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Review | Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea eau de toilette

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Kiehl’s recently launched a new Aromatic Blends line called Vetiver & Black Tea, and when I got the chance to try the eau de toilette from the line I was very excited. And very intrigued as well, because I really had no idea what to expect from these two interesting ingredients!

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The Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea eau de toilette comes in a simple yet gorgeous glass bottle with raised print and a lovely retro vibe. Beautiful! Kiehl’s clearly stays true to its old roots – the brand has been around for more than 150 years – and I for one think that’s fantastic.

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Like I said in the introduction, the ingredients in the Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea eau de toilette are very interesting, and the fragrance is a lot different from what I usually wear. On one hand you have the dry, earthy, woody smell of Haitian vetiver, and on the other hand you have the elegant touch of black tea. Together this results in a subtle, slightly smokey and quite sexy smell. The Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea eau de toilette also has a bit of a masculine character, so don’t expect to get something floral, sweet or fresh. Instead get ready for a very unique, sophisticated and seductive scent. Yep, definitely interesting!

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I won’t lie, I had to get used to the smell a bit and at first I really didn’t know whether I liked it or not. But then the fragrance started to grow on me, and I can now say that I quite like this unique and intriguing fragrance. And I believe that if you are into niche perfumes you will feel the same way about the Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea eau de toilette.

The Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea eau de toilette is available in 30 and 100 ml for respectively 47 and 69 CHF.

Have you tried the Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea eau de toilette yet?


  1. I got it too, and first i thought it’s a mens perfume.
    but i look forward to try it, i havent tried it so far.
    im a very lazy perfume user.
    Fabienne recently posted…Duftvorstellung: Fan di FENDI Blossom

  2. I love the Kiehl’s original musk. will try this in store!
    Divya recently posted…My handbag and other stories

  3. I’ve got to check this out! Vetiver is really my thing!
    Sunny recently posted…The Beauty Spotlight Team Round-Up for April 27th, 2014

  4. je hebt me wel nieuwsgierig gemaakt! ik wist helemaal niet dat ze parfum hadden!

  5. Jij kan goed geuren omschrijven! Ik ben wel fan van Kiehl’s speciale geurtjes, maar ze zijn inderdaad niet voor iedereen. Deze sexy smell zal ik toch wel eens uitproberen :-)
    Jasmijn recently posted…I do love tattoos. Do you?

  6. Ben best benieuwd geworden
    Manon recently posted…FOTD – Kingsday!

  7. Hij lijkt me wel wat! Ik heb ook heel vaak dat ik in eerste instantie niet zo gek ben op een geur.. maar er steeds meer van ga houden! :)
    Kim recently posted…Review: Het (fake) Naked 3 Palet

  8. I like the bottle design. But it looks a bit like the Boss parfume that my husband has ;)
    Have a nice sunday

  9. Lijkt mij een heerlijke geur :)


  10. I haven’t seen this yet. Will definitely check it out next time I go to a Kiehl’s counter here. I love Vetiver! I actually made an oil with it for one of my kids coz I read it helps with attention deficit. Thanks for this review, Melissa:)
    Emmy recently posted…Diagonal

  11. Mmm, dit lijkt me wel wat !

  12. Een speciale geur mag ook wel eens!
    Lyana recently posted…10 makkelijke en snelle schrijftips

  13. The fact that people call it masculine makes it more interesting for me! I love those androgynous type of smell. Lush also makes unisex types of smell which I love! And I love the classy understated bottle.
    Judith recently posted…The Vintage Cosmetic Company floral brush roll pouch and real techniques core collection

  14. Sounds like a nice perfume, I for sure love the design of the bottle! So cool :)

  15. Haven’t tried it but it sounds interesting.
    Kashaya recently posted…John Frieda event

  16. Klinkt niet echt als een parfum voor mij, maar misschien is het ook wel iets dat gewoon op mij moet groeien, wie weet :)
    Zo’n parfum heb ik ieder geval nog niet

    Karlien – Polished Cats recently posted…Make up: Top of the Shelf Webshop

  17. Ooooh! This is my kind of scent! I love how it sounds! I hope we get this here soon. Thanks for the heads up!
    Tracy@BeautyReflections recently posted…Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme in Wonderland

  18. Ik ken deze geur niet, maar je hebt me wel erg nieuwsgierig gemaakt!

  19. OOOh, this sounds really interesting! I love tea scents.
    Larie recently posted…Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD319 Pomodoro

  20. I bet is smells delightful. My favorite scent was purchased from Anthropologie and is vetiver, milk, oatmeal and vanilla. It’s so romantic with a sweet smell. I know the combination sounds weird, but it works!
    Glenda Harrison (So What toTwenty) recently posted…A Mini Circle

  21. Vetiver and black tea sounds like a very unusual combination. Definitely intrigued by this scent! And that glass bottle is very elegantly simple and clean – so pretty!
    Aditi recently posted…Weekly Favorites #6

  22. I’m gonna love the fragrance, will surely check it out. great review :)
    laks recently posted…How many of you have written a blog the day before your wedding?

  23. I really like Vetiver and Black tea, but imagining how they smell together is a challenge for me. I think I will need to find a sample of this, because it sounds so tempting.

    Vetiver can be very masculine or delicate, so I wonder how it runs.
    Karen @ Unpack the Box recently posted…Birchbox Review Rainy Days April 2014

  24. Dat lijkt me een fijne combinatie. Ben best wel benieuwd naar de geur !

  25. Sounds interesting. Nice review dear :-)

  26. I’m a fragrance person and I love anything with a tea note usually! I’ll be checking this out. Sounds like a a summertime riff on BVLGARI Black!
    Erin recently posted…Low & Mid Heeled Summer Sandals

  27. I am now intrigued by this apparently intriguing smell! Must see if I can get a whiff of it. :-D
    Sylirael recently posted…The Peachy Keen Rogue, And Other Wordplay: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 02 Peach Pop

  28. Ik heb nog geen eua de toilette van Kiehls geprobeerd, eigenlijk nog geen enkel product tout court… Maar ik heb onlangs de discovery kit besteld, dus ben zeer benieuwd naar dit merk! :-)
    Anneleen recently posted…News // Sally Hansen Spring-Time!

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