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Review | Veet Cold Wax Strips with Easy Grip & Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Underarms

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If there’s one beauty chore that I really hate it’s shaving. That I need to tweeze my eyebrows every morning, okay, fine, but shaving my legs and bikini line every couple of days? Ugh… Every time I try to find an excuse to get out of it. ‘Do I haaaaaave to?’ No, I don’t have to do anything, but for myself, my boyfriend and everyone else who gets to see my legs it’s nicer if they’re smooth and soft. Normally I just shave my legs, underarms and bikini line, but when I left for Japan at the beginning of this month I wanted to try something more permanent. Enter the Veet Kaltwachsstreifen mit Easy Grip (in English the Veet Cold Wax Strips with Easy Grip) and the Veet Bikini & Achseln Haarentfernungscreme (in English the Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Underarms). I let the hair on my legs and in my bikini area grow freely for two weeks – not exactly the two most sexy weeks of my life – and the day before we took off I used the cold wax strips and the hair removal cream. That was three weeks ago. Now let’s find out how long the two products kept my bikini area and legs nice and smooth!

Review (Veet Cold Wax Strips with Easy Grip & Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Underarms) (1)

Veet Cold Wax Strips with Easy Grip

One box of Veet Cold Wax Strips contains ten individual packets that each hold two wax strips, and four perfect finish wipes. To make the whole waxing experience a bit more pleasant Veet enriched the wax strips with moisturizing shea butter and they also added a lovely sweet berry smell. The Veet Cold Wax Strips can be used on hairs as short as 1.5 mm and can be used on the legs as well as on the rest of the body, except for the face and sensitive areas.

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The directions are simple: rub a packet of wax strips between your hands to warm it up, peel the two strips apart using the Easy Grip system, press them on your legs, aaaaaaaaand pull! There’s no room for hesitation though, because the harder and quicker you pull, the more hair you’ll remove. And you just repeat this process until you’ve completely waxed both legs. Or at least that’s the idea. And then when you’re done you use a perfect finish wipe to remove any remaining bits of wax and to soften your skin a bit.

Review (Veet Cold Wax Strips with Easy Grip & Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Underarms) (3)

So that’s what the Veet Cold Wax Strips are like on paper. But what was my actual experience with them? One thing is for sure: the whole process didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would, so don’t be afraid of the pain. That said, shaving is a lot faster than waxing. It took me half an hour and all twenty (!) strips to remove the hair on both my legs. So this is not a quick or cheap hair removal solution. Then again, normally I have to shave every three days or so to keep my legs smooth, so if the Veet Cold Wax Strips keep my legs hair-free for a few weeks they could be worth the time, the effort and the money. But do they? The Veet Cold Wax Strips kept my legs smooth for about a week, but then I started feeling stubble again. Hair-free legs for a whole week is not bad and so I wasn’t completely disappointed, but I wasn’t exactly blown away by the results either. In the end I think I’ll just go back to shaving.

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Underarms

The Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits contains aloe vera and vitamin E and was developed for the sensitive skin under the arms and in the bikini area. I decided to use the Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits on my bikini line. Shaving that area always results in irritated skin and unsightly bumps – real sexy, a vajayjay that’s as red as a tomato and feels like braille paper – so I hoped that with the Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits I could avoid that. The cream claims to keep the skin smooth double as long as a razor, which in my case would mean a day or five.

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Review (Veet Cold Wax Strips with Easy Grip & Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Underarms) (5)

The Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits comes in a squeeze tube with a smooth round applicator head that is very precise and easy to use. You just apply a thin layer of cream straight onto the area that you want to remove the hair from and then let the product work its magic. After approximately five minutes (ten max) you remove the cream – hair included – using the spatula that comes with the product and you thoroughly rinse the area with water.

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Review (Veet Cold Wax Strips with Easy Grip & Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Underarms) (7)

Sounds easy enough, right? It is. The hair removal process is really easy peasy. It’s quick, painless, and very efficient. All the hair gets removed and the result is nice and smooth. But the question is of course how long it all stays smooth like that. Well, I have good news, because when I use the Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits the hair really stays away a lot longer than when I shave. Everything down there stayed nice and smooth for about a week until I had to use the Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits again. And since the bikini line is such a small and easy-to-treat area I think that doing maintenance once a week is very reasonable. With the Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits my skin also feels a lot smoother and softer than when I shave, and there’s no more skin irritation or itchiness whatsoever. Yep, the Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits is definitely a keeper!

The Veet Cold Wax Strips with Easy Grip and the Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits are available at the supermarket or drugstore for 10.90 CHF and 9.90 CHF.

How do you remove the hair on your legs and bikini line? Do you use Veet products?

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  1. Ik heb ook ooit eens Veet voor mijn benen gebruikt. Wat een drama! Vooraf je beenharen laten groeien, iekk! Maar, bij mij werkte het helemaal niet. Sommige haartjes werden er wel uitgetrokken en andere haartjes niet. En, ook ik kreeg snel last van stoppels. Voor de bikinilijn heb ik echter nog nooit gebruikt. Klinkt veelbelovend. Al moet ik eerlijk toegeven dat ik 5 – 10 min. laten intrekken erg lang vind…Fijne review!

  2. Ik heb Veet voor het gezicht en dat vind ik al super fijn!

  3. Ik gebruik ook bijna echt altijd de harsstrips van veet!

  4. De veet crème lijkt me wel fijn! De strips klinken wat minder, meh. Ik wil in ieder geval wel eens wat anders proberen dan een scheermesje!

  5. I used to use Veet a lot in high school but I didn’t really have the patience after awhile so I switched to shaving. These two do sound good, but I’m just so lazy! :D

  6. I always use the Veet Cold Wax Strips for bikini&underarms. It can be a little painful but it works. I tried the ones for my legs as well but after I’ve waxed my legs over quite a while, the strips don’t remove the hair anymore, because it’s too thin. I also think that the Cold Wax Strips from “I am” (as far as I know only available in Switzerland) are better than the Veet ones and they’re cheaper.

  7. I hardly have any hair on my legs so an epilator works well for me (I remember it didn’t work that great for you) but wow I’m surprised by the results you got with the depilatory! How long do you have to keep it on?

  8. Hey Melissa, OK this is like one of the areas that I don’t know a lot about. I have virtually no hair to shave on my legs… SORRY (but then again, I have no eyebrow either so I guess that’s fair)! I have this electric thing that I use for my underarm. It plucks hair out instead of just shaving it off, so the result lasts for longer. I go to a salon occasionally for the bikini area, but I might give this one a go because it sounds more convenient!

    • I apologize if this is too intrusive, but do you mind me asking how you keep things smooth down there in between bikini waxes? I assume you don’t go to the salon every two weeks.

  9. Die crème wil ik ook wel graag eens proberen :) Klinkt goed!

  10. Ik epileer mijn benen en bikinilijn altijd, pijnlijk maar het haar blijft echt lang weg! En na een tijdje komt er ook minder terug. Mijn oksels scheer ik altijd, maar ik heb wel altijd last van geirriteerde oksels dus ik denk dat ik de Veet Hair Removal Cream for Bikini & Armpits eens ga proberen ;)

  11. I keep the waxing strips handy for emergency :)

  12. I have been using veet for a long, long, time. I occasionally try other products but always go back to my favorite.

  13. The hair removal cream actually sounds interesting.

  14. I just shave errthang, but I like that this kept your bikini area smooth for a week. That’s pretty good, and seems very reasonable for the amount of work put in. I might have to give this a try! The legs, tho – I will stick to shaving. Ever since I found the Schick Intuition a few years ago, shaving has been SO much simpler. The razor is surrounded by a conditioning bar that makes shaving gel/foam totally unnecessary. You just grab the razor in the shower and shave, no need to apply something to your legs first. It’s one of the best time-saving products I’ve used in years!

  15. Ik ben te lui voor waxen, maar die crème lijkt me ideaal. Zelf wax ik alleen mijn “snor” en wenkbrauwen.

  16. I am very scared to use these strips by myself, i alwayz go to parlour for wax:(

  17. As much as I like the veet wax stripes I am super scared of the bikini cream . Allergies n all! Scary.
    Great review dear .

  18. Heel fijne review, die crème lijkt wel interessant!

    Sarah x

  19. I’ve always been a bit afraid of using veet ‘down there’ but now I will try it thanks to this review! I’ll pass on those wax strips too!

  20. The cream sounds a lot easier to use. I tried waxing my own legs once but it was a nightmare, lol. It was tough to get the residual wax off and it was uneven when I was done. I have to go to a salon for leg waxing now.

    I will look for the cream in stores. Thanks for the review!

  21. I tried veet before and I loved the results. I’m also like you and I’m quite lazy when it comes to hair removal so I always postpone!

  22. I unfortunately am only able to wax my brows or shave. My skin is way too sensitive to hair removal creams. I am glad it works for you, that is awesome.

    I hope Easter was wonderful and thank you so much for your comment… forgiving people is not easy for me, I just know for me to progress, I have to …

  23. Happy Easter! Hope you’re enjoying some good chocolate! :)
    Well, I used to shave when I was a teen, then I tried the gels and creams and those were horrible experiences, they left my skin feeling sore and red and had huge bumps for days. It was really painful. Then I tried waxing and that’s been my deal for years. I use two types of Veet waxes, but I am getting an epilator soon so I’ll see what happens :)

  24. I have been waxing for many years. I always use wax at home to do it. I love using Hard Wax it really is a lot less painful. I haven’t tried this product as of yet.

  25. I know you say it’s less painful, but I’ll stick to shaving, thanks. Just call me a wimp!

  26. Oke, je hebt me overtuigd, ik ga die veet ontharingscrème halen! ;)
    Liefs, Annelies

  27. Did you ever use it on your underarms?

  28. ik ben echt fan van die creme….
    de wax moet ik eigenlijk eens proberen,al dat haar ik vind t maar niets

  29. Ik heb nog nooit zo een crème gebruikt. Een koude wasstrip wel en dat was echt niets voor mij! Als ik wax gebruik ik steeds warme wax :-) Of de epilator. Enige probleem is dat ik nu heel erg veel last aan het krijgen ben met ingroeiende haartjes en heb gene idee wat ik eraan kan doen…

  30. I have tried these. They work great. Nice review sweets.

  31. Interesting we’ve never tried veet. Seen so many ads but just never decided to try them out. Thanks for the info.

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