Personal | Off to Japan! + international giveaway

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Those of you who read yesterday’s blog post already know that tomorrow morning my boyfriend and I are going to Japan. I’ve been struggling to focus all week, but today my excitement is really off the charts! I mean… JAPAN! I’m sooooooooo excited, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I look forward to this trip!

Personal (Off to Japan! + international giveaway) (2)
Me & the bride-to-be whose wedding we’re going to Japan for

Things will get a little quiet here on the blog while I’m gone, but as soon as I get back I’ll tell you all about our trip. And to make up for going away for so long I’ve decided to organize a special giveaway during my absence. When the giveaway is coming online is a secret and I can’t tell you what the prize is either (hint: Asian make-up & beauty) but in the next few days or weeks I will publish a blog post with a question. You have to send the answer to that question together with your name and address to, and if you’re one of the first three people to send me the correct answer you win one of the three beauty bags that I’m giving away. So you’ll have to be quick, and it’s probably a good idea to follow Kiss & Make-up on Bloglovin, Facebook or via email subscription to make sure you don’t miss the giveaway. The giveaway is open internationally, and as soon as I get back from Japan at the end of this month I’ll announce the winners. Good luck!

Personal (Off to Japan! + international giveaway) (1)
For now these Swiss cherry blossoms will have to do, but after tomorrow I’ll get to see the real deal!

Alright, time to go. I’m going to miss you guys! Be good while I’m gone, and I’ll see you in three weeks. Sayonara!



  1. Heeeeel veel plezier <3 Lekker van genieten!

  2. Hi Melissa, I won’t join your giveaway because I’ve easy access to Asian makeup and skincare. Have a great time at your friend’s wedding and the cherry blossoms in Tokyo have bloomed and the whole city has transformed into a stunning pink landscape.

  3. Wow, I’m jealous! Have a great trip and enjoy your stay in Japan :-)

  4. Heel erg veel plezier!
    Tot snel!

  5. wauw Japan gaaf zeg! Ik wens je heel veel plezier. Ben erg benieuwd naar de ‘echte’ Cherryblossoms, zou ze ook graag eens in het echt zien. Have fun ^^

  6. Have fun Melissa! And thank you already for doing the giveaway you planned to do!
    Love, Annelies

  7. Zalig!! Have fun, Melissa! :-)

  8. Have a blast in Japan!! =D

  9. Super cool! Heel veel plezier daarginder, geniet ervan en doe zoveel mogelijk indrukken op! Have fun!

  10. Oh what a fab trip, enjoy!

  11. Heel veel plezier in Japan! Supergaaf dat je daar heen gaat zeg! :D

  12. Have and amazing fun trip… enjoy every moment… take pictures when you can :)

  13. heel veel plezier babe


  14. OOO wat leuk dat je naar Japan gaat! Geniet er van!

  15. I want to visit Japan so badly! Have fun and enjoy your stay! I’m excited to see your pictures when you get back! =)

  16. What a mysterious and fun giveaway! Looking foward to it.

    Enjoy you trip, I’m sure it’s going to be fun!

  17. Oooh soooo cool! Save travels and enjoy!

  18. Wooooohhhooow Japan!!! Leuk zeg! Enjoy!!!!

  19. Oh I’m so jealous! I love Japan, been there twice and want to go again! Have fun and enjoy the great food!

  20. Super gaaf!! Heel veel plezier daar :)!

  21. Geniet ervan in Japan, je verdient het na alle stress op je werk! Veilige vlucht en tot binnen 3 weken :-)

  22. Een goede reis en geniet er van. En uiteraard een veilig terugkeer!

  23. WAAAAAAT have fun!!! That’s so freaking exciting! :D

  24. oh wauw, japan! Lijkt me geweldig om daar naartoe te gaan. Heel veel plezier alvast en ik kijk uit naar een verslag :)
    Oh en ik ben superbenieuwd naar de winactie :)

  25. Have fun, Melissa! It sounds like it’s going to be a GREAT trip! xx

  26. have fun! <3 I wish I can go there soon!

  27. I can totally understand your excitement. I would love to travel to Japan. I hope you enjoy your trip to fullest and have a safe trip too.

  28. I am so excited for you! I hear so many amazing things about shopping in Japan and how beautifully they wrap purchases! I can’t wait to see everything you buy. I know you will pick up some incredible skincare and makeup goodies.

    Have fun!

  29. Wat gaaf! Geniet er van and make fun!

  30. Heel veel plezier daar! Och zo jaloers hé
    Leuke vorm van een wedstrijd! Eens iets anders


  31. Ik wil ook mee!!

  32. Heeel veel plezier! Geniet ervan :D. Ik ben in ieder geval jaloers, haha!

  33. Have a great trip! I’ve never been – it’s on our list of places to visit!

  34. veel plezier :) ik ben benieuwd naar je japanse avonturen!

  35. Yay! Have fun in Japan! I LOVE Japan, I’ve been there 4 times and I want to go back lol I wish you lots of fun shopping, eating good food and visiting!

  36. Weddings are always fun. I hope you’ll have a lovely time in Japan.

  37. Heel veel plezier <3 Japan lijkt me echt zo een tof vakantieland!

  38. Heel veel plezier !!

  39. How exciting! I hope you get to see Cherry Blossoms everywhere you turn!

  40. Yay!! I hope you have so much fun, and the wedding will be wonderful, I’m sure :-) You totally deserve a fun break after all you’ve been putting up with recently at work!

  41. That is such a great land to visit! Well it always seems very beautiful in documentaries en photos! And all the new products you can discover their, hah!

  42. Waf gaaf, veel plezier op reis en alvast veel geluk voor het bruidspaar! X

  43. Oh ik ben ZO jaloers, have fun!!

  44. have fun on your trip! cant wait to see the recap. xx. gigi.

  45. I’m so jealous you get to go to Japan it’s somewhere I’d love to visit :-)

  46. Wow! Have fun!! Really excited aout your giveaway :)

  47. Woot! Yay! Fantastique!!! Bon voyage, have a safe trip et beaucoup the plaisir!!! xoxo

  48. Smuggle me in your luggage, I’m small enough!

  49. Woow Japan, wat gaaf! Oh kan je vast goed nagellak shoppen zeg ;-) Heel veel plezier meis!

  50. Lovely post!
    Have a great day!

  51. Ganz viel Spass auf deiner Reise :-)

  52. Wow ik ben echt jaloers! Zalig dat je naar Japan gaat! Veel plezier!!
    xx Groetjes

  53. Hi dear, thank you greatly for your last comment. Wishing you a wonderful and fun-filled trip, enjoy the function and hope to see lots of photos!

  54. Wow, Japan! I wish you a lot of fun over there, I hope I can go to Japan one day too! Looking forward to see some pictures :)

  55. fijne vakantie, geniet ervan!

  56. How exciting! Have fun!

  57. ooooh kei tof!!! Lijkt me kei leuk! Veel plezier!

  58. How exciting!!! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful pictures.
    Have fun an be good :) haha

  59. Heel veel plezier!!
    Snap het te kort aan concentratie helemaal! Ik ga volgende maand een paar dagen naar Tokio en zit nu al regelmatig te stuiteren.

  60. Super leuk! Ontzettend veel plezier en geniet ervan! X

  61. Cool. Enjoy your stay there. :)

  62. Geniet ervan! Lijkt me onwijs gaaf en onvergetelijk!
    En heel leuke giveaway die je gepland hebt! :-)

  63. Je suis ravie et excitée pour toi !!!!! Profite et raconte nous tout !!!

  64. have a happy trip! sure it’ll be unforgettable :-)

  65. Have fun on your trip!!!!

  66. You’re going to Japan??? For three weeks???? Ok, I’m jealous as f*ck, Japan’s been on my to do list since the day I was born probably. Have fun, babe, and I wish you lots and lots of new and crazy experiences. And I must say that your giveaway is pretty clever.;) I never participate in any of them but I’m very very VERY curious about the question. I’ll just have to wait and see.:)

  67. Wat superleuk! Heel erg veel plezier!!

  68. Whoa, Japan! I envy you right now. There are so many beauty brands I would love to buy there. RMK, Jill Stuart, Kate by Kanebo, MAQUillage, Lavshuca, and Lunasol to name a few. I’m going to wish you luck in your choices and hope you won’t lose your mind in the process because I probably will if I was in your position. Oh, and take lots of photos will you? ;)

  69. Oh man, I know I won’t be fast enough to win this giveaway LOL!! But I’ll try anyway ;) I’m so excited for you because I’ve only been to the Bahamas. I loved the Bahamas, but I’m dying to travel elsewhere outside of my country! Enjoy your trip and I can’t wait to see pictures and read about it.

  70. Hi Melissa!
    Wow, how exciting for you…Japan!! I hope you have a wonderful trip. I know you will.

    For some reason I haven’t been receiving your posts in my email inbox. I’ve tried several times to re-enter the info but nothing. I’m sorry. I really enjoy your blog.

  71. Hey have fun! I love the food! It s so fresh! I am so excited what nice products you will bring with.

  72. Heel veel plezier! MOoie fotos al!

  73. wow! Japan! I hope you had an amazing time! It sounds amazing…

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