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Review | Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in In The Buff & Paradiso

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie.

If you’ve seen some of the looks that I post here on the blog you know that I love dramatic eye make-up and subtle lip colors. I usually go for nude lips or a subtle my-lips-but-better effect, and when I wear color I always opt for coral pink. Today I’m showing you the latest two additions to my lipstick stash: In The Buff and Paradiso from the Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer line. One color is a total hit and the other was a big miss. Who got the yay and who got the nay? Let’s find out! Review (Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in In The Buff & Paradiso) (1) The Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer lipsticks are, unlike what you’d expect from the name, semi-transparent. They’re definitely not completely sheer, and they actually give off quite a bit of color. But that’s a good thing, especially considering that you pay 62 CHF for one of these babies. The texture of the Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer lipsticks is nice and creamy which makes them easy to apply, and the formula is slightly moisturizing. And the longevity is fine too. The lipsticks don’t fully survive a meal, but in between meals both colors stay put for a good couple of hours.

Review (Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in In The Buff & Paradiso) (2) In The Buff

Review (Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in In The Buff & Paradiso) (3) Paradiso

Review (Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in In The Buff & Paradiso) (4) Paradiso (left) & In The Buff (right)

In The Buff is de warm nude with a hint of golden shimmer. I’m going to be straight here: this is not my color. In the tube and swatched In The Buff seemed like a nice subtle nude to me – perfect for summer I thought – but on my lips the color just doesn’t work. It washes me out and makes me look tired and even a bit ill. Not exactly the look I’m going for. I actually quite liked the formula and the texture, but color-wise In The Buff just isn’t for me.

Review (Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in In The Buff & Paradiso) (5) In The Buff

Review (Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in In The Buff & Paradiso) (7) Paradiso

Luckily there’s also Paradiso, a warm medium pink with slight coral tendencies– yay! – and a lovely creamy finish. In case the ‘yay!’ didn’t give it away and the pictures aren’t convincing enough: Paradiso is a total hit for me. I just rrrreally love the color! It brightens up my face and adds a pretty spring-appropriate touch to my looks without being too overwhelming. Yep, Paradiso gets two big thumbs up and a major yay from me!

Which of these two Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer lipsticks do you like best? Are there any lip colors that you always go back to or stay away from?


  1. Paradiso is heeeeel erg mooi , love it <3
    Svenja recently posted…Outfit inspiration / Notting Hill

  2. Wat een mooie lipsticks! De verpakking en de kleurtjes, beide om van te snoepen.

  3. In the buff is erg mooi!

  4. Wat een prachtige kleuren zeg!

  5. oh my paradiso is the pretty! en dat zegt iets van mijn pouting, je kan er zelf ook wat van ;)

  6. Paradiso is echt prachtig ! x

  7. Die tweede is inderdaad heel mooi! Echt zo een lente kleur vind ik :)
    Jana recently posted…Review: Let’s scrub!

  8. Haha I guessed right which one you’d love and which one not so much ;) Same here! I’d love to try Paradiso, but In the Buff totally isn’t my thing!
    Sunny recently posted…Estee Lauder Defiant Coral Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick

  9. Paradiso is helemaal mijn ding!

  10. LOL…I actually really love the In The Buff coz that’s the kind of lipstick I always go for. Paradiso does look fab on you:)
    Must really try some Tom Ford stuff. I only hear great things.
    Emmy recently posted…Some poncho love

  11. Your lip swatches are so alluring! Tom Ford is super luxury, the only one I have, Cherry Lush, has a special lipstick-house for itself! :P
    Divya recently posted…Eye makeup for Dummies!

  12. Wauw wat een pareltjes! Ik vind de vormgeving ook echt heeeeel erg mooi!
    tjuly recently posted…Rituals Ayurveda Chakra Water

  13. wauw die eerste vind ik prachtig meid heel gaaf liefs

  14. Ik snap dat the buff je niet ligt, ik zou hem persoonlijk ook niet voor mezelf kiezen.. maar ik vind het wel een mooi kleurtje, just not for me! Ook Paradiso is een erg mooi kleurtje :D rare vorm van de lippenstift zelf. Is dat niet moeilijk(er) aanbrengen met zo’n rechte bovenkant?
    Natasja recently posted…Liu Jo Perfume: For The Modern Girl

  15. Paradiso looks great on you! :)
    Veronica S. recently posted…Balea – “Reinigende Maske”

  16. Mooie kleurtjes! Vooral die eerste vind ik echt pretty :).
    Miss Sentinelli recently posted…Portretfoto’s door PhotoSolutions

  17. die verpakking ♥
    de stift ♥♥
    en die kleuren ♥
    die donkere staat je echt geweldig

  18. Wat een prachtige lipsticks!
    Marijke recently posted…Favorieten April!

  19. I actually prefer the texture of in the buff based on those pictures. Too bad it doesn’t to anything to your face. Maybe you can use it just a little bit in the middle off your lips on top of another lipstick?
    Judith recently posted…Mac half lash curler review and demo

  20. Love paradiso. I do like the pale pink too but sadly am way to pale. Am very jealous of those who can rock the pale lip with a smokey eye.

  21. Beautiful thie two colour *_*
    GlamChicBold recently posted…Moda sostenibile da Migros: è Made in India

  22. Paradiso is prachtig <3

  23. Paradiso looks lovely, I need to buy that one.=)

  24. Paradiso is inderdaad een prachtige kleur! Zo’n kleur staat je zeker goed <3
    Kim recently posted…Shoplog: CentrO (met o.a. New Yorker, MAC, Kiko en Lush)

  25. From the swatch I already knew which one was the trickiest, it does seem to make your teeth look whiter (pro?) even tough they are already sparkling. Paradiso is a pretty one, fits perfectly with the nailpolish I’m currently wearing (Bourjous 62) =]
    Jasmine recently posted…Miyazaki movies

  26. Eeek, gorgeous! Paradiso is such a great summer color. I think the other one could work with deep, matte eyes, though! But I find frosty nudes hard to pull off, as well.
    Larie recently posted…Summer 2014: Wishlist and Restraint

  27. Wat een mooie kleurtjes!

  28. Die Paradisio is echt prachtig! Wow wat een kleur en ik zoek eigenlijk al even naar dergelijke kleur. De nude kleur valt inderdaad een beetje tegen, beetje te bleek.. Ik heb ook dergelijke kleur en dan probeer ik altijd wat te mixen met een andere kleur, maar niet echt ideaal dus
    Karlien – Polished Cats recently posted…Outfit: April Recap

  29. Huh, there seems to be a grey undertone to In the Buff. You don’t catch it until it’s on your lips. Paradiso is completely gorgeous on you.

    I love the tubes. They must look so pretty on your dresser.
    Karen @ Unpack the Box recently posted…Urthbox Vegan Subscription Review April 2014

  30. Alle lippenstiften met ‘sheer’ in de naam probeer ik te vermijden, maar deze geven veel meer pigment dan ik verwacht had! Paradiso is werkelijk een prachtige kleur.
    Jasmijn recently posted…Favorieten april ’14 – Sleek, Dior & meer van dat fijns

  31. Oh the limited edition of Tom Ford lipstick! I actually love both the colors :)

    Michelle recently posted…The Perfect Gift

  32. Paradiso is gorgeous!

    I really need to check out some of the Tom Ford makeup I can’t believe I haven’t already.


    Leigh recently posted…How to drink Apple Cider Vinegar and actually enjoy it!

  33. I like both hahaha! That nude I’d wear with some mod eyes-I love doing that. But that coral pink on you is WOW so gorgeous!
    Tracy@BeautyReflections recently posted…Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Elixir-The Elixir of Youth!

  34. Paradiso paradiso paradiso voor mij hoor en het is niet alleen mijn kleur maar klinkt super!

  35. Wow.. Paradiso looks so amazing on your lips! Buff is good too, but the pink one is definitely more gorgeous! I loved the packaging tooo :)
    Swati recently posted…Hooked Onto # 9 :)

  36. Paradiso looks gorgeous!

  37. Why does TF have to be so expensive! So many good items I’d like to try but not pay for :)
    Erin recently posted…Hogue Cellars 2010 Genesis Meritage Review

  38. wow …both are pretty shades…
    love both the swatches..
    tejinder recently posted…Bourjois So Laque Nail Enamel Beige Glamour 27 Shade Review, Swatches & NOTD!

  39. I knew it had to be Paradiso! :D

    I have one and I like it too! The other shade that I have is Summer Fling which dries my lips out too much, unfortunately.

    Yay to the Paradiso!!

  40. Jammer dat In The Buff niet bij je past. Op de lipswatch lijkt het best een aardig kleurtje, maar ik weet dat het altijd lastig is met nudekleuren. Paradiso is echt een prachtige kleur!
    Laura recently posted…Winactie: Baked blush elf + MUA Undress me Too palet

  41. Paradiso, yesss. En aan alle reacties hierboven te zien, denkt de rest daar ook zo over :D
    Lys recently posted…I SPY / FLORALS BY GRACE CIAO

  42. Paradiso is so pretty!
    Akaleistar recently posted…Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day – April

  43. Beautiful colour! I love the white and gold packaging! I wish they brought stuff here in Canada! :(
    Whitney recently posted…Macarons (PART XII) at Chez Christophe Chocolate Patisserie

  44. Paradiso is totally your color…a sign you should wear bright lips more often!!
    Margo recently posted…BA Star 5-Pan Eye Shadow Palette in Spice Natural: Review and Swatches

  45. Oh my, hoe chique zien deze lipsticks er niet uit? Enkel voor het uiterlijk ervan zou ik ze al kopen haha. Ik zou zeker gaan voor de roze kleur!
    Liefs, Annelies
    Annelies recently posted…Coconut oil

  46. Hey, the texture & the color look stunning!!! I must say I quite like the nude one on your lips. Lovely… But definitively it’s just not your color :)
    I am also a big nude fan ; )
    Don t know waht others have written…but you can mix & match it with other colors. Maybe with a strong pink you want to have it more soft.

    Greetings from Berlin, Mimi
    mimi recently posted…Summer Nail Trend: Tangerine & Melon

  47. Wow. I would buy these lipsticks for the packing alone! But I do like the colours as well. Since I’m totally into jazzy colours I prefer “Paradiso”. (:

    Leandra Melanie recently posted…Flirthilfe für die Herren der Schöpfung

  48. The colours look great on your lips, shame you are not keen on the overall look with in the buff, I have one of these formula’s and keep meaning to buy more though the high cost does put me off a bit ;)
    Replica recently posted…Dior Backstage Box – Summer 2014 Harrods Exclusive

  49. I’ve never tried Tom Ford beauty products but I’ve heard so much about these lip colours/products that I’m actually curious to try them since they look quite amazing (formula, and share selection!)
    Stephanie | recently posted…Review | Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation.

  50. Wat een aparte vorm hebben ze, moet fijn aanbrengen.
    Lyana recently posted…Essence Colour & Go 180 It’s Raining Men!

  51. Prachtige kleuren… Ik kan niet kiezen!

    new blogpost: bloemencorso
    Annemieke recently posted…Bloemencorso 2014

  52. Paradiso reminds me of MAC’s Costa Chic. They look lovely on you but I prefer the look of In The Buff on your lips, but in swatches, I prefer Paradiso. And the packaging is to-die-for…so luxurious and bold.
    Beauty Box recently posted…FOTD + Addiction Palette & Dior Amber Diamond

  53. Paradiso is perfect on you! I bet you’re going to get a lot of use from that lippie! I really want Summer Fling but have been brooding on it for months since it’s so pricey and I’d be buying it blind from the website. I still kind of REALLLLY want it. And hey – my birthday is next Saturday so…maybe it could be my present to myself? ;)
    kristen @ glambunctious recently posted…✿ The Spring Bloom Tag | …and PS: I’m now a Mrs.! :)

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