My Easy Tips To Mastering Grunge Makeup In 10 Steps

Grunge makeup was the best of best makeup trends which came out in the 1990s. This form of makeup specialized in making the eyes, and the lips look a lot bolder than the other parts of your face. The look is vivid, and its key feature is the smoky eyes.

The look recently re-emerged, and it is better than ever! The grunge look of the newer era makes use of the traditional bold lips and smoking eyes. But the look is now used to depict the mood of the wearer. You see, this look has evolved into something better than what we saw in the 90s. Grunge makeup now makes use of various shades and pallets, these shades and pallets can be chosen according to your preference. You could get a total emo look or a glam look!

The Essentials!

Before we start with the steps and the tips, here is what you will need to pull off a grunge look. The essentials of the grunge makeup are:

Collection of makeup cosmetics

  • Foundation: You can’t do much without one!
  • Eyeliner: Without this within your reach, your look is going to be incomplete.
  • Mascara: The mascara will allow you to define your eyes even more. Make sure this near you.
  • Eyeshadow Pallet: Remember that your eyeshadow pallet should match the color you have chosen for your face.

 Steps To Master Grunge Makeup Like A Pro

Dark smokey dramatic eye

Here are some cool steps which you could use to apply grunge makeup like a pro:

  • Matte Face: The hype about the modern grunge look is the matte face! The matte face is the base of the entire look. Choose a foundation and other products which will give you a brilliant porcelain face look. This base also makes your lips and eyes stand out!
  • Dramatic Eyes: The grunge look depends on how you create your eyes. To get the smoky feel of your eye makeup make sure you use eyeliners. Use a liquid eyeliner or use a pencil eyeliner, as per your look and wishes.
  • How To Get The Smoky Effect? When you apply the eyeliner, use a smudge brush to even it out and get the tone you need. Next, use the eyeshadow pallet. Apply the shade you wish to use by using a brush. Then go around the eyes with the color by using the smudge brush.
  • Touch Up Your Eyes: After you apply the liner and the eyeshadow, the next step you can do is to use an eyelash curler or use mascara. The look you need to create is one that makes use of the grunge style. The style depends on the way you make your eyes look.

    Contouring for grunge look

  • Contouring: To make sure that you have the best-looking base for your eyes and lips, you need to learn how to contour using your foundation. Contouring makes your face appear immensely structured. Furthermore, contouring gives you the most brilliant base for your eyes and lips.
  • Lip Lining: Before you get down to applying your grunge lipstick, you need to make a proper lip line. The lip line will not only serve as the area you need to focus on but also give a precise definition to your lips.

Matte lipsticks for grunge look

  • What Kind Of Lipstick To Choose: In case you are going to be using the matte look, make sure that use a lipstick which has no shine. A matte lipstick would work the best for you. All you need to do is apply the lip shade, bright or dull, as per your base’s requirement.
  • The 90s Look Lip Shade: In case you want the 90s look lip shade, use a lip gloss over a bright lipstick. This look makes use of the shiny things.
  • The 90s Eyes: The eye makeup of the 90s grunge make up wasn’t as serious as it is now. A toned down version of the eye makeup can be used to get the desired effect.
  • The 90s Look Face: The face foundation during that time did not make use of contouring. In case you need to apply the 90s makeup, make use of blending shades and colors on your cheek to get the desired effect.

You can also read about makeup tips from famous celebrities and give your makeup a fresher touch!

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