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Make-Up Look | The Ritual Of Cleopatra

Today I’m channeling my inner Egyptian queen with a make-up look featuring four products from the new Rituals The Ritual of Cleopatra make-up collection. Take a look!

Rituals Duo Eyeshadow in Gold & Dark Brown

Availability: 31 CHF at Rituals.

Rituals Intense Color Eye Pencil in Black

Availability: 15 CHF at Rituals.

Rituals Sunglow in Peach

Availability: 40 CHF at Rituals.

Rituals Hydrating Lip Gloss in Peach Pink

Availability: 20 CHF at Rituals.

Alright, time to check out the look!

Aaaaand here’s a little side view for ya as well:

What do you think of the look? Do you own any Rituals make-up?

★ disclosure ★



  1. Mooie look!! De sunglow vind ik erg mooi!

  2. Van de budgetvriendelijke merken vind ik Rituals een topper! Mooie look alweer!

  3. Cool dat Rituals een make up lijn heeft. Dit wist ik niet. Je hebt een mooie look gemaakt, ik vind de oogschaduw heel mooi.

  4. I wasn’t aware that Rituals did makeup! That lip gloss caught my eye immediately! xx

  5. Mooie look. Zelf heb ik nog nooit iets van hun make-up gekocht.

  6. Looks lovely Melissa! I can see the “glow” from the blush and it looks really subtle and healthy! I have to admit, the shadows remind me of chocolates! They look really nice….are you pleased with the quality? Once again, your skin looks beautiful❤ Very pretty!


  7. Loved the look your created dear :)

  8. Die oogschaduws zijn prachtig! <3

  9. ik heb nog nooit make up van Rituals geprobeerd
    maar die oogschaduw vind ik zeker wel geslaagd en die blush ook wel


  10. I like it and wow from Rituals – love this brand. They have make-up, doesn´t know

  11. Wow! Rituals is really a brand that does it all, huh? I like this look on you. The blush gives a nice healthy glow, and that eye pencil looks dark and opaque. How would you rate the pigmentation of those shadows?

  12. I really like that eyeliner.

  13. Mooie look! De lipkleur in combinatie met de glow vind ik erg mooi!

  14. Mooie look! Ik ben vooral onder de indruk van de lipgloss. Ik ben dol op koraal kleurtjes. En wat betreft je vraag: ik heb (nog) geen cosmetica van Rituals. Maar voor die gloss ga ik waarschijnlijk wel kijken die krijg ik nu al niet meer uit mijn hoofd hihi.

  15. I always heard the pigmentation of Rituals was not that great but this looks pretty good and pretty :)

  16. I haven’t tried anything from Rituals but looking at these products I think I need to! The eyeshadows and the Sunglow are just too pretty :) I love the look you have created with them as well, it is definitely something I would wear myself x

  17. You look gorgeous and your choker is adorable!!

  18. I did not know that Rituals made makeup! The lip gloss is so pretty.

  19. I want that palette! Though to be honest, I have enough nudes in my collection…

  20. Now I LOVE this look! Pinning this one for later! <3

  21. loved the look…loved the peachy pink flush on cheeks :) your choker is so cute.

  22. Melissa, I have missed all your color combos, I am really loving the gold shadow and as always you choose a great shade of lipstick for you. I seem to find one or two go to’s for me, I wish I could step out of the box a little more xox

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