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Review | Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil

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Remember this one? Love at first rub and sniff! So just imagine how excited I was when I heard that in April Melvita had launched a brand new L’Or body oil. The new Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is the pink version of the original Melvita L’Or Bio oil and was developed to treat cellulite and tone the skin. Let’s have a look (and a delicious sniff) together!

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The new Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil contains buckthorn oil, black pepper oil and musk rose oil that together have a detoxifying, softening, toning and intensely nourishing effect on the skin. The pink berry oil in the formula prevents cellulite by preventing fat cells from expanding, and also treats the condition by stimulating the microcirculation in the skin cells to help them drain fat. Melvita claims that pink berry oil is eight times more effective than caffeine when it comes to treating cellulite. Wowza!

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The Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil comes in the same gorgeous glass spray bottle as the original Melvita L’Or Bio oil, but it has a pink orange glow instead of a pure golden glow. Beautiful! The bottle itself is already gorgeous, but the smell of the Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is absolutely divine as well: pink berry, lemon and bergamot blend together with lavender, mint, peony, white iris, vetiver and ambrette into a delicate, sparkling and seriously addictive scent.

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Just like the original Melvita L’Or Bio oil, the Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil has a smooth lightweight oil texture that is perfect for a firm yet painless deep tissue massage. And thoroughly massaging the oil into your skin is really important if you want to effectively tackle cellulite, because just slathering on some pink berry juice isn’t going to make that happen. So just imagine that you’re baking bread and knead those thighs as if your life depends on it! God knows your bikini body does.

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I use the Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil every day after showering, and it really makes my skin feel super soft and smooth. Even though the oil gets absorbed quite well and disappears almost completely it still leaves behind a subtle iridescent veil, and that immediately makes the skin on my bum, legs and tummy look a lot better and healthier. And the long-term cellulite blasting results? Well, you know that I believe in prevention rather than treatment, so I personally can’t really say how effective the Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is against stubborn cellulite. But it definitely helps me keep my skin soft, smooth and toned, and that together with the amazing smell makes the Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil a total winner and even a new favorite for me.

In Switzerland the Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is available for 44 CHF.

Have you tried one of Melvita’s body oils yet? What is your first impression of the Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil?, Inc.


  1. nog niet geprobeerd maar sounds good! ik ben gewoon echt te lui voor zulke oliën
    Mme Sophistique recently posted…How to: perky lips

  2. De olie lijkt me wel fijn! Heerlijk om jezelf mee in te smeren na het douchen :)
    Kim recently posted…Graduation Make-up!

  3. Sounds really lovely :-) i like to use an oil after the shower a lot, and it’s so fast. Lg
    Jules recently posted…and the winner is…

  4. I’ve always wanted to try body oil to replace my lotions. We don’t get this brand here, but they do sound pretty good.
    Emmy recently posted…Mother of Dragons

  5. Anything Rose is so amazing! The bottle for this one is actually really pretty!
    Divya recently posted…Lipstick Queen Saint Eden Review

  6. I do love me some nice smelling body massage stuff – so far I’ve never tried oils (only body butters and Lush massage bars) though…
    Sylirael recently posted…Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! Vampire Contouring, Sapphire Loot and More!

  7. Hij klinkt heel lekker, ik ben benieuwd of hij ook echt zo lekker ruikt! :)
    Mrs. Chocolate recently posted…Dagje Brussel

  8. Dit klinkt wel als een heel fijn product! Misschien helpt het niet per se heel veel tegen celullitis maar het idee dat je er wat “tegen doet” is op zich ook wel heel fijn!
    Kirsty recently posted…Must-see films juni 2014

  9. Did you say rose and oil? I’m in!!! This sounds delicious, and I know how much you’re into anti-cellulite products :)
    Sunny recently posted…The Beauty Spotlight Team Round-Up for May 25th, 2014

  10. Ik zou deze zelf nog niet kopen voor de anti-cellulite-doeleinden, maar voor de rest klinkt het wel enorm goed!

  11. ziet er wel goed uit, leuke verpakking ook
    alexa recently posted…Dinertime by Boelies

  12. This sounds so good! Great review!
    Leelo R recently posted…Beauty Blog Coalition weekly roundup 5/23/2014

  13. Ik kende deze olie nog niet, bedankt voor het delen. Het klinkt als een fijn product!
    x Sandra

  14. Klinkt als een heel fijn product!

  15. * times more effective that caffiene? Wow! That bottle sure does look super!
    Swati recently posted…Red Carpet Look with L’Oreal L’Or Luminere Cannes Collection : OOTD, EOTD and LOTD

  16. I have buckthorn oil as a primary ingredient in a few of my favorite products. It leads me to believe that buckthorn oil is wonderful and overlooked as an oil.
    Karen @ Unpack the Box recently posted…Memebox Superbox 10 Review Snail 1

  17. I love these scents together… they sound divine for sure… even if they didn’t work on cellulite, the great smell and the softness it offers sounds wonderful :)
    Launna recently posted…The Lies We Tell Ourselves‏ Are The Worst Ones

  18. Hij klinkt heerlijk, al is het maar het zachter maken van je
    huid c: Misschien dat het effectief is op langere termijn
    op die cellulite :o Xx
    Ice Pandora recently posted…You made me study on a sunny day

  19. This sounds like something I would like to try. I like that it makes your skin soft.
    Simera recently posted…Extreme Blue Makeup Look

  20. Oh deze kende ik nog niet! Leuk dat hij de huid wat verstevigt en mooier doet lijken. en ook ik geloof meer in preventie van cellulitis en om het weg te krijgen, tja gewoon letten op wat je eet, drinken en sporten is nog altijd het beste :D
    Karlien – Polished Cats recently posted…Shoplog: Primark Eindhoven

  21. You know Melissa, I learned an important lesson while trying a “age defying” product…I don’t believe they work. They smell pretty and look pretty, but I have found that they don’t do what they claim. I purchased a very expensive serum that claimed in two weeks I would have visible results and my wrinkles would fade. It didn’t work at all. I was very disappointed that I wasted my money. :(
    Glenda Harrison (So What toTwenty) recently posted…FUN!

    • I realize that this product you’re reviewing isn’t for age defying, but I just needed to vent. I guess I’m still pissed off about the product I purchased.
      Glenda Harrison (So What toTwenty) recently posted…FUN!

      • That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with a good rant :-) I believe that anti-aging (as well as anti-cellulite products for that matter) work best when they’re used as a preventive measure instead of as a treatment. So I agree with you. It’s hard to undo damage. But it’s possible to prevent it or slow it down I think.

  22. That looks lovely! I think you need to types of oil, one heavier for when you have more time to wait and one for everyday. I will keep that one in mind for when I finish my monoi.
    Judith recently posted…Weight struggles and realizations

  23. Lijkt me een goed product met een toffe verpakking!
    Lyana recently posted…Mijn nieuwe blog: een klein project

  24. Klinkt allemaal zo goed! Alhoewel ik eigenlijk nogal lazy ben op het vlak van body care. I know, grote beauty zonde!

  25. This looks like a good product just for moisturizing alone! Plus it sounds like the sheen will disguise lumps and unevenness pretty well.
    Erin recently posted…Mezzacorona 2012 Pinot Grigio Review

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