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Beauty Queens And Bosses

Being beautiful either in the physical or spiritual, inside or outside is a common goal for all of us.

Being beautiful either in the physical or spiritual, inside or outside is a common goal for all of us. For women, their daily life is circled by thoughts and concerns of their look and consequently being a beauty boss. We are all attracted by what we see, therefore the more appealing you are the more attention you will accrue or draw from your viewers.

Sometimes we, especially women are forced to apply some artificial synthetics, either on the face, skin or on bodies to be more appealing. Such appliances are what is referred to as make-ups. The kiss and make-up beauty website is a platform to share concerns and interests about make ups.

Furthermore, the site provides guidelines on how to apply or use certain make ups, updates on latest fashions in the market and their trends. Remember, make up things are one of the demanding arts in the market that never gets out of style, and so, for individuals interested in their looks, here is the best place to learn and familiarize with any make up design you may want.

Conversely, during the process of augmenting your look, you may tumble into an array of errors that would not make you essentially beautiful.

Today, let’s devote ourselves and examine such instances.

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Using An Expired Makeup

Everything has its own expiration date. When buying make up products, it is important to check the expiry dates so that you don’t keep them for longer periods as expected. And when you notice that it has faded out, please ensure that you throw it. Take note that expired make up may illicit unnecessary reactions or irritation to your skin, eye or any other organ where applicable.

Not Cleaning Your Brushes

It is thus important to regularly clean the brushes.

As all other brushes, especially those used on our skin, when not kept under hygienic conditions can harbour bacteria.

Such bacteria normally clog the pores of the skin and might lead to breakouts, infections or even disfigure the color of your skin. It is thus important to regularly clean the brushes, once in a while, maybe weekly in lukewarm water and then rinse with running water.

Applying Moisture Too Soon Or Too Late After Moisturizing

Ensure that the skin is smooth and flake free before applying make-up and don’t wait for too long to necessitate skin dry out. Also, don’t apply too soon. You can refer to the product manual specifications.

Incorrect Application Of Brush

Be careful not to be so hard on your skin.

For best brush use, it is good to smile a little as you apply the product, from the apples down to the cheekbone, all the way to the temple. Be careful not to be so hard on your skin.

Creating A Face Mask

If you use the wrong shade of foundation that doesn’t blend with the color of your skin, you may end up with a make-up that ends at the jawline.

To avoid such mistakes, always carry a powder that makes the skin look soft and flawless.

Testing Colors On The Back Of Your Skin

Correct make up testing should be done on the jawline.

Correct make up testing should be done on the jawline. If doing a test for the lips, try using a tester brush that works with the skin tone and not on it.

Over Powdering

Use a light touch when applying a first layer. In case you want to touch during the day, please do so at the touch zone and not anywhere else. Over use of color may lead to an undesirable look.

Other mistakes include;

  • Pumping The Macara.
  • Using The Wrong Eye Under Concealer.
  • Applying Bronze Foundation All Over.
  • Using A Bow Pencil.
  • Ignoring The Brows All Together
  • Using The Wrong Primer For Your Foundation.

You can learn more common make-up mistakes in many other platforms. Educate yourself today, so that your desirable outlook be made more appealing.

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