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New in | Belgian beauty & fashion haul

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Before I went to Belgium last Thursday I made a nice little shopping list for myself. Cosmetics and clothes are a lot cheaper in Belgium than they are in Switzerland, so whenever I’m in the country I try to stock up on fashion and beauty essentials. On Saturday I went to Antwerp with my parents and my brother, and after a really fun day of shopping, eating, drinking and just really enjoying ourselves I went home with some new beauty and fashion goodies. Have a look!

New in (Belgian beauty & fashion haul) (1)

I bought the Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refinining Matte Primer for the first time in January – I reviewed it here – and because I like it so much I decided to buy it again. The Philoshophy Turbo Booster C Powder went on my shopping list after I saw Judith from Lipstick in the attick rave about it. Hopefully I’ll like this vitamin C powder as much as she does! And to treat myself I also bought this Caudalie Fleur De Vigne gift set with the eau fraîche and the shower gel from the Fleur de Vigne line.

New in (Belgian beauty & fashion haul) (2)

To clean my make-up brushes I use Zwitsal baby shampoo, so I stocked up on bottles at Kruidvat. There was a 3 + 1 action, very convenient. And I also bought new Oral B TriZone brush heads for my new Oral B TriZone 1000 toothbrush.

New in (Belgian beauty & fashion haul) (5)

New in (Belgian beauty & fashion haul) (4)

At Vero Moda I bought this short faux leather jacket and at the Levis Store I bought a new pair of black Slight Curve Modern Rise skinny jeans. Total wardrobe essentials, right!

New in (Belgian beauty & fashion haul) (6)

My brother and me in Antwerp

And that’s it. I meant to get more though. There was an Estée Lauder cream on my shopping list but I failed to find it, and I bought a lot less clothes than I had planned due to the fact that it was sit-and-have-a-cocktail weather rather than change-in-and-out-of-50-outfits weather. But all in all I’m very happy with my haul. By shopping in Belgium I really saved myself quite a bit of money again, hurrah!

New in (Belgian beauty & fashion haul) (7)

My grandmother, me and my mom at my grandmother’s house this weekend. I promised my gran I’d put a picture of us on the blog :-)

Do you like my purchases? Do you ever go shopping in Antwerp?


  1. Ik gebruik die zwitsal babyshampoo ook om mijn borstels te reinigen. Dat leren vestje staat je erg leuk! Je hebt trouwens een hele mooie mama!

  2. You wardrobe picks look great! you are right about the essential part! I cannot go two days without wearing my black skinny jeans, besides they get worn out much quicker than blue.. a girl needs backups! :-)

  3. haha jij hebt goed zwitsal ingeslagen :D en gelijk heb je!

  4. Mooie outfit! Elegant en toch trendy maar jij hebt dan ook een geweldig figuur en kan vast heel veel dragen!

  5. Ooh wat lijken jullie op elkaar zeg! Die laatste foto is echt leuk! En mooi jack van Vera Moda!

  6. Oh man, so your granny looks super young, too!!! Your chances of aging well are GOOD!

    Love the leather jacket, although I must admit I’m eyeing your SHOES. Where are they from???

  7. That’s so cool, your grandma follows your blog!:D Or at least she knows about it so she wants a picture of you three online, that’s really badass. And up-to-date too – my mom would KILL me, if I put a picture of her online, she’s so old-school (not to even mention how old-school my grandmother is). Anyhow, I was wondering how you clean your brushes. I heard some people use olive oil and detergents and shit, but baby shampoo makes a lot more sense, duh.

    • I just put a little baby shampoo in the palm of my hand together with a tiny bit of lukewarm water, and then I just swirl my brushes around in the soap. Once for the ‘big clean’ and then a second time to get rid of the last bits of make-up. And then I rinse them out.

  8. Zwitsal is echt lekker!!!

  9. Your gran and mum look great, just like you:) Loving that haul, esp the Caudalie set. I need that one!:D

  10. I LOVE that faux leather jacket ♥

  11. I like your outfit! *_* I would like to the some other product of Caudalìe ’cause I think that it’s a good brand…at moment I’m testing Divine Oil by Caudalìe for my hair and I’m loving it!

  12. Hi Melissa, I hope you will like the turbo c powder, thanks for the mention!

    I also love the leather jacket you bought and the family picture is very cute.

  13. wat een leuke aankoopjes heb je gedaan!! de outfit is echt heel erg mooi! en wat leuk een foto van drie generaties op je blog! jij met je moeder en oma!

  14. I love your outfit… the skinny jeans look amazing and I love the fake leather jacket :)

    By the way.. Forgiving ourselves is the hardest thing but we deserve it… sure we make mistakes and do stupid things we shouldn’t but we are human and we at least deserve what we would give to others.. :) Have a wonderful day :)

  15. Waren zo plezante dagen en die foto’s laten ons nagenieten!

  16. Hi Melissa! I looove haul posts and if they are from trips even better! I love the jacket you got, it’s so cool, definitely you. Those are nice pictures with your family, it looks like you had a great time.
    I admit that when I saw the baby shampoo pic, before scrolling and reading I went like “uhm, that’s a LOT of baby shampoo, … is she.. (scroll a bit) ah, brushes, right.” haha

  17. Leuke aankopen! Dat jasje zit uw prachtig en die broek, ja die doet toch wat ;) Da van die zwitsal ga ik ook eens proberen trouwens ;)


  18. Woot! Shopping! Those are all great purchases. Now your mom and grandmother are gorgeous!!! Good genes girl, good genes!

  19. Thats so cute that your gran wants to be on your blog! Mine wouldn’t even know what a blog is ;-) . Did you already finish up your Dior Primer or is it rather a backup?

  20. Haha wat lief, die laatste foto! Die Oral B tandenborstels zijn wel fijn.. zeker als je met korting bij de Kruidvat, ofzo, kan vinden! Ik vind je jas van de Vero Moda echt top trouwens :D heel stoer!

  21. Great haul! I have tried the Caudalie shower gel you bought and have thought about getting the perfume version. I love every single Caudalie shower gel and wish it is sold in Japan. I have also recently tried the Dior matte primer and it is seriously as wonderful as you have said in your review. I thought I loved Benefit’s The Porefessional and Hourglass but Dior’s matte primer suits my needs to a T, being an oily-skinned gal. Love the photo of you, your grandma, and your mum – three generations! Awesome!

  22. AH! I love love love your outfit! So chic and versatile. I love classic, clean outfits like this that can easily transition from day to night without a second thought

  23. Mooie nieuwe items. En de foto van jou, je moeder en oma is zo mooi & leuk <3

  24. Geweldig jasje! En ja, die Curve ID jeans van Levi’s zijn gewoon <3 Zeker nu met die modern rise!

  25. Owjee, ik ben zo jaloers op je stel benen! Ze zijn zo slank en lijken maar niet te stoppen!
    Ik ben ook heel benieuwd naar het Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder. Laat je weten wat je ervan vindt?

  26. Mooie aankoopjes! Dat jasje staat je geweldig!

  27. Great picks! And I agree, sometimes you just want to enjoy yourself rather than drag yourself through a billion stores and try on clothes (I hate trying on clothes, the worst).

    ALSO. I LOVE THOSE GOLD SHOES. They’re gorgeous!

  28. Leuk dat je eens in Antwerpen was, het is dan ook de mooiste stad van België he! :D
    En ik gebruik ook altijd zwitsal voor mijn borstels, superhandig ;)

  29. Super leuk om te lezen :)! Leuk jasje zeg, staat je goed :)! Oww en zwitsal is sowieso echt lekker en inderdaad handig :). En mooie foto’s :)!!

  30. Leuk geshopt ! Antwerpen is natuurlijk ook the place to be hé ;)

  31. Aww the last photo is very sweet. And you’re totally right… we should take advantage and spend spend spend, because everything in CH is more expensive :/

  32. Jeetje, je hele outfit is echt geweldig !

  33. Gave aankoopjes! Vooral je jasje vind ik erg leuk! Wat een lieve foto ook van jou, je oma en je moeder op het eind! :)

  34. Your mom looks very good, also your granny…she seems very young. I love caudalie, espacially the moisturizing sorbet…a dream for face. Very good for summer. It gives a moisture kick!!! Have a geat weekend!

  35. I wanted to try something from Claudalie for such a long time! I had that Vitamin C powder from Philosophy, it gave me horrible blackheads, but my skin looked very bright at the same time haha :) Everyone’s skin is different though.

  36. Such a great haul. Looks like you had a blast

  37. What a lovely family you have! It’s only right that you should enjoy your time with your family and relax instead of make a mad dash to spend money. I’m glad you had a wonderful time!

  38. Leuke foto’s, ik gebruik ook altijd zwitsal om mijn kwasten schoon te maken. Gebruik die shampoo soms ook voor mijn haren, als mijn hoofdhuid vettig is. Daar is ie ook goed voor, want het is een milde shampoo. xx

  39. ♥ zwitsal….
    En wat een geweldige foto van jullie 3tjes..
    love the outfit..

  40. Can I have your legs? I need them for ballet kthxbai! ;-)

  41. Leuk! Ik vind je Levi broek heel mooi, ben zelf nog op zoek naar een goede zwarte broek welk niet na 2 wasjes al gaat vervagen. De foto van jullie drieën, oma, moeder en dochter is heel leuk.

  42. Hurray for Caudile sets!

  43. Looking fabulous. Loved to see your haul and fun trip :-)

  44. Antwerpen is echt mijn go to-stad om te gaan shoppen. I love it! Zo schattig, die foto met de mama en de moemoe :-).

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