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Two Dashes Of Glam | Green, Yellow And Orange

For our first Two Dashes Of Glam collaboration of 2017 Natasja and I decided to pick three colors for each other to incorporate in a make-up look. Check it out!

My Make-Up Look In Green, Yellow & Orange

Natasja gave me three unconventional colors to work with: green, yellow and orange. I bet you were expecting me to come up with a super colorful look, but nope, I actually did something fairly wearable. Sure, green, yellow and orange aren’t the most traditional make-up colors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to look all wild and crazy.

Coastal Scents Snow Bunny New Terrain New Penny Dark Golden Olive Coastal Scents Hot Pots Fit In e.l.f. Elements Custom Compact

Coastal Scents Dark Golden Olive (bottom right) + New Terrain (top right) ✿

✿MAC Chrome Yellow (top right) ✿

review Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil Glossy Emerald swatch

✿ Maybelline Glossy Emerald ✿

On my eyes I’m wearing a combination of Coastal Scents Dark Golden Olive (eyelid) and New Terrain (outer eye corner + crease) in a dark green smokey look. Normally I’d also apply New Terrain against my lower lash line and use a color like Snow Bunny (top left in the quad) to highlight my inner eye corners, but since I needed to incorporate yellow in my look I decided to use MAC Chrome Yellow instead. And, for extra bonus points, I decided to apply the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil in Glossy Emerald on my lower waterline for an additional touch of green.

Review Sleek Blush By 3 Lace Blush Palette swatches Sleek Crochet Guipure Chantilly

Sleek Crochet (left) ✿

review Tom Ford Solar Affair Ultra-Rich Lip Color swatch

Tom Ford Solar Affair ✿

And the orange? That’s on my cheeks and lips. For blush I went with Crochet from the Sleek Blush By 3 Lace Blush Palette, a soft matte orange, and on my lips I’m wearing the Tom Ford Solar Affair Ultra-Rich Lip Color, a muted coral orange.

Natasja’s Make-Up Look in Gold, Blue & Gray

For Natasja I picked gold, blue and gray. Gold always looks stunning on her and I have a feeling she’ll pair it just beautifully with the other two colors. Quickly visit Eyes Painted Black to find out how the look turned out!

Do you like make-up challenges? What do you think of the looks Natasja and I created and the colors we picked for each other?


How Long Do Essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes Really Last?

Time for some nail talk! Essie’s popular Gel Couture formula promises “luxurious wear for up to 14 days” and uses an easy 2-step system (nail color + top coat) that doesn’t require a lamp and is easy to remove. A two-week flawless manicure? Yes please!

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Unfortunately that’s because it usually is. I’ve tried my fair share of supposedly long-wearing gel-like nail polish formulas but so far none have lived up to the expectations and most only prolong the wear time of my nail polish from three to four days. Five if I’m lucky. Which is obviously not that impressive. Maybe the problem lies with me, because there are plenty of glowing reviews out there on these long-wearing nail polish systems. Or maybe some people don’t mind getting the odd chip here and there and thus have a different idea of what “perfect wear time” is. That, or they’re just flat out lying in their reviews. Fact is that I personally haven’t had much luck with long-wearing nail colors. Time to find out it my experience with the Essie Gel Couture system was any different!

✿ top left to right: Satin Slipper, At The Barre, Perfect Posture ✿
✿ bottom left to right: Hold The Position, Closing Night, Lace Me Up ✿

My week began with a Monday delivery of the new Essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes collection, a limited-edition range of ballet-themed nail polishes in pastel nude shades. Pretty. When it comes to nails pink is my color, so unsurprisingly I picked Hold The Position for my test run with the Gel Couture formula.

✿ Essie Gel Couture Hold The Position ✿

The color went on beautifully even and was opaque in just two coats, which is quite impressive for a pastel shade. And the color went on so quick! I can see now why so many people rave about Essie. The secret must be in the application! Best brush ever! But let’s not get distracted and let’s get back to focusing on longevity. So how long did Hold The Position last on my nails before it started chipping?

✿ Essie Gel Couture Top Coat ✿

A little math will give you the answer. I applied Hold The Position on Monday and I am writing this review on Friday for publication over the weekend. Yup, Hold The Position lasted a mere four days before it started chipping. Disappointing? Yes. Unexpected? Not really. Like I said, maybe my nails are just naturally more prone to chipping than other people’s nails, but as it stands I can’t yet join the army of super enthusiastic beauty bloggers who rave about long-wearing gel formulas and gush about their two-week manis.

✿ Essie Gel Couture Hold The Position ✿

What is the best long-wearing nail formula you’ve tried? Did you pick up any shades from the new Essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes Collection?

★ disclosure ★


Review | MAC Worthy Eye Shadow + MAC Teddy Eye Kohl

Everyone in beauty land seems obsessed with the brand new collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Caitlyn Jenner, and with good reason because the collection looks really lovely! Two eye products from the collection immediately went on my wish list and today I’m showing you a look that features them both. Check it out!

MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Worthy Eye Shadow

What a stunner, right? Worthy is described by MAC as a neutral plum with a satin finish and is toooootally my kind of color.

I love using reddened browns and plums in my outer eye corners and crease, and since the finish of Worthy is almost completely matte once applied – Houdini sparkles – it’s a great shade for blending. The color goes on smooth and evenly and is easy to blend, though for those looking to apply Worthy all over the eyelid it may take some building to get the intensity right.

✿ MAC Worthy (bottom) (Instagram @kissandmakeupsbeautyblog) ✿

Availability: 26 CHF, available in limited edition at the MAC Store in Lucerne and Zürich as well as in the MAC online store.

MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Teddy Eye Kohl

Teddy is the only eyeliner in the MAC x Caitlyn Jenner collection and is described by the brand as an intense bronze.

It’s no secret that I love wearing colored eye pencil on my lower waterline, so I was a bit sad to discover that Teddy barely deposits any color there. Fortunately it does sit and wear well on skin, so for lash line work and winged liner action it’s a keeper.

✿ MAC Teddy (Instagram @kissandmakeupsbeautyblog) ✿

Availability: 24 CHF, available in limited edition at the MAC Store in Lucerne and Zürich as well as in the MAC online store.

Now let’s check out the look, shall we? Let’s start with some full frontal action:

✿ eyeshadow: MAC Amber Lights (eyelid) + Worthy (outer eye corners, crease & lash line) ✿
✿ eyeliner: MAC Teddy (upper lash line & wing) + Urban Decay Perversion (lower waterline) ✿
✿ mascara: Max Factor False Lash Epic Mascara ✿

Aaaand a little side view:

✿ skin: Kiss Me Sunkiller Super Lasting Base + Morphe Banana Powder ✿
✿ blush: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzing Powder ✿
✿ lipstick: MAC See Sheer ✿

Doesn’t Worthy pair beautifully with Amber Lights (top swatch in the Instagram snap) on the eyelid? And I love how well the wing with Teddy complements the two eyeshadow colors! Great combination, if I do say so myself.

Did you pick up anything from the MAC x Caitlyn Jenner collection? What do you think of Worthy and Teddy?

★ disclosure ★


New In | Some Tarte, Estée Lauder and O’Keeffe’s (plus a side of chocolate)

I think one of my friends may be a mind reader. She’s a fellow beauty lover and I swear it’s like she’s in my head sometimes when we’re talking make-up. Earlier this week I received a surprise care package from her (hearts!) and boy did she choose well. Take a look!

Tarte Tarteist Pro Custom Magnetic Palette (limited edition)

My friend said this palette had my name written all over it and she was so right! #KISSANDMAKEUP, how perfect is this?! I love, love, love it! I’d been thinking about getting Z-palette to help me with my downsizing resolution for 2017, though I didn’t tell my friend about it. But somehow she know I could use another empty custom make-up palette. Yup, total mind reader!

Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow (limited-edition)

✿ left to right: Sugar Cube, Tranquil Moon, Nocturnal Blue, Amazing Grey, Iridescent Violet, Amethyst Spark, Lavish Mink ✿

My friend likes blues on me, which is why she sent me this super cute limited-edition Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow palette. I cannot wait to have some fun with Nocturnal Blue and Amethyst Spark!

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

It was my friend who first introduced me to the O’Keeffe’s Foot Cream that I adore so much, and now she also sent me the brand’s Working Hands Hand Cream. As I mentioned on the blog earlier this week my hands suffer a lot and are truly in a sorry state, so hopefully this hand cream is exactly what they need.

Van Otis Blueberry & Cranberry Almond Milk Chocolate

My friend – and anyone who has ever spent five minutes with me for that matter – knows that I’m a huge chocoholic, so in addition to the wonderful beauty treats she also sent me some chocolate. Apparently Van Otis Chocolates is an award-winning chocolatier in Manchester USA, and since I have zero restraint when it comes to chocolate I of course finished all three bars already. I enjoyed them a lot! Both blueberry and cranberry almond were delicious, so I can’t say which flavor I liked best.

Do you and your friends send each other (beauty) care packages? Have you tried any of these products?


Make-Up Look | MAC Red Alert

Last month I depotted some MAC eyeshadow singles and put them all together in an e.l.f. Elements Custom Compact**. Good idea, right? So much more organized!

✿ R.I.P. (Instagram @kissandmakeupsbeautyblog) ✿

The only problem was that I didn’t immediately write down the names of each shade – I figured I knew my collection well enough to remember – and I ended up with one eyeshadow that I just couldn’t identify.

✿ MAC Embark (top left), MAC Red Alert (bottom left), MAC New Crop (top right), MAC Lucky Green (bottom right) ✿

It was this beautiful rusty copper shade and it just killed me that I couldn’t remember its name. But last weekend I finally figured it out and had my aha moment. It was MAC Red Alert from the MAC Red, Red, Red Collection from two years ago!

For this make-up look I applied MAC Red Alert on my entire eyelid and then blended some MAC Embark in my outer eye corners and crease and against my lower lash line for depth and contrast. On my skin I’m only wearing the Kiss Me Sunkiller Super Lasting Base, set with my L.A. Girl HD Pro Setting Powder and a light touch of the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer. And on my lips I’m wearing the MAC Tendertalk Lip Balm in Pretty Me Up.

Do you depot single eyeshadows? What do you think of MAC Red Alert?


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