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Review | Getting back into the falsie game with Esqido mink false eyelashes

Confession: even though I’m a trained make-up artist applying false eyelashes has never been my strong suit. I know that a lot of girls apply falsies with their eyes closed – no pun intended – but me, I’ve always struggled with it. And not just on myself. On others too. On photoshoots I somehow always ended up gluing someone’s eye shut or leaving glue residue all over the model’s eyelids. And sometimes I didn’t even manage to get the lashes on at all. Very embarrassing. And anything but professional of course. But after more than two years of swearing off – and at – false eyelashes I decided to get back into the falsie game. And I went back in with all guns blazing with a set of gorgeous Esqido false eyelashes. Take a look!

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Esqido uses high-quality mink hair to create the softest, lightest and most natural-looking false eyelashes out there. And don’t worry, the brand uses only naturally shed mink hair, so the lashes are perfectly cruelty-free.

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Every set of Esqido mink false eyelashes is handcrafted for the most natural-looking result possible.

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I got the Unforgettable lashes, a set of natural-looking falsies with a subtle winged shape.

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See how real those look?

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The instructions sound easy enough, right? Right. I won’t lie, even when I followed Esqido’s pro tip to apply the eyelashes while looking downwards into a mirror it took me a couple tries to get the lashes on correctly the first time. But I guess practice really does make perfect, because the second and third time that I wore them the application already went a lot more smoothly. There is hope, girls, there is hope! And since you can use every pair of Esqido false eyelashes up to 25 times I still have plenty of time to practice.

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Pro tips on how to remove and care for your falsies. Clearly the key is to be very gentle.

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And now for the results!

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Review (Esqido Unforgettable mink false eyelashes) (8)

Flutter, flutter!

Don’t they look gorgeous?! I love how fluttery and long they are and how they don’t look too over the top or overly dramatic! Who knows, maybe once I’ve perfected my falsie skills I’ll become a real false eyelash convert. If so, I’ll definitely look at Esqido again. Why choose between quality or quantity when you can have both, right.

Do you wear falsies? Have you tried false eyelashes from Esqido yet?



  1. Wow they Looks really great!

  2. I like false eyelashes for special occasions. I never had problems applying full strips, but I’m totally lost with individuals – at least at applying them to my own eyes. With other people, no problem! :)

  3. Oh my! you look stunning! Those lashezzz!!!!!!
    I have tried falsies a couple of times, but not only I struggle with them they somehow don’t look right on my little hooded eyes… I keep saying to myself that I need to try individual false lashes which seem to have a more natural effect.

  4. My my, such fluttery lashes! I personally seldom ever wear false lashes. The couple of times I tried it did work, but I didn’t get hooked on them. I had bad experience with the Esquido PR tho. A while back they contacted me about sending samples for posts (with specific deadlines/types of posts in mind as well), but started dodging as soon as they realized I am not based in North America. They finished by saying they have to declare the samples as regular goods on the customs form, which is unheard of in my experience.

  5. Wat fijn dat het diervriendelijk gemaakt wordt. En dat effect… wow…. prachtig. Heel glam! Ik heb met mijn huwelijk falsies gedragen. En heel soms met een feestje. Ik vind het ook te veel gedoe eigenlijk en ik ben zo onhandig. Zelfs op mijn huwelijk hing er op een gegeven moment een op half zeven. Toen heb ik ze op het avondfeest er maar vanaf getrokken.

  6. Ik schrok eerst eventjes toen ik las dat deze kunstwimpers van nertsharen gemaakt zijn. Wilde al bijna gaan weg klikken, toen ik las dat ze van natuurlijk uitgevallen haren gemaakt zijn.
    Het zou niet in me opkomen dat dit kunstwimpers zijn als je ‘t er niet bij verteld had. Ze staan je heel natuurlijk.

  7. Heel mooi effect van die wapperwimpers.

  8. Wat zien ze er mooi uit zeg! Ik ben zelf ook geen held met nepwimpers, vind het toch wel lastig om ze goed aan te brengen en daarom draag ik ze niet zo vaak, maar het geeft soms toch net wat extra’s!

  9. omg they look soo natural and pretty on you.. :)

  10. Die staan je wel heel natuurlijk. Ik heb lange wimpers dus draag nooit valse wimpers

  11. Wat zien ze er mooi uit zeg! Ik ben echt niet goed met valse wimpers aanbrengen haha

  12. They look amazing on you!

  13. Well of course they look perfect and stunning on you!
    Really, they are very nice!

    I have good lashes and I’m lazy so for me a big effort is using primer before the mascara. Never in my life have i used false lashes.

    Even if I don’t use primer people think I am wearing falsies.

    When i was in 7th grade and wasn’t wearing any makeup, let alone false lashes, a girl was being really mean to me and she accused me of wearing them to impress people.

  14. Ja echt heel mooi en natuurlijk toch!

  15. Ziet er erg goed uit vind ik!

  16. WHOA. That is dramaaatic. It looks beautiful but wow.

  17. Wauw staat je echt prachtig!

  18. They look amazing on you!

  19. Oooh, they’re making me want to try falsies again soon, too! Love the look, muy dramatic!

  20. These lashes look really pretty on you! I love how your photographs are so beautifully shot. You look ever so pretty! I have also tried a couple of pairs of lashes from Esquido and they are so natural and long lasting.

  21. Deze zijn echt heel mooi ! Ik draag ze heel af en toe maar eigenlijk enkel bij speciale gelegenheden.

  22. Ohhhhh my, wat vind ik dit geweldig bij je staan…supermooi!

  23. Oh die mink blij! Yay.

    Wat staan deze wimpers jou MOOI! I want them!!!

  24. Wat een prachtig effect!

  25. Hehe this company was found by one of my friends! Glad to see lots of love for it! Your lashes look natural and great!

  26. Oh my-my ! They come in such classy packaging and they look so great on you babes!

  27. Goodness, these are just the right balance between natural and glam! They look great on you, but even though I try all the time, I still can’t get lashes on right!

  28. It’s amazing what some falsies can do to enhance your features. I have yet to try my Esqido lashes… but I really should do it soon!

  29. Wow, look at these lashes!
    I used to apply falsies from time to time for night out, but since there are no more nights out, there are no more falsies. I guess they would look a little out of place on the playground…

  30. They look so good!! :D They suit you so well :) It never seems to work on me.

  31. Ze zien erg chique uit! Zelf draag ik geen valse wimpers omdat het zeker een uur duurt voordat ik ze er fatsoenlijk op heb.

  32. Wow! The lashes look so lovely! I have never tried false lashes yet, but these are tempting me so much!

  33. These look gorgeous on you! I have a pair of Unforgettables to review, but after a 1.5 year hiatus from applying falsies, I was hesitant to get started. I’ve been practicing with a drugstore pair and once I had it again, I knew it was time to break out the Esqidos!
    False lashes really add that extra oomph to eye looks like nothing else can!

    • Exactly! That’s the reason I wanna get my falsie game down. Fake lashes are such an easy – and if you’re experienced quick – way to look all glammed up.

  34. Melissa I love the look of the false lashes… I have a pair too… I have quite the time applying them, I’ll take any tips I can. I do love them after they are applied ♡

  35. Prachtig resultaat!! En wat zijn ze mooi verpakt ook!

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