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Video | Morning Snow Walk

The peaks here in Switzerland have been covered under a thick carpet of snow for a good few weeks now, but it wasn’t until Thursday that we also (finally!) got some snow at the apartment. Time to dust off those snow boots! On Friday morning I got up early for a sunrise snow walk and made a short 90-second video for the blog. Yes, it took me 15 minutes to defrost my fingers afterwards (-12°C + Raynaud’s = hell) but I still couldn’t think of a better way to start my day. Ready to join me on my early morning winter walk?

Watch the video on YouTube for the best quality & remember to put the settings at 1080p HD

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Do you like winter/snow? Do you enjoy early morning walks?



  1. Nice video and I liked the music, Melissa! :) I recognize that church looking building from a summer pic a long time ago. Very cool to see it in the winter time. Brrr…your walk looked cold… :)

  2. Wow het is daar prachtig. Zo zou ik in de winter elke dag wel willen beginnen.

  3. Yes and yes! It started snowing yesterday. Proper snow, not just a dust of white, and we took the kids for a walk in the woods and a sleigh ride. So much fun.

  4. Great to walk in the snow!
    Nice video.


  5. What a tranquil scene the snow in the morning light makes! Thankyou so much for sharing. A nice stroll in the cold seems like a great way to start the day, even with the consequent defrosting. lol

  6. Wat ontzettend mooi!! Lekker genieten zeg

  7. There is some beauty in snow, especially when it first falls, however; I’m not a fan of snow at all… I’d much prefer warm weather. I think it’s because I love no wearing a coat and just heading out with a pair of slip on. I’m better about it this year since I don’t have travel in it xox ♡

  8. God’s country Melissa! So beautiful….makes me think of my beloved lab. He just LOVED playing in the snow with his tennis balls! I swear he’d have a heart attack before he’d ever stop retrieving..❤️ We all appreciated you freezing your ass off to make this for us! TY!!


  9. Beautiful Video – Switzerland can be so pretty at times, right?
    I also love morning walks – but not just morning, I love going for a walk no matter what time :)
    Thank you a lot for your comment on my last post, but I’m unsure, you speak German?
    Hugs from Switzerland

  10. Oh it looks so pretty and like so much fun. I always enjoy the idea of snow, but once I’ve enjoyed it for a day I’m over it haha. Since moving to Florida years ago I’ve become such a wimp with cold weather.

  11. Hou er zo van dit te zien en het
    lijkt dan even of ik daar ook ben met jou!Moeder en dochter op wandel in de sneeuw❤❤❤❤

  12. Loved this morning walk. the landscape is so beautiful! Yes, it took you 15 min to defrost your fingers, but that was totally worth, I think, because the beauty of this place is really incredible! Hope you have a very nice week!

  13. Kijk dat is nou hoe de winter moet zijn.

  14. Looks beautiful!



  15. Hey bei euch in der Schweiz hats ja auch kräftig geschneit! Ich würde mich freuen wenn du mal wieder bei meinem Blog vorbeischaust ;-) LG

  16. Wat mooi is het daar! Ik ben wel een beetje jaloers hihi X

  17. Apparently it’s going to snow in the UK soon… they’ve been saying that for ages though!
    Aleeha xXx

  18. What a beautiful morning walk!

  19. Zalig om te zien! Lag hier ook maar zoveel sneeuw!

  20. Beautiful and really magical !! I love winter and snow, everything is good as long as it’s not gray and raining hehe :-D .

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