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Beauty tips | Using coconut oil as a waterproof make-up remover

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For years I’ve been using the same waterproof make-up remover from La Roche Posay to remove my make-up at night, but last week I was in a bit of a tree hugger mood and I decided to make a radical change in my cleansing routine by replacing my trusted Respectissime make-up remover by a 100% natural alternative: coconut oil.

Beauty tips  (Using coconut oil as a waterproof make-up remover) (1)

I normally use coconut oil just for hot oil hair treatments and for my elbows and feet, but since last week I’ve been busting out my jar of coconut oil for my daily nightly cleansing routine as well. At room temperature coconut oil is (semi-)solid and has a soft buttery texture, but once you warm it up between your fingers or hands it melts and turns into oil. So how do I use coconut oil to remove my make-up? I simply rub a bit of coconut oil between my fingers and gently massage it around my face and eyes. And this just makes my make-up melt away in a matter of seconds. Even my stubborn Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation and the five hundred layers of eye make-up that I usually wear don’t stand a chance against the make-up melting powers of coconut oil!

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When I’m done removing my make-up I use a cotton pad to remove (most of) the oil and if needed I quickly redo my eyes to remove those last bits of leftover make-up. And then I just cleanse my face with my Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash.

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Coconut butter is solid at room temperature…

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… but melts and turns into oil once you rub it on your skin.

Guys, I really think I’m done with regular make-up removers. I’m completely sold on this new – natural! – master of make-up removal. I’m totally loco about coco. Coconut oil is 100% natural, cheap and it’s just as good at removing make-up as any other make-up remover I’ve ever used. If not better. Plus, coconut oil provides some extra nourishment for my skin, and it just smells freakin’ delicious. The only issue that I have is that it always leaves a bit of an oily veil on my eyes, which blurs my vision. A quick cleanse and rinse afterwards solves that problem though, and for me the many pros definitely outweigh that one little inconvenience. Bottom line? I am very happy to have discovered what a great make-up remover coconut oil makes.

You can buy coconut oil in health food stores as well as in natural cosmetics stores. Just make sure you get 100% natural pure coconut oil. Mine is from the brand Bio Planète and comes from Thetwistshop where it is sold for 9.50 CHF.

What make-up remover do you use? Have you ever tried using coconut oil to remove your make-up?

P.S.: I gave the blog a little summer make-over last night. Do you like the new lay-out?


  1. new layout looks pretty, agree! even i have found coconut oil as the best makeup remover,
    laks recently posted…Cinnamon Kitchen – Restaurant Review

  2. Gebruik kokosolie wel maar niet meer als remover vanwege het waasje dat je noemt. Maar wel als haarmasker en op droge plekjes.
    Cindy H recently posted…Etos duochrome

  3. Helllooo melissa! I love the new header :) Looks so fresh! Ii am a huge fan of coconut oil too, it is such an all purpose magic potion – Love it! Hope you are well! Mail you soon! <3
    Chaitra @ PinkPot recently posted…WEDDING BLISS!

  4. Ik gebruik ook bijna altijd gewoon simpel olie om mijn oog-make up mee te verwijderen. Ik vind het zachter voor mijn gevoelige ogen, goedkoper en super makkelijk :)
    Svenja recently posted…New in / Fab wallet

  5. loco about coco haha! Ik moet het ook nog steeds eens proberen :)
    Rosa recently posted…Tip: Big Bazar kussentjes

  6. Waauw, dit klinkt als een heel goed alternatief voor gewone make-up remover! Ik wil het zeker eens uitproberen xxx
    Katia recently posted…Review: Figs & Rouge handcrème Coco Rose

  7. Cocos olie is heerlijk om voor veel dingen te gebruiken! enne leuke nieuwe lay out!
    Saskia recently posted…What’s in my bag’s Make-up Bag

  8. geen idee dat cocos olie daar ook goed voor was
    dit ga ik toch ook eens testen thuis! Merci voor de tip (oooh ik leer zoveel van u é)

    Karlien – Polished Cats recently posted…Outfit: Khaki Lace

  9. Ik heb kokosolie ook al gebruikt als haarmasker, gemengd met andere olies, maar nog nooit als make-up remover. Misschien gewoon eens proberen :)

  10. Ik deed vroeger altijd cocos olie in mijn haren als masker, super vet werd het er van! Leuk geschreven :) Ik volg je nu ook via bloglovin! Liefs x

  11. Ooooo…this is good to know, Melissa. We always have coconut oil at home coz I use it for my hair, but I didn’t know you can use it as a makeup remover. Thanks!
    Emmy recently posted…It’s Friday. I’m in love.

  12. I luckily never have to remove waterproof makeup – but whenever I don’t have a remover I use some sort of cream which removes my make up perfectly!
    Tanja recently posted…All black everything

  13. Hey Melissa! I have been using jojoba oil for a long time for my eyes.. to remove makeup or just nourish! oils of any kind are great for cleansing! have to give coconut a go now!
    Divya recently posted…Planning, Booking, Packing | The Spain Edition

  14. Ik hartje cocos olie. Voor meerdere doeleinden! Ik wissel een beetje removers af, de ene keer gebruik ik de olie van Philosophy de andere keer micellair water. Cocosvet vind ik net te vet, heb het wel eens geprobeerd. En je nieuwe lay out is leuk!!
    Karen recently posted…Summer Arm Candy Shoplist

  15. Ik gebruik het ook weleens als make-up remover. Werkt prima! Je nieuwe header ziet er trouwens mooi uit :)
    Bouchra recently posted…Interessante filmpjes #3

  16. Ik heb dit ook wel eens op deze manier gedaan! Het werkt héél fijn :)

  17. Dit klinkt wel erg handig! Bedankt voor de tip :)

  18. Natural is the word. Think Mascha used to do this a lot and I get the veil, oily waterproof make-upremover always leaves my sight a bit blurry.
    Jasmine recently posted…Favorieten juni

  19. agree with u ,coconut oil removed the make-up perfectly
    but my only issue is it makes my oily skin even bit oilier thats the reason i stay away from it ….but if it works for u ,then it is a perfect natural product :)
    Krithi recently posted…Dior Addict Eau Delice Perfume Review

  20. Klinkt goed, dit ga ik ook eens proberen!
    Melissa recently posted…Natura Siberica Face Serum For Oily And Combined Skin

  21. Yes to coconut oil. I have been a fan for years. I use it in my hair, cuticles, skin. Love!
    Glenda recently posted…Are You Shackled (Discussion)?

  22. Ik vind je header erg gaaf! Heb je dat zelf gedaan met watereffect? If so, please tell me how :D daar wil ik ook wel mee spelen! Ik ben trouwens zelf ook erg dol op kokosolie, want het is super om te gebruiken voor veel verschillende doelen.. waaronder als make-upremover :)
    Natasja recently posted…Congratulations To The Winners:

  23. Hi Melissa, I love your new look for the blog. I do agree that coconut oil is a very versatile product!
    Fiona recently posted…Maybelline ColorShow Glitter Mania*

  24. i’ve tried this before and it was wonderful but i eventually gave up because of the eye issue. I am currently using bifesta now since its easier for me and my falsies (i hate removing oil off my falsies)
    Angel recently posted…I HAVE NO LIFE

  25. Oh my gashh! Lijkt me súper ! XX Liefs
    Florentine recently posted…Horloge tip ⌚️

  26. Hi Melissa! I recently bought coconut oil and have been loving it as a body moisturizer! I also adore the scent :). That’s such a good idea to use this as a makeup remover. I’m a little scared though how my acne-prone skin would react. Depending on how brave I’m feeling, I may just try this out when my current makeup remover is finished (Tatcha Cleansing Oil — I’m not in love with it). Thanks for the tip!
    Carolyn recently posted…Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer Review

  27. Klinkt heel goed, misschien moet ik het ook eens gaan proberen. Heb zoveel positieve dingen er over gehoord!
    Sylvana recently posted…Room For Thought #2

  28. Ik gebruik het wel eens voor mijn haar maar durf het niet echt voor mijn gezicht te gebruiken.
    Redhotjillypeppers recently posted…Noctifor+

  29. Hey, I have the same coconut oil !!! I love to use it as a body cream and to cook :). So the place changes always from kitchen to bath…
    Back to the roots… I like that you try the natural version because the other stuff is expensive and has lots of chemicals. But as a make up remover…I can`t use coconut it. I hate oily traces espacially in my eyes. My magic cheap alround talent as a cleaser is a black soap. The only bad thing about it: It burns sometimes in my eyes a bit. But I prefer burning eyes more to oily eyes ; )
    mimi recently posted…New Burt’s Bees: Lip Gloss & Lip Shine – What’s new

  30. definitely have to try this :) just bought some coconut oil ;)
    Joe recently posted…New In – Birkenstock-Inspired Shoes

  31. I currently use Clinique, which works fine and all, but once I am done with that bottle I think I will try out the coconut oil! I’ve been wanting to for a long time!!
    Margo recently posted…Does This Thing Really Work? Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush Review

  32. Great post! I love using coconut oil for many things! Removing my makeup is one of them.
    Simera recently posted…Sam Villa 1.5″ Thermal Styling Brush – Review & Photos

  33. I would rather have a little coconut on my eye than what is in eye make up remover…I am going to replace mine with this… :)
    Launna recently posted…My Commitment To Myself

  34. This is indeed a great alternative! I never thought of this before… thanks for sharing! Will look for one soon because my Tony Moly makeup remover stings :(
    Hazel recently posted…What to expect in H&M Manila Flagship Store?

  35. Oooh – awesome tip! I would quite like to try coconut oil, actually, as I hear so many good things about it for skin moisturising purposes! Now I want to try it for waterproof makeup removing too (especially as waterproof mascara and eyeliner is the only kind I wear)!
    Sylirael recently posted…Operation Desert Rogue Part 3: A Peek at Some Duty Free and Travel Exclusive Makeup

  36. Hahaha, loco for coco: zalig! Ik weet niet of dit voor mij een goed idee is, met mijn gecombineerde tot vette huid…
    Birte recently posted…Summer Wishlist

  37. I’ve used baby oil for years, since a bit bottle was only about $3! But I’m starting to like using coconut oil more and more, since it is more nourishing! I haven’t used a regular makeup remover in years though!

  38. Nice blog… I also use coconut oil and sometimes Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil for removing my eye makeup… Coconut oil is the best :)
    Anubhuti recently posted…NOTD: Polka love

  39. Ik gebruik het sinds korte tijd ook om mijn make up eraf te halen! Zo’n fijn spul! En hydrateert ook gelijk goed!

  40. Ik ben een enorme fan van kokosolie. Maar haal mijn make up er niet mee af. Vraag me nu serieus af waarom! :-D

  41. This is the only way I can get the new Benefit liner off my lash line!
    Erin recently posted…Vega Sport Performance Protein Review

  42. Just make sure not to apply too much oil around the eyes, it can get in your eyes and cause buildup especially at night. In the morning you can have a blurry eye sight the next day due to the oil (my personal experience with almond oil).
    Nilou recently posted…Zelf bosuitjes hergroeien

  43. I’m happy with my current Carrot and White Tea eye makeup remover, but I would definitely be happy to try this alternative version too! Thanks for the tip! And I like the new blog style!
    Karen @ Unpack the Box recently posted…International Memebox Multiprize Giveaway Extravaganza!

  44. I love using coconut oil too…actually before I had ever given makeup removers a try, all I had was in plain old coconut oil. Although here in India it is usually so hot that it never stays in that semi solid form :D
    Swati recently posted…Press Note : Studio Creo introduces the range of extendable dining tables from Calligaris

  45. Ik denk dat voor sommige mensen dit helemaal niet werkt. Ik gebruikte het ook een tijdje en mijn zicht werd slechter en slechter, en blijkbaar was ik zeker niet de enige, dus wel oppassen!
    Eva Realitijd recently posted…Favoriete lipsticks

  46. wow! loved the article! thanks.

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