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Beauty and the geek | Gandalf versus Sauron in a by Lord of the Rings inspired look

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Yay, it’s that time of the month again! No, not that time – I wouldn’t be screaming yay if it was that time – but Beauty and the geek time! This month Sylirael from The Painted Rogue and I chose a Lord of the Rings theme, and while my ravishing rogue friend went for a Gandalf-inspired look, I decided to pay homage to my homeboy Sauron with an Eye of Sauron look. Check it out!

Beauty and the geek (Gandalf versus Sauron in a by Lord of the Rings inspired look) (1) Sauron

Beauty and the geek (Gandalf versus Sauron in a by Lord of the Rings inspired look) (2) The Eye of Sauron

My Eye of Sauron look

Sauron isn’t exactly known for his subtlety. Subtlety was actually probably the last thing on his mind when he decided to put an enormous burning eye on top of The Dark Tower to watch every dwarf, orc, ent and elf in Middle Earth with. Inspired by the Eye’s fiery colors I created a flaming eye look in bright yellow, orange and red with matching orange lips. In the words of my buddy Sauron: ‘’You cannot hide. I see you. There is no life in the void. Only death.’’

Beauty and the geek (Gandalf versus Sauron in a by Lord of the Rings inspired look) (3)

Beauty and the geek (Gandalf versus Sauron in a by Lord of the Rings inspired look) (4)

Sylirael’s Gandalf look

Sylirael created two looks this month that were both inspired by her favorite Lord of the Rings character, the wise wizard Gandalf. Yep, two looks! First she’s showing us a white Gandalf The White look, and then for dessert she’s treating us to a grey Gandalf The Grey look. Quickly visit The Painted Rogue blog to get a taste of Sylirael’s wizardly ways!

What do you think of our Lord of the Rings looks? Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings character?


  1. Aesome! <3 As always, LOL. Love the flaming eye look so much! Wish my eyeshadow library was a bit bigger, hehe ;-)

  2. Super gave look, je maakt elke keer de prachtigste creaties! En mijn favoriete character is toch wel Gandalf!

  3. Oh dear you look stunning here! I love the eyes! And something makes it look totally wearable for the normal folks too! :D Great Job!

  4. You got such beautiful eyes! and nice inspiration for the eye makeup :)

  5. I love the whole look! You nailed Sauron’s Eye! :)

  6. Wauw wat een prachtige look <3

  7. Brilliant! I’m the biggest LOTR nut ever so I really appreciate this post!

  8. Wat een prachtige look!

  9. Whoa, wheeee this is amazing, Melissa! You’ve got SERIOUS eyeshadow skills, and the colors work together so well here!

  10. I love the look, it’s really fierce. What is that super pigmented yellow shade? All my yellow shade suck =(

  11. I love the orange shadow… and the lipstick is so complimentary to your look… you are so pretty :) Have a really great day :)

  12. Heel mooie look!! Ook heel mooie kleurtjes! Die pluimpjes die ik in je haar zie, zijn dat speldjes voor het haar of oorbellen? Want die zijn heel leuk!

  13. Your shading skills are epic. Fab colours, too! :D

  14. This is such a gorgeous look, great how you used the movie as an inspiration.

  15. beautiful Eye makeup!

  16. What a fanatic look. Love the color combinations.

  17. Wat een prachtige look zeg! Erg tof ook dat je je hebt laten inspireren door Sauron’s Eye! :)

  18. Je blijft maar overtreffen. Die kleuren lopen ook zo mooi in elkaar over.

  19. Gewaagde combinatie maar heel mooi! Jij bent echt zo goed in looks maken he :)

  20. Oooh echt awesome!
    Prachtig gedaan en echt ook enorm draagbaar ;)


  21. You had me at LOTR….hahaha….any look inspired by Sauron is fine by me:D Although my fave is Aragorn of course….hehe…
    Great eye look, Melissa.

  22. Whaou sacrée inspiration hé hé, et c’est super joli en fait!!!



  23. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never seen Lord of the Rings…I love the fiery make-up. I don’t think I can pull it off, but you do!

  24. Wat een leuk artikel! Heel mooi gedaan en heel originele post!

    X Sara

  25. Knap gedaan !

  26. You look so so so pretty..I loved how you played with yellow, orange and red to get this b’ful look. :-)

  27. Love your Sauron eye makeup!

  28. Ik ben geen fan van Lord of the Rings dus een favoriete personage heb ik niet. Je look vind ik wel heel mooi, lekker kleurrijk :-)

  29. Woooooow, keimooi gedaan! Ik ben fan van alle hobbits. They’re friggin’ adorable!

  30. Gorgeous, as always!

  31. I love love this series of looks you do :)

  32. Mooie vurige look!

  33. Wauw prachtige look! Ik heb maar een klein deeltje van LOTR gezien, en dat is alweer lang geleden, dus ik kan niet meteen een favoriet personage kiezen :D

  34. Nice inspiration, I like it when there are unusual ideas around! The make-up would be too much for me personally (maybe for a night out), but it looks great on you!

  35. Wat een ontzettend gave look heb je gemaakt! Ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik The Lord Of The Rings films nog een keer moet kijken. Mijn moeder heeft ze een hele tijd geleden wel gekeken, maar zelf lette ik toen maar half op en zou dus niet weten hoe de films gaan haha. Ook de boeken heb ik nog niet gelezen terwijl we die wel hebben. Binnenkort toch beide maar eens snel gaan doen en dan kan ik hopelijk ook een favoriet karakter noemen haha.

  36. Awesome job, Melissa! I really love the smooth transition from yellow to orange! This looks like a fun collab between you two! :D

  37. This is incredible. I’m not the hugest fan of LOTR, though I have seen the movies, I am glad you put a photo os Sauron up otherwise I’d have no clue. Though the red should have given it away!


  38. Oh het is weer prachtig.. You’re an artist girl!

  39. mooie kleurencombinatie! weer eens wat anders, maar ook dit kan je heel goed hebben!!

  40. Very geeky but that makes me like this post even more! Gorgeous looks!

  41. That’s a great combination for summer, too :D Such fun! I love it!

  42. Wow. Looking amazing. Loved the look :-)

  43. I wish I could pull off crazy looks like this!

  44. OMG! Melissa, you look amazing! You’re such a great artist. I’d definitely love to see many more looks like this one (and wish I had the skills to copy, haha).

  45. Wow! I love it, Melissa!! This is perfect. PS: Totally cracking up at “my homeboy Sauron”!! LOL!

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