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For years I’ve been using the same waterproof make-up remover from La Roche Posay to remove my make-up at night, but last week I was in a bit of a tree hugger mood and I decided to make a radical change in my cleansing routine by replacing my trusted Respectissime make-up remover by a 100% natural alternative: coconut oil.

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I normally use coconut oil just for hot oil hair treatments and for my elbows and feet, but since last week I’ve been busting out my jar of coconut oil for my daily nightly cleansing routine as well. At room temperature coconut oil is (semi-)solid and has a soft buttery texture, but once you warm it up between your fingers or hands it melts and turns into oil. So how do I use coconut oil to remove my make-up? I simply rub a bit of coconut oil between my fingers and gently massage it around my face and eyes. And this just makes my make-up melt away in a matter of seconds. Even my stubborn Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation and the five hundred layers of eye make-up that I usually wear don’t stand a chance against the make-up melting powers of coconut oil!

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When I’m done removing my make-up I use a cotton pad to remove (most of) the oil and if needed I quickly redo my eyes to remove those last bits of leftover make-up. And then I just cleanse my face with my Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash.

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Coconut butter is solid at room temperature…

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… but melts and turns into oil once you rub it on your skin.

Guys, I really think I’m done with regular make-up removers. I’m completely sold on this new – natural! – master of make-up removal. I’m totally loco about coco. Coconut oil is 100% natural, cheap and it’s just as good at removing make-up as any other make-up remover I’ve ever used. If not better. Plus, coconut oil provides some extra nourishment for my skin, and it just smells freakin’ delicious. The only issue that I have is that it always leaves a bit of an oily veil on my eyes, which blurs my vision. A quick cleanse and rinse afterwards solves that problem though, and for me the many pros definitely outweigh that one little inconvenience. Bottom line? I am very happy to have discovered what a great make-up remover coconut oil makes.

You can buy coconut oil in health food stores as well as in natural cosmetics stores. Just make sure you get 100% natural pure coconut oil. Mine is from the brand Bio Planète and comes from Thetwistshop where it is sold for 9.50 CHF.

What make-up remover do you use? Have you ever tried using coconut oil to remove your make-up?

P.S.: I gave the blog a little summer make-over last night. Do you like the new lay-out?

59 thoughts on “Beauty tips | Using coconut oil as a waterproof make-up remover

  1. Ik hartje cocos olie. Voor meerdere doeleinden! Ik wissel een beetje removers af, de ene keer gebruik ik de olie van Philosophy de andere keer micellair water. Cocosvet vind ik net te vet, heb het wel eens geprobeerd. En je nieuwe lay out is leuk!!
    Karen recently posted…Summer Arm Candy Shoplist

  2. Ik vind je header erg gaaf! Heb je dat zelf gedaan met watereffect? If so, please tell me how :D daar wil ik ook wel mee spelen! Ik ben trouwens zelf ook erg dol op kokosolie, want het is super om te gebruiken voor veel verschillende doelen.. waaronder als make-upremover :)
    Natasja recently posted…Congratulations To The Winners:

  3. i’ve tried this before and it was wonderful but i eventually gave up because of the eye issue. I am currently using bifesta now since its easier for me and my falsies (i hate removing oil off my falsies)
    Angel recently posted…I HAVE NO LIFE

  4. Hi Melissa! I recently bought coconut oil and have been loving it as a body moisturizer! I also adore the scent :). That’s such a good idea to use this as a makeup remover. I’m a little scared though how my acne-prone skin would react. Depending on how brave I’m feeling, I may just try this out when my current makeup remover is finished (Tatcha Cleansing Oil — I’m not in love with it). Thanks for the tip!
    Carolyn recently posted…Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer Review

  5. Hey, I have the same coconut oil !!! I love to use it as a body cream and to cook :). So the place changes always from kitchen to bath…
    Back to the roots… I like that you try the natural version because the other stuff is expensive and has lots of chemicals. But as a make up remover…I can`t use coconut it. I hate oily traces espacially in my eyes. My magic cheap alround talent as a cleaser is a black soap. The only bad thing about it: It burns sometimes in my eyes a bit. But I prefer burning eyes more to oily eyes ; )
    mimi recently posted…New Burt’s Bees: Lip Gloss & Lip Shine – What’s new

  6. I’ve used baby oil for years, since a bit bottle was only about $3! But I’m starting to like using coconut oil more and more, since it is more nourishing! I haven’t used a regular makeup remover in years though!

  7. Just make sure not to apply too much oil around the eyes, it can get in your eyes and cause buildup especially at night. In the morning you can have a blurry eye sight the next day due to the oil (my personal experience with almond oil).
    Nilou recently posted…Zelf bosuitjes hergroeien

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