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Secret To Becoming A Beauty Boss

 Being a beauty boss is simple until you follow a few simple rules.

Be Confident

Whatever makeup you may wear, your smile should justify it all. Your face should have the confidence to face all the negative remarks you may get and if you find them valid, of working on them the next time. Never be ashamed if people don’t like your hairstyle or dress.

Trusted Products

If you wish to know the brands I’d recommend or which global makeup lines is the best in the market, check the link above. It doesn’t really matter what the brand is until the product is verified and tested by genuine laboratories to confirm that the product they deliver is the best.

Woman Applying Facial Moisturizer

Prepare Your Skin

Prepare your skin before applying the makeup. It helps your skin to retain the glow long after applying the makeup. A little moisturizer, followed by similar quantity of foundation and very light face powder would do the trick. Apply primer for makeup to last through the day.

About Us

The Kiss And Makeups Beauty Blog is a place for people who share the interest in makeup. This blog brings you the best gossip in the fashion industry. To top it off I make sure to cover the best fashion trends and the ongoing trends.

Apart from this, I hope to help people who struggle with makeup, by providing a step by step guide to them. The blogs are expansive and cover every aspect that a person will require to learn. I even give tutorials on my blogs to make things simpler to understand. My blog posts cover the most popular and the ongoing trends, so you do not have to worry about being left out of the newer things.


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Naughty Corner

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Makeup Tips From Celebrities

Make-up is one such thing which never goes out of style.

Olive Oil For Flawless Skin By Emma Stone

The beauty who stared at the Spiderman series and other movies states that she uses olive oil for her skin.This actress is allergic to many products which led her to come with the idea of using olive oil, which led her to have an amazing skin!

Changing Skin Care Products By Charlize Theron

Charlize Theronthe Atomic Blonde beauty, states that she regularly changes her skin products. According to the actress, she changes the products on a regular basis to make sure that her skin does not get used to the skin products. You should pick this tip up.

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