About Us

We at the Kiss And Makeups Beauty Blog, are trying to give you the best knowledge available for your makeup and do tricks. Makeup is an art, and as all forms of art go, everyone needs a little help.

I created this blog out of my passion and love for the fashion industry as well as makeup. Makeup is a skill which gets better only by practicing and learning new things. I hope to provide the best information and the best makeup ideas to you so that everyone can enjoy the bliss of makeup.

I had stopped blogging for a while, but now I think it is best if I pick this blog up again. I hope to get the best of best gossips and product to you.


I initially created this blog to simply write about the things I already knew of. I enjoyed the thrill of sharing my knowledge with others who shared the same passion and love for the field. With time I realized there are people who wish to learn more about this field. I intended to keep this blog short, but with growing desire to help others, I began to cover other articles as well.

How Can You Help?

The blog posts were created to help you out. You can help others out as well. If you have something impressive in the related field and worth sharing; be sure to contact me and write about it to me. I will be sure to go through it and publish it online with others.Moreover, you can go to my website and share my blogs if you think they will help others who share your problems.

What Do I Do At Kiss And Makeups Beauty Blog?

The Kiss And Makeups Beauty Blog is a place for people who share the interest in makeup. This blog brings you the best gossip in the fashion industry. To top it off I make sure to cover the best fashion trends and the ongoing trends.

Apart from this, I hope to help people who struggle with makeup, by providing a step by step guide to them. The blogs are expansive and cover every aspect that a person will require to learn. I even give tutorials on my blogs to make things simpler to understand. My blog posts cover the most popular and the ongoing trends, so you do not have to worry about being left out of the newer things.

Great News

The fashion industry is ever-changing. Therefore I intend to cover all the latest trends and gossips in their original form. I cover these articles to provide you with new information with nuggets of cool and hot gossips, and the hottest fashion trends.