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People sometimes say that trouble shared is trouble halved, and when it comes to beauty woes like skin problems I definitely agree. Knowing that you’re not alone with a skin issue helps. And seeing how someone else overcomes that issue gives hope. And hope is exactly what I got when I read Kelita Bignall’s story. Kelita is the founder of Yours Truly Organics, a 100% organic skin care brand from England. Throughout her puberty and in her early twenties Kelita suffered from bad acne, and prescription medication was the only thing that ever helped. But every time she stopped the treatment the acne came back. And that’s exactly what happened to me as well. Around the age of 14 my acne nightmare began, and almost 13 years later – yikes I’m getting old – it still hasn’t ended. The situation got less dramatic over time, though, and throughout the years I’ve learned a lot about how to treat my blemished skin. But I’m still not completely acne free. Unlike Kelita who is. How she did it? She developed her own 100% organic skin care line. Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all solution for acne, but if these products work for Kelita they might work for me as well. I got to test four Yours Truly products, and today I’m sharing my thoughts on them.

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Yours Truly Take it away! Gel Cleanser & Yours Truly Balancing Toner

Problem skin or not, every good skin care routine starts with cleansing and toning. The Yours Truly Take it away! Gel Cleanser is a cleansing gel with vitamin C and sandalwood oil that deeply cleanses the skin while helping it maintain its natural elasticity and softness. The gel is pale orange and comes in a sanitary pump bottle with a very practical twist lock pump dispenser. The sandalwood oil in the formula makes the Yours Truly Take it away! Gel Cleanser a bit oilier and more slippery than most gel cleansers, and because of that it is extremely efficient at cleansing the skin without stripping away all its moisture. After cleansing my skin feels clean and soft, and the fresh delicate smell of the gel is a pleasant little bonus.

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After cleansing I use the Yours Truly Balancing Toner, a pH-neutralizing toner with witch hazel and aloe vera that soothes and repairs the skin and helps it to absorb moisture. Just like the cleanser the toner comes in a pump bottle, this time with a spray pump. I like that, because that way you can spray the toner directly onto your skin without having to use a cotton pad. The toner is transparent pale yellow with a watery texture, and it has a lovely refreshing citrus smell, yum!

Yours Truly Fix Me! Repairing Serum

The Yours Truly Fix Me! Repairing Serum is enriched with oat kernel, sesame seed extract and saw palmetto, and it promises to not only soften, repair and tone the skin but to also prevent inflammation.

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The serum comes in a bottle with a dropper and has a milky, watery texture. Though I don’t really like the smell of the Yours Truly Fix Me! Repairing Serum, it’s very subtle, so it doesn’t bother me that much. Within seconds after applying the product is completely absorbed by my skin, and this without leaving any residue whatsoever. I usually avoid layering too many face products, but the Fix Me! serum is absorbed so well and feel so light that my skin doesn’t seem to mind it. Do I really notice a difference now that I use the serum as an extra step in my skin care routine? I don’t know. To be honest I don’t think so. But nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

Yours Truly Face Base Face Balm

The Yours Truly Face Base Face Balm is an intensely moisturizing face balm with pea extract and daisy flower extract that claims to improve the skin’s elasticity, control the sebum production and brighten up the complexion. And it’s also supposed to work very well as a make-up base.

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I won’t lie, my initial thought was: ‘My skin is not going to like this.’ Even moisturizers for very oily skin often can’t keep the shine at bay, so from a moisturizer that looked this rich and intensely moisturizing I really didn’t expect much. But boy was I wrong. The Yours Truly Face Base Face Balm comes in a jar, is white and has a deliciously light smooth balmy texture. And the smell? Lovely! But what really blew me away was how much my skin loves this cream. The lightweight formula is absorbed very well and makes my skin feel supple and silky soft. And the best part? It’s mattifying! Being wrong never felt this good!

Bottom line? The Yours Truly Take it away! Gel Cleanser and the Yours Truly Balancing Toner are two very decent products that do exactly what they claim to do and are very pleasant to use. The Fix Me! Repairing Serum on the other hand didn’t convince me quite as much. It was the Face Base Face Balm that really swept me off my feet. Yep, the product that I expected the least from actually ended up completely winning me over! So do these products do more than just cleanse, tone and moisturize and do they also tackle my acne problem? After just two weeks I can’t say for sure yet, but my skin does look smoother and more even than it did roughly a week ago. Is that because of the Yours Truly products? Possibly. But it could also be a coincidence. Either way I’m really enjoying most of my new Yours Truly products, and I think that those of you – with or without problem skin – that are looking for a 100% organic skin care line would too.

The Yours Truly Take it away! Gel Cleanser, Balancing Toner, Fix Me! Repairing Serum and Face Base Face Balm are available on the Yours Truly Organics website for respectively 22 £, 19 £, 28 £ and 25 £.

What do you think of the products? Do you recognize yourself in Kelita’s story?

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42 thoughts on “Review | Yours Truly Organics 100% organic skin care

  1. Klinkt ideaal, ik heb gelukkig niet echt een vette huid, soms wel wat onzuiverheden. Maar ik ben erg blij dat je een product hebt gevonden die je huid mooi mat houdt. Fijn ook dat de producten natuurlijk zijn, dat vind ik vaak wel belangrijk voor mijn gevoelige huidje.
    Svenja recently posted…High tea bij de Yoghurt Barn

  2. That’s pretty proactive to just go and developed your own skin care line, isn’t it? Good for her!! And since she had had the problem, I think you can be sure the ingredients she decided on are the best there are. I also really like that picture of the balm, your winning product! The way you made that ‘wave’ in the cream really makes it look … kind of delicious actually, for a second there I thought it was a dessert.:D
    Peet recently posted…We’ve Fallen into a Trap

  3. Sounds very promising. And I’ve seen that the toner is not alcohol based! I’ve come to realise that my skin is only so oily because it thinks it’s dry (that’s why creams for dry skin work better for me than the ones for oily skin), so products with alcohol are not at all what I want… I think I have to remember this post for when I’ve emptied my skin care I use now…
    Aglaya recently posted…Blanc Americano

  4. Ik heb nog nooit van deze merk gehoord, maar goed
    jij komt altijd met merken die ik nooit heb gehoord en
    dat vind ik wel een eye-opener :P
    Helaas is niet iedereen gezegend met een gave huid
    :c en de oprichtster van deze merk is wel iemand die
    ‘hope’ geeft. Fijn dat die merk je goed doet, vooral dat
    cremetje :P Ik ben nu ook wel benieuwd naar! Xx
    Ice Pandora recently posted…Project: Steamed Custard Buns

  5. I hear many stories about people who suffer from skin issues, so they launch their own skin care line. That is really awesome. With my skin though, I have to be very careful, even when it says organic. I went to the allergist to discover that I’m allergic to items in nature. Soy, milk, elm trees, the list is endless. So, I would suggest that a person with serious skin problems to visit the dermatologist to see what they’re allergic too.
    Glenda Harrison (So What toTwenty) recently posted…Brush Strokes

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Glenda, sounds like your skin is really very sensitive then :-( But at least you know what you are allergic for! It’s a good thing you saw a dermatologist.

  6. Thx voor de review! Het lijken me erg goede en interessante producten, zeker omdat ze organic zijn. Dan heb je toch ergens het gevoel dat je iets minder chemische dingen op je gezicht smeert, niet?
    Anine recently posted…WISHLIST: US beauty!

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