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Review | The search for the perfect summer foundation with Shiseido, NARS & Estée Lauder

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I’m finally starting to understand the whole hype around BB creams and CC creams – I actually even wear them nowadays, like for example here and here – but in the end I still am and always will be a foundation girl. My go-to foundation these past few months was the Revlon ColorStay Foundation, but for summer I wanted a lighter formula, which is why a few weeks ago I began my search for the perfect summer foundation. And last week I found it. I’ll reveal the winning foundation in a bit, but first let’s check out the other two foundations that I tested but didn’t end up choosing.

Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation SPF 42

Review (The search for the perfect summer foundation with Shiseido, Nars & Estée Lauder) (1)


  • has high SPF
  • has very yellow undertones
  • has a lightweight liquid texture
  • provides medium coverage than can be built to full coverage


  • has a finish that is too dewy for my shiny skin
  • becomes blotchy after a while on my oily skin
  • emphasizes flaky bits, pores and imperfections
  • sits on my skin and doesn’t look natural

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

Review (The search for the perfect summer foundation with Shiseido, Nars & Estée Lauder) (2)


  • feels featherlight and is virtually invisible
  • has a very natural-looking matte finish
  • has very yellow undertones


  • is very sheer, barely provides any coverage
  • isn’t very longlasting
  • doesn’t come with a pump

So these two didn’t make the cut. What foundation did? Tah daaaaaah:

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

Review (The search for the perfect summer foundation with Shiseido, Nars & Estée Lauder) (4)

After testing samples for a few weeks, the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation ended up becoming my summer foundation of the year! Just look at all the pros:

  • has a lightweight formula and a very blendable texture
  • has a natural-looking semi-matte finish that doesn’t look too flat or too dewy
  • feels light and fresh on the skin
  • is longwearing, just like the original Double Wear formula
  • provides fantastic buildable coverage
  • doesn’t oxidize or get blotchy on my oily skin
  • comes in a practical squeeze tube

Review (The search for the perfect summer foundation with Shiseido, Nars & Estée Lauder) (3)

Every skin has different needs of course and there’s no such thing as a universal HG foundation that will work for everyone, but for me the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation is definitely a new favorite!

Review (The search for the perfect summer foundation with Shiseido, Nars & Estée Lauder) (5)

What is your favorite summer foundation? Have you tried any of these three foundations?


  1. even my hunt for the perfect summer foundation is still on :| . you are looking gorgeous dear. :)

  2. It really looks great on you!

  3. Toevallig vandaag de beautytips gepost waarin ik vertel dat ik in de zomer niet zo’n fan van foundation ben. Ik gebruik dan het liefst of Guerlain BB cream Linger de peau, Clinique CC cream of gewoon een paar drupjes Lancaster Bronzer. Maar deze Estee Lauder staat jou weer prachtig!

  4. Ik gebruik momenteel een foundation van Vichy. Voor ‘s zomers vind ik een minerale foundation ook wel fijn.

  5. Fijn dat je de perfecte foundation hebt gevonden! Zelf heb ik van alle drie de merken nog nooit een foundation gehad, eigenlijk draag ik het op de een of andere manier ook bijna nooit.

  6. Hmmm, Judy from Its Judy’s Life & It’s Judy’s time also really likes the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and she also has combination skin. Worth the try… And it looks very natural on your skin!

  7. Altijd moeilijk om een perfecte foundation te vinden, maar gelukkig heb jij een goede gevonden het staat je trouwens ook erg goed!

  8. You look absolutely stunning melissa! I could just sit and stare at you!! I need to learn how to do my eye makeup like you! arrgghh! I may have to try the Estee lauder version.. its flawless on you :-)

  9. Beautiful make up, I love the eye shadows :) And I’m happy for you that you found your perfect summer foundation! I guess I’ll stick with the Chanel Perfection Lumière for this summer.

  10. That looks very natural ;-)
    The first and the last one I will buy it because it sounds very good to me and I did never used any foundation.

    Have a great day Xoxo

  11. Foundations are definitely something very personal, the shisheido does look bad though, if you do a dewy finish, then it can’t cling on dry patches!

    The double wear light looks really good on you

  12. Draag het eigenlijk weinig maar EL sheer tint release draagt erg licht.

  13. I bought double wear light a couple of weeks ago because it’s supposed to be the one for those of us with oily skin but I have to say I’m disappointed =/ It doesn’t give me that much coverage (and I’m a light/medium coverage kind of person) and it doesn’t last any longer than my Catrice Infinite Matt. Also, the packaging on mine looks different so maybe I got an old one.

  14. I’m using a light Cover Girl foundation right now, but it’s in a bottle with no pump! That’s a con for me too! That EL one does sound good. :)

    PS I’ll probably keep my hair colour for the summer….probably:P

  15. I have always been interested in Este Lauder products, I have had samples and always loved them…. I like Revlon for my foundation, I like one that has full coverage but looks as natural as possible… I usually use the color stay. I am now looking for a summer foundation too… no luck yet though :)

  16. Hij ziet er erg mooi uit op je huid! De NARS foundation zou ik nog wel eens willen proberen.. Je ooglook is trouwens ook erg mooi!

  17. Ik was net aan het twijfelen om die estée lauder double wear light aan te schaffen, dus deze post kwam goed van pas ;)

  18. Ooo I’m sure gonna have a closer look at EL! I really liked the one I used last summer but this one seems even better from the reviews I’ve read so far. I’m glad you like it. :)

  19. Olala die laatste is idd een grote winnaar!
    Ik ben redelijk lui op dit vlak, meestal gebruik ik dezelfde foundation in de zomer, Ik heb gebruik de fruit mix van Bourjois en ik vind hem zelf al redelijk licht… maareh Estée Lauder is mij nu echt wel aan het doen twijfelen


  20. I have Double Wear Light as well, and I can testify it holds up like a champ even in the heat and humidity of Taipei summer! It doesn’t photograph that well for me though (I don’t know why!), so I don’t reach for it often here. So glad you found a good one for summer :)

  21. Klinkt echt alsof je de perfecte foundation gevonden hebt! :-)

  22. wauw ziet er supergoed uit! heel naturel, prachtig!

  23. Great Review :)
    I have chosen the Dior Nude BB cream for summer

  24. My favorite is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer dabbed on blemishes and set with MAC Blot powder. My skin is too oily for full foundation during the summer.

  25. It feels like Summer the whole year in Jakarta. Thanks for the review! Might be looking into these foundations.


  26. Leuk artikel, en fijn dat je uiteindelijk gevonden heb wat je zocht! Ik gebruik meestal een beetje bb cream,of alsbhet heel warm is wat dag crème haha :)

  27. Nice review. I have dry skin but I still prefer matte foundations.

  28. Het geeft wel een heel mooi resultaat!

  29. I also love Estee Lauder double wear. It works amazing for my oily skin and provides best coverage. Looking very pretty dear :-)

  30. You look so gorgeous Melissa!!
    I’ve been using NARS Tinted Moisturizer.!

  31. Wat goed om meer te lezen over andere foundations.. eigenlijk discrimineer ik andere merken als het komt aan foundation haha. Ik ben zo pro-Bobbi Brown.. vanwege de vele(!!) kleuren allemaal met geeltinten. BlackUp vind ik ook geweldig en Benefit heeft ook een mooie. Ik heb laatst eentje van L’oreal gehaald.. en die heb ik met haast gekocht.. en dat heb ik gemerkt ook, want ik ben er niet blij mee haha. Probeer ik eens wat anders :P

  32. I’m testing the Shiseido one too, and I agree. It’s a bit dewy even for me, and I think it broke me out like crazy when I was at Disneyland last week. So sad. I remember liking the EL foundation a lot too-thanks for reminding me about it! I’m going to need a long-wearing foundation at the end of the summer, so I’ll pick this one up for sure! It looks great on you!

  33. Testing BB/CC creams or any foundation can be such a pain. Once you’ve got a shade that works with your undertones, you have to worry about formula. It can take forever to find a HG that works for you. The Estee Lauder looks lovely – congratulations!

  34. Ik vind je nieuwe favoriet je erg goed staan! Denk ook dat dit de foundation van de drie is die mij het meest aanspreekt; de andere twee hebben gele ondertonen en dat past totaal niet bij de ondertoon van mijn huid.

  35. This sounds great!
    And I love your eye-makeup :-)

  36. Hi, I found your article very interesting, do you know if the SPF means the same in other countries? Like does a SPF 30 in the US provide the same protection as a SPF 30 in the UK or EU? Also I currently use “Lingerie de peau” by Guerlain, it’s very light for the summer and it has a SPF 20 :)

    • I’m pretty sure it does, since SPF rating is a pretty universal thing. I do know that Asia has a unique way of labeling levels of UVA protection though.

  37. Ziet er erg mooi dekkend uit! Ik gebruik zelf alleen een BB cream

  38. I luv these posts of yours! Concise, precise, and so informative.
    I am a foundation gal too. I have tested several BB creams and don’t feel comfortable with any. I only wore a BB cream to go to the beach! (Anything is better than bare face, right? :P )
    For summer I go for long wear formulations, I have dry-ish skin so I can only wear those in summer. I totally need to test double wear light, it sounds very good!

  39. But you have gorgeous skin anyway! Who needs foundation? :P

    Everyone says that Estee Lauder one is fantastic – the whole range of BB and stuff from EL. I should give them a try – I think there is a new dewy one!

  40. Altijd heerlijk als je eindelijk het gevoel hebt dat een foundation écht bij je past en voor je doet wat je wil. Staat je goed! X

  41. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light too. It seems like an ideal foundation for the summer. I really want to try it but I’m trying to finish at least 1 or 2 of my foundation before exploring more. I’ll get this as soon as I can. LOL

  42. Ziet er goed uit, en wat een mooie wenkbrauwen heb je!!! Xo

  43. I will never understand why some brands don’t just put pumps on their liquid foundations (or sell it in tubes, or something). Open-necked bottles (which I’m assuming the NARS has) just make no sense to me, LOL!

  44. in de zomer ben ik meer van een licht creme’pje,
    en bronzer, i love bronzer…

  45. Je n’ai jamais testé les fonds de teint Estée Lauder ou Shiseido, faudrait que je me lance une fois.
    Un de mes fond de teint préféré est un de chez By Terry, faudrait que j’en parle une fois.

  46. I love Nars Sheer Matte! I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work well for you. Foundations can be very tricky because what works for one doesn’t always work for another.

  47. I have a hard time finding the right foundation for myself. I’m really afraid, so much money spent, and so many flaws. However, I never tried Estée Lauder foundation. What did you mean by oxidation? Thanks!

  48. What a great post, I’ll have to give that Estee Lauder foundation a try. I love the original DW, but it’s so heavy on the skin!

    I love Make Up Forever’s Matt Velvet for summertime. It’s water resistant, great for oily skin but feels very light at the same time.

  49. I never wear Fundation in summer but this three looks decently great! ANd by the way: I love your Eye Make Up !

  50. That looks great on you! I’m pretty loyal to NARS TM! I’ll give this a swatch though!

  51. Deze post komt van pas, ik ben ook al even op zoek naar een perfecte zomerfoundation/dekking. Ik twijfel nog tussen de Estée Lauder Double Wear all day glow BB en deze :)

  52. Cracking up at the big “REJECTED” stamps! I’ve never tried EL Double Wear Light. I tried the Double Wear Camoflauge makeup before my wedding but it was actually too much coverage – something I never thought I’d hear myself say! I’ve fallen in love with the Lumene Time Freeze CC Cream. A friend of mine recommended it to me and it gives medium coverage that feels lightweight and has SPF. AND it doesn’t get greasy/slippery on me at the end of the day. YAY!

  53. I’ve heard so many good things about the Estee Lauder foundation.. might try it out to be honest! I’m currently loving my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and the Lancome Teint miracle foundation which will do just fine throughout the summer!

  54. Estee Lauder gives real good coverage…. Looking good xx

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