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Beauty and the geek | A shadowy rogue look in black and red

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It’s time for another Beauty and the geek article, woop woop! This month Sylirael and I picked a rogue theme. For those of you who aren’t in touch with their inner nerd, rogues are a bit like assassins or ninjas. They’re sneaky, stealthy and they’re the masters of hide and seek. They hide in the shadows and patiently wait for the right time to sneak up on their prey and finish it with a silent, deadly attack. A talented rogue has his poison-soaked dagger against his victim’s throat long before they’ve even realized they aren’t alone. *SLASH* And before their body hits the ground the rogue will have vanished again, back into the shadows…

Beauty and the geek (A shadowy rogue look in black and red) (3)
source: Starweaver @ Deviantart

My rogue look

Beauty and the geek (A shadowy rogue look in black and red) (1)

I based my look on my favorite rogue armor set from World of Warcraft, the Bloodfang set. Bloodfang armor puts rogues from head to toe in black, with a few blood red accents here and there. Using those two colors I created a smokey eye look. No bold lips or colorful details this time – rogues are all about subtlety – but just deep black eyeshadow with a smokey red gradient effect. Discreet yet piercing, just like a rogue’s blade, this eye look is perfect for quietly sneaking up on a target and giving them one last cold-blooded look before putting a dagger through their heart.

Beauty and the geek (A shadowy rogue look in black and red) (2)

Sylirael’s rogue look

Sylirael is treating you to two looks again this month! The first one is a wearable modern rogue look, and the second one is a bit more extreme and is based on the characters from Thief 4, a game where you play a stealthy master thief. What are you waiting for, grab your cloak and dash over to The Painted Rogue blog to check out Syl’s looks!

What do you think of this month’s theme? Would you make a good rogue?

Update: Sylirael turned out to do just one look in the end, but it sure looks awesome!


  1. Love it! You have such great skills :-D Hm, I clearly forgot that I was intending to do a wearable version of my look as well as the dramatic one >.< sorry! I just enjoyed the drama so much! Fortunately, your look is chic and wearable, as well as channeling the essence of a rogue!

    • Glad you like it, Syl! I added a little update and mentioned now that you only posted one (kick-ass) look.

  2. Wauw, echt een super gave look! Love it!

  3. OOO this is cool! I like your dark smokey eye! Definitely very rogue-ish!

  4. Wat een gave look! Bij jou staan smokey eyes zoo mooi!

  5. I really like this smoky eye look… your eyes are beautiful as always :)

    I don’t know anything about the characters from The World of Warcraft (I should know more since I dated a younger guy for a while and he was hooked on this game…)

    Have a really great day and week ahead ♥

  6. Totally rocked the look! I too believe I would make a good rouge look :D

  7. wow! talented! just love this makeup look <3

  8. OMG!! I’m a fan of your beautiful eyes <3 . I love smoky eyes :)

  9. Love the eye makeup dear, whoooo <3

  10. Ik vind deze smokey look zo mooi! Wil hem zeker eens proberen! Hij staat je ook heel erg leuk :-)

  11. Wauw, je ogen springen er echt wel uit. Mooie look!

  12. Your eye makeup is beautiful!

  13. Oh wat ben jij mooi en wat staat je deze look prachtig!

  14. Wat een prachtige ogen!!!

  15. This look is hot on you, Melissa. Rogues are too cool. Who doesn’t want to be a rogue? Seriously. Syl’s panda eye is pretty fab too:)

  16. I love your collaborations with Syl! This one is stunning. So rogueish, but I know you can also wear it out on the town tonight. Happy hunting!

  17. This is such a great sultry look. Dark eyes suit you so nicely.

  18. Prachtige look en je ogen zijn echt wauw!

  19. You nailed it.. again! Wat een prachtige look en ik blijf jaloers op jouw brows ;-)

  20. Je hebt echt prachtige ogen. Onwijs mooie look ook. X

  21. Suuupermooie smokey eye! Ik wou dat ik dat ook zo goed kon :D

  22. Love this! Looks great.=)

  23. Gave look zeg…staat je ook zo goed. Wat ooglooks betreft kun je echt veel hebben. Ben fan!

  24. Prachtige look! Je ogen springen er echt heel mooi uit! Ik vind het hele rogue idee ook wel heel tof :)

  25. I love it! It’s very cool and sultry!

  26. Gorgeous eyes! :D I love playing the rogue persona…I usually start as a mage or something, but I always create an alt with a rogue.

  27. Your eyes are so fantastic!

  28. You are definitely the smokey queen and it suits you really well!

    I had no idea what a rogue was, I’m not this type of geek, I’m more the type of geek that studied latin and ancient greek in the university for fun.

    • Kiss & Make-up

      April 23, 2014 at 3:21 pm

      Aw, thank you so much, Judith! And lol, that’s a good type of geek too, geeks don’t discriminate!

  29. Ohhh! I’d love to see the full eye make up there :) Black and red – always so tricky to pull off but you did such a great job with it!

  30. This looks amazing! It coordinates so well: smoky stuff, eye colour, hair colour… Super rogueish. Love the face-scarf look, too. :D

    You and Syl inspired this ranger to dig up some darker colours and try it out!

  31. Wow, how beautiful. What a great collaboration, I will check out Syl’s look right away.

  32. Ik vind het echt prachtig! Ik moet deze ooglook eens proberen na te maken :D

  33. How awesome is this! I love the hint of red to blend it out.

  34. I loved that Armor set too! I don’t play anymore though, I have waaay to much to do in life and not enough money to spend on something I may only play once or twice a month!

  35. Loved the look. Fabulous !!

  36. super gaaf en het rode in je ogen ziet er onwijs mooi uit.. maar van mij had het wel nog wat intenser gemogen.. :D want.. dat is nóg cooler ^^

  37. Beauty and the geek article, what a cool idea, babe, I frigging LOVE it. And the shots are gorgeous, you look like a badass sexy ninja, I mean rogue.:)

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